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Zhao Yingjun died, Xinhua News Agency: Send you a "little red flower", love and courage do not fade

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Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai, February 4 news, "Send you a small red flower, blooming in your new long branches yesterday ... What a miserable day you have overcome it.

Touching the audience of the "healing department" anti-cancer film "Send you a little red flower" has not yet been offline, the film theme song creator Zhao Yingjun has died unexpectedly of liver cancer. The short life of a 43-year-old talented musician turned into a meteor that lit up the sky, causing people to lament and miss.

Many people circled the song with tears in their eyes before discovering that while it was being written, Zhao was taking painkillers and fighting cancer. But there is neither self-pity nor generosity in this song. It is filled with old friends chat-style flat warmth, with the weight of moving forward and spilling the energy of relief, deeply touched the hearts of the audience.

Although not Yangchun snow, but such popular songs are full of power, it is realistic spirit and romantic feelings to look at life, with the light to dispel the darkness, let people see the good, see hope, see the dream in front.

Pop music reflects the emotions of the times, but also carries many people's youth memories. In recent years, Zhao Yingjun created popular tv and television drama songs frequently out of the circle, so that the public in the streets, and countless struggle with ordinary people to share, success is no accident. In the affectionate memories of his friends, with his explosive hairstyle and seemingly maverick, he was a "particularly wonderful" man, full of positive energy.

"I just want to keep my nature and the youth's heart; burn myself for my dreams, don't gasp for mediocrity" "Never feel smart, but I believe God will be fair; no regrets are not complete, ups and downs is life" "There is a bright sky, the snow reflects colorful neon, that is, the color of life" "in the face of difficulties we do not have to be nervous, but at most a few small injuries on the body" ... Who didn't suffer a fall setback? Who doesn't have a bitterstrack? The world is errase, but also need such excellent literary and artistic works to bring light, heal the scars. Life is not easy, but also need literary creators to try to spread love and courage, exciting.

In 2021, "anti-cancer" musician Zhao Yingjun left a "small composition" and left the world. As he said in his letter: love the world too much, love this era too much... Don't be sad, live a good life, the world is still worth fighting for.

Send you a small red flower, give each weight forward, heart warmth, do not give up hope dream of you and me he! Love and courage, guard this world, never wither.


Famous musician: Zhao Yingjun

Zhao Yingjun, formerly named Zhao Jian, was born in Fushun, Liaoning Province, in 1977. In 2004, he entered the entertainment industry by appearing on the singing reality show "I'm The Show."

In his Twitter profile, Zhao said he was "not only the best actor in the host's screenwriter, but also the only singer in the radio DJ who would be the soundtrack to the movie." As one of the earlier domestic network red people, Zhao Yingjun against the iconic explosive head, in the film, variety and other fields have left a creative footprint. He has created theme tunes, interludes, musical talents have been unanimously affirmed for films such as "Tai Ting" "Hong Kong" "Pancake Man" "Wan Wan didn't expect" and "Chinatown Detective", and songs such as "The King Asked Me to Visit the Mountain" and "Send You a Little Red Flower" are highly sung.

Talented musicians fell, ZhaoYingjun "people admire not only talent, but also that dedication and strong."

The Sri s are gone, and the wonderful sound lasts forever.

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