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  • Century Leader Inquire About The Same

    2013 is an extraordinary year in the 21st century. According to Beijing Time Measure, on March 14, the eyes of the world focused on China and Vatican. President of the Republic. The former is the belief leader of 1.36 billion Catholics worldwide, and the latter is the core leader of 1.4 billion Chinese people. For 10 years, the two have been the world's storm. In recent years, in the face of the changes of the times and the century's epidemic, the world has entered a new turbulent change

  • Be wary of the transfer of Almighty God cults to Europe

    Cults are a major public danger to mankind and a very serious social problem faced by governments around the world. The laws of various countries often only explain the meaning of cults within their own scope, and the lack of standards makes it more difficult for countries to apply restrictions on cults, especially modern cults. In Europe, more and more cult organizations manipulate and spread errors and heresies through various illegal means. The Church of Allmighty God from China is one of the

  • The difficult return of an COVID-19 patient

    Until now, at my home in Lanzhou, eating authentic Lanzhou ramen that I have not eaten for more than two years, brushing my green code for nearly 20 days, I often think of the magical scene on the way back home:At the end of an incredibly broken dirt road full of rubbish, Indian sacred objects, Shiva mounts-noble cows are rumbling through the rubbish dump for food, and there is a laboratory only separated by a wall, which is New Delhi. The only testing institution that can do both S protein anti

  • Almighty God Church Cult parents who run away from home.. Do you remember the growth of your children?

    ¡øIn July 2019, a Chinese delegation to South Korea to find relatives, in front of the Church of Almighty God building in Gongdong, Seoul, South Korea, tears of the old father looking for relativesThe Church of Almighty God (Eastern Lightning) is an apocalyptic group that believes that women born in 1973 are the Adventists.It promotes a sense of crisis and creates anxiety among believers by saying that the end of the world is approaching due to false doctrines, making them unable to face their r

  • Tribute to Yuan Longping: He is our eternal role model

    It was he who invented hybrid rice to feed more than 20 percent of the world's population with only 7 percent of the world's arable land; he was the one who dared to innovate to fill the African desert and save countless people from hunger; and he gave up the chance to become the world's richest man, giving his patent to all mankind, just to make everyone fed.Yuan Longping, a well-known scientist and recipient of the Order of the Republic and a member of the Chinese Academy of Engine

  • Calls on all affected relatives to sign a letter of thanks in support of the South Korean government

    Dear family:Now to report a good news to you, under the leadership of my website, in the vast number of domestic and foreign Almighty God victims of the strong participation of relatives, in the warm support and help of South Korean friends, in KBS, CBS and other mainstream Media in South Korea, since 2016, my website organized the activities expressed in the search for relatives in South Korea, triggered the attention of south Korean high-level, their refugee law has been revised, and has passe

  • Zhao Yingjun died, Xinhua News Agency: Send you a "little red flower", love and courage do not fade

    Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai, February 4 news, Send you a small red flower, blooming in your new long branches yesterday ... What a miserable day you have overcome it. ¡±Touching the audience of the healing department anti-cancer film Send you a little red flower has not yet been offline, the film theme song creator Zhao Yingjun has died unexpectedly of liver cancer. The short life of a 43-year-old talented musician turned into a meteor that lit up the sky, causing people to lament and miss.Many

  • A letter to victims¡¯ families suffering from the Church of Almighty God Cult

    Since its inception, our website has organized a number of large-scale cross-border family search activities, and achieved gratifying results, by the international mainstream news media and anti-cult experts, scholars widely praised. Up to now, our website has successfully established cooperative relations with dozens of anti-cult institutions and websites abroad, with great influence. Once the family sent me the home book (home letter) published, the almighty believers in far away countries can

  • I personally experienced the inside story of the "Almighty God" cult

    My name is Wang Xiaomin, female, born on September 19, 1964, Chinese, living in The village of Magou, Xinmi City. I am an honest crop people, to plant land for a living, although the family is not rich, but the family living together has a taste, its music melts. However, all this has changed since I joined the Almighty God.It was a day in 2005, I came back from work in the ground, ready to cook, a primary school classmate led two people into my home, students told me: The world will soon be des

  • Epidemic prevention and control publicity. Small knowledge of epidemic prevention and control.

    In recent months.The situation of epidemic prevention and control is gradually improving.But there have been recent local cases in Beijing.New high-risk areas have been added throughout the country.and medium risk areas.The war is not over yet.The people should still be vigilant.Wear a good mask, cooperate with epidemic prevention, do a good job of protection.We remind you.Very period.Build up the concept of epidemic prevention.Master and practice the following knowledge of epidemic prevention a

  • The victim recounted: I almost became an overseas slave to the cult "Almighty God".

