• The Men Who Lost Their Wives to ‘Eastern Lightning’

    Also known as “Church of Almighty God,” the forbidden religious group keeps attracting members, despite prosecution. To Long Daibing, his wife might as well be dead. After she walked away from the family last year, Long, 47, at first did his utmost to find her, handing out flyers in nearby villages and reporting her missing to the police. Their 21-year marriage had been good, and their family life with three children peaceful, Long says. But in 2017, his erstwhile illiterate wife began draw

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  • Cult "Church of Almighty God" agricultural products wholesale market and trade to online mail order sales

    ▲The Canaan Office of the Agricultural Corporation Legal Person Co., Ltd., where believers in the neighborhood sent their daughters to the nearby middle school.The Cult Almighty Sect Group’s agricultural activities in Gangwon Province and Chungcheong Province are very organized.In terms of distance, the buildings and fields of the dormitory are concentrated within 2 to 30 minutes, and the means of transportation are also diverse, including vans and 1-ton trucks.Agricultural machinery is readil

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  • The Belgian government issues countermeasures against "Almighty God" fake refugees fleeing criminals

    ▲ EureReporter ( report content that provides policy reports, opinions and analysis of EU activitiesThe CIAOSN (Consultation Center for Harmful Sectarian Organizations) of the Ministry of Justice of the Federal Government of Belgium issued a report on May 1, Please be careful of the false refugees of CHASECULT Eastern Lightning (Church of Almighty God, Church of Almighty God) (18 pages).British and EU media quoted CHASECULT Oriental Lightning (Almighty Church), please beware o

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  • "Almighty God" fake refugees conduct "public" activities on YouTube... "European Religious Freedom Forum" has spread false facts and "fooled" the law after the "malicious use" of the "Refugee Law"!

    The cult group even runs a refugee group to allow believers to apply for the fake refugee Chinese cult.That is the Church of Almighty God (The Church of Almighty God, Eastern Lightning).She believes that women born in 1973 are the Second Coming Lord.The followers of the group maliciously used South Korea’s refugee law, and so far the number of applicants for false refugees has reached more than 1,000.These people have been stranded in the country for a long time since 2013.But they spread false

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  • Heretic Almighty God Bewildered and Go to the Korean Family to Make a Film Urgently Repent and Return Home

    Picture: A video of seeking relatives recorded by family members of victims of Almighty God in South KoreaHeretical Almighty God (also known as Eastern Lightning) believers ran away and left their homes to go to South Korea to preach. Some family members issued videos calling them to return home.According to the South Korean website Religion and Truth, a woman who originally lived in Xi'an, Shaanxi, China suddenly disappeared on March 11, 2015.Her husband said that he had not returned home a

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  • Telecom scammers are also "fake refugees" only takes 4 days to wash their identity after entering Korea

    Picture: Immigration Bureau of Seoul, South KoreaSummary: The Immigration Special Investigation Team’s false refugee application recruited 52 people through SNS... 5 to 11 million won per person.The Immigration Special Investigation Team of the Seoul Immigration and Foreigners Agency stated on May 24 that it detained a refugee intermediary Chinese A (50 years old) on suspicion of violating the immigration control law and handed it over to the prosecutors.The representative of the visa agency co

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  • South Korea: Missionaries who used false documents to introduce refugee applications are exposed

    News from KBSFake lease contracts were provided to hundreds of foreigners, and church missionaries who introduced refugee applications were exposed.The Immigration Special Investigation Team of the Seoul Immigration and Foreigners Agency of the Ministry of Justice stated that starting from May 2019, it was suspected of collecting 80 million won from 504 refugee applicants and providing false documents. Not detained and transferred to the procuratorial organ.According to the investigation, these

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  • Controversies in the Amendment to the Korean Refugee Law (1)

    Source: 2019 Statistical Yearbook on Entry and Exit Policies for Foreigners-Ministry of JusticeOn December 28, 2020, the Ministry of Justice of South Korea announced an amendment to the Refugee Law.After its promulgation in 2012, the Refugee Law was revised twice in 2014 and 2016, but there was no significant change.However, the announced amendment to the Refugee Law heralds the biggest change to date.Because it is a major change, there are some controversial content in the society. It is necess

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  • Controversies in the Amendment to the Korean Refugee Law (2)

    Lawyer Jiang Sung Sik (Korea Coexistence Law Firm)The Ministry of Justice finally formulated a special countermeasure, which is the decision system for refugee disqualification included in this amendment.The content is as follows:The Minister of Justice may make a decision (hereinafter referred to as non-eligibility decision) that the refugee applicant meets any of the following numbers.1. In the past, a person who made an unqualified decision on an application for refugee recognition or did not

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  • Almighty God "religious refugee" was found to be a fake in South Korea, a 50-year-old judicial broker was arrested

    A judicial broker suspected of false refugee applications and litigation services is currently being arrested by the South Korean policeAbstract: 52 people forged refugee asylum documents, each received up to 11 million won in exchange for refugee applications, fake refugees spread illegal job hunting across the country.The 52 fake refugees who falsely claimed that they were religiously suppressed in China entered South Korea and charged a handling fee for Chinese men were detained.The Immigrati

