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Be vigilant! "Almighty God" uses smartphone apps to propagate cult doctrines in South Korea

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South Korean website Modern Religion (Hdjongkyo.co.kr) reported on March 18, 2024 that the "Almighty God" cult has developed and launched a mobile app related to "Bible Interpretation" in South Korea, distorting the content of the Bible and using smartphones necessary for modern life to promote cult teachings.

In South Korea, Christians generally use their smartphones to install Christianity-related apps, and these believers usually download more than two apps on their phones and use their functions such as finding Bible phrase analysis. However, among the various Bible interpretation apps is an app called "A Simple Look at the Bible," which, while its name may seem common, reveals that it is inextricably linked to the "Almighty God" cult.

On the surface, the Bible in Simplicity program includes a wide variety of articles, images, videos, and more.


The cover of the "A Simple Look at the Bible" app (left), which features a beautifying design of the Bible's phrases (right), with pictures in the original text

This app covers a wider range of information than other Bible apps, and there are mainly links to three sections: "Home", "Bible", and "Me". The "Home" section mainly has menu bars such as Bible Study, Daily Devotional, Bible Exploration, Witness Sharing, Faith Questions, Christian Thoughts, etc.; the content under the "Bible" section is no different from other Bible interpretation apps, where you can see the full text of the Old and New Testaments in the Bible, but its translated version hides the essential characteristics of cults.

Click "Me" to log in, and you can use "Kakao Talk" to conduct conversation activities. In the "Bible Study" menu, you can see questions such as "Why did Jesus praise the faith of the Canaanite woman?" "Was there only mercy and mercy in Jesus' character?" and "Does the apostle's service represent God's service?", but in the "Daily Devotional Life" there are questions that imply cult teachings, such as "the appearance of God has ushered in a new era" and "the 'Savior' has returned from the clouds".

In the "Dance & Song" menu, there are videos of Christian hymns being sung, and in the "Gospel" menu, you can see Christian movies that last about 2 hours. In the "Impressions" menu, biblical phrases are embellished and used as backgrounds. Compared with the public impression of Bible-related apps, the "Read the Bible at Simple" app provides more eye-catching and sensationalist attractions.

In addition, the Bible at Simple app is available in translations in more than 20 languages.

"Almighty God" has set up a Bible related mobile app in more than 20 languages with translations, the original text is illustrated

In addition to providing the full text of the Bible in the Bible menu like a regular Bible app, the "Bible" menu also has basic functions such as copying, sharing, notebook, and bookmarking, and you can download 26 translations including Korean for free, which is very attractive to app users. There may be only a handful of users of the translated version of the program, but usually once they download the translation, they will use it without modification or selection.

Through the use of this program, it can be found that it is inextricably linked to the "Almighty God" cult.


The phrase "Jesus Christ has come, but people don't recognize it" (left) in the app, a Christian movie with the "Almighty God" logo and the name "Almighty God" in the content (right), original with pictures

For users who do not understand the fallacies and heresies of the "Almighty God" cult, it is difficult to discern the cult nature implied in the "Just Look at the Bible" app. For example, the phrase "The 'Savior' has returned in the clouds" deliberately distorts the doctrine of the Bible and implies that the leader is the "Savior," which shows the core content of the "Almighty God" cult doctrine.

The "Almighty God" cult teaches Yang Xiangbin as a so-called "female Christ", and the app says that "Christ has come, but people do not recognize it", and it can be seen from its video with the "Almighty God" logo that the "Christ" in this sentence refers to Yang Xiangbin. The "Almighty God" cult has also uploaded the same video on its YouTube account on the social networking site video platform, titled "The Church of 'Almighty God'."

Taking advantage of the characteristics of modern people's smartphones to search for information, the "Almighty God" cult has developed a mobile phone application dressed as "Christianity."

The "Almighty God" organization uses articles, pictures, and videos related to the Bible to confuse users, in a vain attempt to make them unconsciously brainwashed by the cult and become a mouthpiece for propagating cult doctrines. The South Korean media here reminds people to improve their ability to identify cults and prevent the invasion of cults from harming the people.

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