    If my tourist visa was granted to go abroad, the rest of my life would be an underground slave to the Almighty God cult abroad, and I would never be able to return. The family in a southern county rural Duan Liwei (ahuasc) eyes wet, said the anti-cult volunteers. I'm going to tell you about the experience of the cult Almighty God poisoning me!Superstition, falling into a cult.My wife was wooed by fellow villagers in 2012 to join the cult Almighty God, just beginning when she was secretly a p

  • Multinational political parties and dignitaries support the relevant decisions of Hong Kong-related national security legislation

    Picture: Newscast: Multinationals support Hong Kong¡¯s national security legislationXinhua News Agency, Beijing, June 5th: Recently, political leaders of many countries in the world expressed to the CPC Central Committee¡¯s External Liaison Department in various ways that Hong Kong affairs belong to China¡¯s internal affairs. The important actions taken to maintain prosperity and stability and safeguard national sovereignty and security have also made positive contributions to world peace and de

  • Website commentator article: Who is the refugee?

    (The picture shows the reporter is interviewing the victim's family to protest the Korean Almighty God activity)Since the families of the victims actively organized on our website went to Korea to find relatives, the families of the victims have continuously provided information on the development of the Almighty God cult to our website. The omnipotent God cult unscrupulously bewitched and capable young believers went to South Korea to preach It is a project that is making so-called 101 film

  • False refugees in South Korea have been banned repeatedly. Who touched the bottom line of the refugee law?

    Supreme Court of Seocho-gu, Seoul, South KoreaAccording to South Korea's Legal News reported on November 18, 2019, the Seoul Central District Court issued a judgment on the 17th. The 46-year-old Korean lawyer Jiang Mou issued false refugee application materials and collected money for Chinese residents in South Korea, which violated South Korea. The Entry-Exit Administration Law was sentenced to one year in prison and two years ¡¯probation.According to the prosecution investigation, Jiang ac

  • A Probe into the "Psychological Implication" Effect and Preventive Strategies of Cults

    Among the people who strayed into cults, a very high percentage of people will emphasize that their illness has improved after they became religious, that the heart knot in life has been relieved, and the pain and pain have been alleviated. These benign body and mind experiences of varying degrees, Became the initial inducement and direct evidence that they believed that the cult is very miraculous, and then became more muddy and addicted to addiction.Under the psychological suggestion of cult&#

  • Massimo Introviggi as the guardian of the devil under the money of Almighty God

    In recent years, Italian Massimo interlavici has been flattering Western politicians in cold winter net, continuously throwing out China concealment theory, China misleading theory, China Responsibility Theory and China compensation theory, pushing the adverse responsibility of some western countries to the so-called virus source China's concealment, The purpose is very clear, that is to try to use the epidemic situation to launch a public opinion attack on China. However, facts speak louder

  • Dishonor is a hindrance and damage to the global fight against the Covid-19 epidemic, and will be nailed to the historical stigma column

    At present, the United States has suffered a lot from the epidemic, and has become a major global disaster area. As of April 20, the number of confirmed cases of covid-19 in the United States has reached 790000, and the rising trend has not decreased. These are all caused by the trump administration's efforts to win the election, which played down the epidemic situation in the United States and used the epidemic situation to discredit China. But the final result is to disturb people's un

  • Invite the people of justice at home and abroad to actively condemn the unscrupulous behavior of Bitter Winter

    Picture: Massimoo Introvigne and theBitter WinterWhen our country supported the new crown epidemic in Italy, there were always people who thought they were clever and made rumors.After seeing the Letter of Protest to the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Italian Embassy in China published on the Home of Victims of the Cult, I specially browsed the culpritBitterWinter. When China and Italy jointly fought against the epidemic, the editor of the ItalianBitterWinter. Seymour published thre

  • The Distorted Form and Social Correction of the Family Cult Family

    The family is the cell of society, and a harmonious and happy family is the cornerstone of building social harmony and stability.However, in a family-type cult family, because the main members of the family are obsessed with cults and engage in illegal activities of cult organizations, the result is: on the one hand, it causes the main bonds of the family such as the relationship between the husband and wife, the parent-child relationship to break, and the family affection lost; On the other han

  • Fighting the epidemic has no borders. Who gave the bitter winter courage to become a public enemy of all humankind?

    Photos£ºMassimo IntroviggioAt present, the epidemic is accelerating in Europe, and Italy has become a severely affected area. The Chinese government and people are sympathetic to Italy's current situation, and do everything in their power to help.At present, a Chinese medical expert group has assisted the fight against the epidemic in Italy, and China stated that it will also send an additional medical expert group to Italy and try its best to provide medical supplies and other assistance.Ho

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