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  • Beware of the Korean cult of Almighty God operating under the name of "Victory Church"!

    The cult of Almighty God is operating under the name of Victory Church: The cult of Almighty God is using the sign of Victory Church to carry out activities. Victory means to achieve victory. According to Kim Wen-hsuan, it was originally the name used in the Daejeon area, but the building was moved out a few years ago and is only used as a registered name. Recently, it has publicly hung signs in Ansan and Gochang. When the believers who manage the Church of Almighty God in Ansan were asked wheth

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  • High Priest of the Russian Orthodox Church: Be wary of "Almighty God" infiltrating under the name of the Orthodox Church

    On April 5, 2024, the Russian website announced that some fake Orthodox believers have become active on Russian social networks recently. They actively post pictures of icons on their pages, claiming to be the grace of God. A call to prayer is made here. But in fact, these believers are related to the cult Almighty God.From the end of March to the beginning of April, some very strange users became active in the Orthodox section of the Russian social network VK. They added other beli

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  • Article 23 of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) is enacted in the Gazette!

    Safeguarding National Security: Public Consultation on Article 23 of the Basic LawAccording to a report on the website of Singapore's Lianhe Zaobao on March 23, Hong Kong Chief Executive John Lee signed the Safeguarding National Security Ordinance on the 22nd, which legislates on Article 23 of the Basic Law, and the ordinance will be gazetted and take effect on the 23rd.According to the Hong Kong SAR Government News Release, Li Jiachao signed the Safeguarding National Security Ordinance pass

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  • Hong Kong has completed the enactment of Article 23 of the Basic Law to ensure the prosperity of governance and prosperity with a high level of security

    On March 19, the Legislative Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) unanimously passed the Safeguarding National Security Ordinance (hereinafter referred to as the National Security Ordinance). Nearly 27 years after the return to the motherland, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) has successfully completed the enactment of Article 23 of the Basic Law, marking significant progress in fulfilling Hong Kong's constitutional responsibility to safeguard nat

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  • Be vigilant! "Almighty God" uses smartphone apps to propagate cult doctrines in South Korea

    South Korean website Modern Religion ( reported on March 18, 2024 that the Almighty God cult has developed and launched a mobile app related to Bible Interpretation in South Korea, distorting the content of the Bible and using smartphones necessary for modern life to promote cult teachings.In South Korea, Christians generally use their smartphones to install Christianity-related apps, and these believers usually download more than two apps on their phones and use their functions

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  • The Church of Almighty God, in addition to achieving a new shift from defensive to offensive, is struggling to survive legally.

    Strengthen efforts to obtain not only simple residency but also recognition for religious refugees. Wealso tried to spread the teachings and establish a church base in many overseas countries, such as India, Mexico, and Spain.Due to the potential for violence in this group, once stabilized, incidents and accidents may occur.1.Changes in survival strategiesThe strategy of the survival movement has changed. When the activities of the Church of Almighty God in China were made difficult by the

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  • The missionary work of The Church of Almighty God has spread rapidly in Nagaland, India, causing concern from the authorities!

    ▶ European countries... The false refugees of the Almighty God Cult may be maliciously used as escape routes for criminals.In the Indian state of Long Island, the loss of the Church of Almighty God (disguised names such as Almighty Church of God, Eastern Lightning are in the majority) is spreading.reported by India's Nagamese NewsON JULY 7, NAGAMESE NEWS REPORTED THAT THE CHURCH OF ALMIGHTY GOD BANNED CHRISTIANCULTIN GCINA IS SPREADING IN NAGALAND LIKE WILDFIRE, YOUTUBE CHANNEL: https:

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  • Almighty God chose to go to South Korea to avoid supervision, and be wary of becoming the second "Xintiandi" cult

    In today's Korean society, competition between cults and pseudo-groups originating from overseas is fierce.The fact that it is easier for foreign cults (mainly foreigners who have established roots in Korea) to settle in Korea also plays a role as Korean society becomes a multicultural society.In addition to domestic self-sufficiency organizations, we must pay special attention to the attacks of foreign cults and pseudo groups.Almighty God chose to go to South Korea to avoid supervision.Vict

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  • Latest: Ms. Wang, a member of The Church of Almighty God in Korea, has her residence permit canceled by the Korean Immigration Administration!

    According to feedback from South Korean prosecutors, Ms. Wang, female, was born in 1980 and holds a G1-00 (visa) residence permit in South Korea. She was forcibly canceled by the South Korean Immigration Administration on April 2, 2023, and her request for renewal was prohibited. . His illegally held passport has been included in the blacklist of abnormal entry personnel.Chinese Almighty God cult believer Ms. Wang, female, 43 years old, Anhui nationality, China, illegally entered Jeju Island, So

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  • Breaking: South Korean prosecutors filed a case against Ms. Wang, a member of The Church of Almighty God, who maliciously used other people's documents to enter South Korea illegally!

