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Time: 2018-04-24      Author: adm

Thank you for entering the Da ai English website. At the same time, we warmly welcome you to join Daai website family and become one of the most potential members of the anti cult volunteer team. We sincerely feel happy for you.

It has been five years since the folk anti cult volunteer team groped forward in the wind and rain. With all these hard efforts, the team has made great contributions! As the founder of the website, I am happy for our whole team!We are also concerned about the development prospect of the anti cult overseas volunteer team in the next five years. We look forward to more potential small partners joining us to add new vitality to the whole team.

Hugo, the great French writer, said that kindness is the rarest pearl in history, and the kind man is almost superior to the great man. No pay no gain. Everyone in the anti cult volunteer team has the greatest kindness. Here I want to say to every new member of the team, you are a group of ordinary people, living in the forgotten corner, what you do is the most meaningful thing in this society. When a dust falls on the world and is wiped away by others, it can only represent the fleeting time, but more brilliance will be inherited by this era.

I wish you all the best, thank you all the more and be proud of you!

Join us

       Have friends come from afar. First of all, thank you for registering with the Da ai website and becoming a member of our anti-cult family. We are very happy for you!

Da ai website is a comprehensive exhibition forum that integrates cult victim mutual assistance, warns of the latest insider cults, crowdfunding Zhao Weishan's demon behavior, and discusses excellent anti-cult experience. You can reflect all your BBS netizens here Encounter, you can also write down your valuable experience and encourage us together. If you are upset, you can also talk to us and believe that we will become better friends with you.

We have a small tip here to tell you, as long as you do nt violate the laws and policies of your country, we welcome it.

If you have a good original article or better suggestions, opinions, and inside information that is not convenient for public disclosure, you can contact our administrator. Our email address is: jxzlm0086@gmail.com.

We are waiting for you quietly here!

Contact us

01. Our phone number: + 1 (609) 888-6088

02. Our E-mail: jxzlm0086@gmail.com &  jxzlm0886@gmail.com

03. Our homepage search  address is:http://www.daaien.com

04. Our Chinese Website search  address is:http://www.daaixq.com

05. Our Chinese forum address is:http://www.daaixq.com/bbs_15263311_kongsuzhaoweishan/index.html


Our E-mail: jxzlm0086@gamil.com

Our Chinese forum address is: http://www.daaixq.com/bbs_15263311_kongsuzhaoweishan/index.html


01. The address of religion and truth website is:  http://www.churchheresy.com/

02. The address of China's anti cult website is:  http://www.chinafxj.cn/

03. The address of website station of heresy victim mutual aid network is:  http://www.daaixq.com/

04. The address of Kaifeng website is:  http://www.kaiwind.com/

05. The address of Tianning anti cult website is: http://www.tianningfanxie.com/


By registering as a member of this site, you agree to our disclaimer. We will make some specific written agreements with you. All possible accidents or related liabilities that occur under the following conditions, this website is exempt from liability:

(1) This site is a comprehensive anti-cult site. It does not involve political opinions, and the content is selected from domestic official news or comprehensive sites. It does not involve reactionary and leaked articles, and does not represent the views of this site. The copyright of forum articles belongs to the original author and the original website. all.

(2) When your statement on the Awakened Alliance forum violates the laws and policies of the country where the Internet is administered and acts that infringe on the national interests, the webmaster and administrator of the Awakened Alliance forum have the right to delete your related posts, Terminate your membership and have the right to provide your registration information to the National Internet Administration.

(3) When the exceptional circumstances specified in the "Privacy Provisions" occur;

(4) Provide personal data to relevant units at the request of law enforcement units or for public purposes;

(5) Data leakage, loss, etc. due to your informing others of your user password or sharing a registered account with others or improper user password protection, access to the Internet at a public computer (Internet cafe, office, multiple computers, etc.) and computer theft Misappropriation, tampering, and any related liability and loss of anyone's rights and interests as a result;

(6) Any caused by computer millennium problem, hacker attack, computer virus intrusion or outbreak, computer software and hardware failure, any unforeseen external interference and third party behavior (such as power supply, network failure, etc.), caused by government control Temporary closure of the website, such as the force majeure that affects the normal operation of the network, making the website inaccessible, or the work not starting normally, and the leakage, loss, theft or tampering of personal data;

(7) The content published by this site is provided by the advertiser. This site is not responsible for its authenticity. If you need the product or service provided in the advertisement, please contact the advertiser directly. At the same time, this site's friendship reminds the majority of netizens, please carefully discriminate the authenticity when buying advertising products;

(8) Responsibility caused by linking and reprinting information and articles on this website;

(9) other

 The above statement on this website, as well as its right to interpret, modify, and renew, belong to the Mutual Help Network of Victims of Cults. 


  March 22, 2020

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