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  • "Please spread and forward"... South Korean [Almighty God Church] Victims Call for "Finding Family"

    Picture: The Guro Church of Almighty God in KoreaHow long does it take for the lie to realize the dream of young children who long for their mothers to return home?My wife Liu Jingxiu (LIUJINGXIU) is from Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, China. After ran away from home on March 9, 2015, she has not returned home. When she ran away from home, she ran away from home under the name of working. She disappeared completely after that. There is no news. After searching for relatives, she found out that on

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  • News: The Church of Almighty God establishes a professional film company in South Korea

    Picture: The propaganda picture of Almighty God's establishment of a film company in South KoreaAccording to Korean media, in May 2021, The Church of Almighty God Group obtained the registration license for the distribution of video publications issued by the Gwangjin District Government of Seoul, South Korea.The company name is Eastern Light Film (also known as: Eastern Light Film Studio).Specific office address: 1st Floor, Junzi Church Building, Junzidong, Gwangjin District, Seoul, South K

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  • Almighty God’s mouthpiece media Bitter Winter has been reported dozens of times for spreading fake news

    BitterWinterdeliberately spread fake news.▲ The mouthpiece media of Almighty God that spread fake news-Bitter Winter by MASIMO INTROVIGNEThe cult Almighty God group continues to spread cleverly fake news.The mouthpiece media of Almighty God is Bitter Winter edited by Italian religious scholar Masimo INTROVIGNE.They targeted the victims who fell into Almighty God in 2018 and 2019 and visited South Korea in search of runaway family members, accusing them of holding fake gatherings as a fabricated

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  • The Sect of Almighty God, which is more terrifying than the spread of the new crown virus, has crazy expansion base in Korea

    In China, doomsdayists who have been judged as cults are expanding their influence in South Korea in the name of protecting religious freedom.The Almighty God uses doomsday theory and refugee law. In recent years, they have been spreading wildly in Korea through infiltration, and it seems that it has become a serious social problem.Chen Yongsik, president of the Korean Christian Heresy Counseling Association, said: Many believers are deceived by the doomsday theory and make extreme choices, or i

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  • South Korea's Almighty God Cult has spent huge sums of money to buy a new base in Gangneung Resort

    ▲ The land of Liangok Resort in Gangneung City, Gangwon-do, a new base purchased by the Chinese Almighty ChurchPurchased an apartment for sale at around 2 billion won for 3 billion wonIn the name of the two people, they bought about 6,000 pyeong of buildings, woodlands, and fields near the resort in Yeongok-myeon, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do.There are about 5 buildings, covering an area of about 680 pings, the purchase area is about 3700 pings, and the field is about 1200 pings.The price of around

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  • More than 10,000 Korean residents are in Daejeon’s official residence-dong, opposing the heretical "Church of God World Mission Association" to build a new building

    In the case of the long-term collective action of the residents of the "Church of God World Evangelical Association" (hereinafter referred to as the "Church of God") in the second section of Daejeon official residence-dong, more than 10,000 residents participated in the anti-construction activities.

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  • "Almighty God" Zhao Weishan slammed the dispute between Korean and Chinese believers "is it inciting civil unrest?"

    ▲ Reply from Zhao Weishan, the leader of the cult Almighty GodIn early March, a letter from Zhao Weishan (70 years old), the leader of Almighty God, to the believers was received.The content consists of 7 chapters, exposing the dispute between Korean and Chinese believers.Zhao used vulgar language to blame, and put forward countermeasures. At the same time, he urged the dispatch of those who were late for the autumn harvest.From the content point of view, within the Korean Almighty God Church (

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  • The Korean Institute for Religious Issues Countermeasures and Strategies held the first online seminar on national television

    Picture: from South KoreaThe Institute for Religious Issues Countermeasures and Strategies (director, Rev. Shen Yourong) held the first webinar on national television.At the seminar that day, the initiator pointed out that for people from social groups, the systematic restoration of faith system is seriously inadequate and experts are insufficient, as well as the South Korean church's mistaken recognition of its mistakes in the study of heretical cults.The seminar of the day was

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  • The "Almighty God" cult tries to prevent the revision of South Korea's "Refugee Law"

    South Korea’s Goodnews website (Goodnews) reported on February 25, 2021 that a few years ago, a large number of Almighty God followers entered South Korea to expand the power of the cult, and falsely applied for refugees in South Korea under the guise of religious repression in China. South Korean society has caused many adverse effects.In order to solve this problem, the South Korean government decided to make legislative amendments to the current Refugee Law. The Almighty God cult was anxious

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  • The Sect of Almighty God, which is more violent and rude than Xintiandi, spreads wildly in Korea

    Picture: The believers who are praying within the Church of Almighty GodZhao Weishan is the founder of Almighty God Sect, founded in Northeast China in 1989.The Almighty God cult has quietly introduced into Korea, and its scale and speed of spread are more tenacious than the Xintiandi heretical group, and the worrying voice is getting louder.On March 16, the media current affairs magazine published an article about The Church of Almighty God, a cult organization operated by a strict class system

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