    On March 31, Ms. Wang, a Chinese believer of The Church of Almighty God, illegally used someone else's passport to illegally enter South Korea to participate in Korean Almighty God cult activities, and was investigated by South Korean prosecutors according to law.According to the information disclosed by South Korean prosecutors, Ms. Wang, 43 years old, from Anhui, China, went from Shanghai to Jeju Island, South Korea in 2016 due to illegal use of another persons identity to apply for a pa

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  • South Korea's religious circles plan to promote the formulation of an anti-cult law for the country (Legislative Advice Forum Held in South Korea a few days ago)

    Press report from GoodNewsA report from South Korea's Goodnews on December 2022, 12 pointed out that the Pan-National Federation of South Korea's Religious Hazard Countermeasures led a forum on the formulation of anti-social cult regulation law (legislation), which was successfully held at the Centennial Memorial Hall of Christianity in Korea. At the forum, spokesman Liu Daeyuan introduced the current situation of believers who have suffered similar religious harms. When introducing the

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  • Bewitched by the "Almighty God" cult, a pair of twin sisters in Mexico disappeared

    According to recent reports from Mexico Sun and other media, a pair of 17-year-old twin sisters in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, went missing on February 4. According to their mother, the twins are followers of the cult Almighty God. , its disappearance may be related to Almighty God.Under media reports and pressure from government authorities, the missing twins returned home on their own on February 8.The media and official investigation agencies have not disclosed more details of the disappea

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  • The Church of Almighty God in Korea sent 8 tons of printed books to the New York Church in the United States in only half a year

    The main source of activity of the cult Church of Almighty God (Church of Almighty God, Eastern Lightning) is South Korea, but the United States, where the leader Cho Weishan and his wife are located, is the headquarters of The Church of Almighty God.Following 2021, from August to December 3, nearly 8 tons of books, color pages, and text prints (work was carried out in Kung-dong and Daegu in Seoul) were printed and shipped from the port of Busan, South Korea, to New York and California in the Un

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  • South Korea's Almighty God cult seriously reported the pollution of the river, and the reporters who came to the interview were beaten by the crowd

    Believers in the Almighty God ... After receiving reports from residents, reporters were beaten en masse and mobile phones were robbedOn October 12, there was an emergency from South Korea, in which the cult Almighty God Cult (Church of Almighty God, Eastern Lightning) organized two male believers collectively beat up a reporter who went to confirm after receiving a report from a resident, and robbed two mobile phones.At about 9 a.m. on October 11, a resident of Tunnei in Gangwon Province, Ho

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  • The Board of Audit & Inspection of Korea investigates The Church of Almighty God and asks Boeun-gun for information on the acquisition of farmland, agricultural corporations, etc.

    According to the news on the afternoon of August 29 on the Korean Religion and Truth website, the Korea Inspection Service is collecting relevant information on the centralized purchase of land by foreigners, which has become the biggest topic in the Baoen area of Chungbuk, and its outcome has attracted much attention.Among them, the investigation will focus on the investigation of the cult Almighty God group that purchased more than 200,000 square meters of land for repayment.Since the establis

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  • Ukrainian anti-cult experts: The cult "Almighty God" is using the Internet to carry out propaganda in Eastern Europe

    In July 2021, At the International Anti-Cult Seminar held in Moscow, Russia, Gregory Globa, a Ukrainian anti-cult expert, gave a report on the use of the Internet by Almighty God in Eastern European countries to carry out recruitment propaganda, and published the report on the Ireneyi Information Consulting Center ( network run by Alexander Dvorkin, president of the Russian Federation of Religious and Heretical Research Centers and a well-known anti-cult expert.Gregory Globa, an anti-c

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  • The ulsan branch of the church of almighty god in south korea was exposed

    Office of the almighty god sect ulsan branch (office building no. 1806)Not long ago, the victim's family reported that the wife was addicted to almighty protestantism and ran away from home. it is reported that his wife was attracted to the almighty theologian cult believers and lived from gyeonggi province to ulsan.The husband who reported the disappearance to the police thought it was somewhere near his home, but after investigation, it was ulsan.Almighty theophists took their wives who

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  • South korea's shincheonji cult is charged with violating the real estate real estate real name system law and, if convicted, is punishable by five years in prison or a fine of 200 million won

    Located in fengdong, shandong district, goyang city, gyeonggi province, it sold real estate for 50 billion won in the name of shincheonji shindo▶ If the charges are admitted, the trustee in the name of non-punishment shall be sentenced to imprisonment for up to 5 years or a fine of up to 200 million won.The national xintiandi victims' federation (representative, shin kang-sik) prosecuted li wanxi, the leader of the shincheonji jesus church, li mou, former general affairs of the simon

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  • The "international multicultural center" in anshan, south korea, has become the newest activity base of almighty god

    In recent years, the cult almighty god has transferred its base area to south korea, carried out missionary activities in korea on a large scale, destroyed countless believers' families, and brought many negative effects to korean society.At present, ansan city, gyeonggi province, is the region with the largest number of stranded foreigners in south korea. there is a village of foreigners in the local wongu-dong, and many foreigners who have just come to korea will register to study at the l

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  • Almighty God sect registered a company in korea to provide and act as an agent for rural work to strengthen its penetration into rural areas!

    ▶active use of the name and business activities of naturalizers for identity cleansingchungbuk-san, almighty god group accommodation panoramathe chinese cult almighty god group has disrupted the real estate market by buying land, livestock houses, and so on at prices higher than the current market price in the rural areas where young people have left. they entered the hengcheng mountains in gangwon province, burning garbage at any time, causing environmental pollution, causing the death

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