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  • In an emergency, the Church of Almighty God in South Korea has recently defected, and the believers inside are panicked!

    The Church of Almighty God maliciously used unfavorable identity loopholes to coerce it on the grounds of being included in the national blacklist to prevent believers within the church from defecting.On September 14 this year, a YouTube channel called Crossroad News uploaded a video of Almighty God, a heretic cult more terrifying than the new crown epidemic.Three young people, including Chi Heng (male, 21 years old), Xiaoying (female, 22 years old), and Cheng Xin (male, 31 years old), confided

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  • The personnel of the Almighty God cult in South Korea who have been reduced to a commercial group are being secretly transferred on a large scale

    ▲ Chungbuk Boeun the congregation, dragged carrier (travel bags) or had to go somewhere.These believers are dragging their suitcases to secretly transfer their big girlfriends.Pulling the suitcase collectively is like pulling the lives of believers and going somewhere.This way of life occurs several times a year.A resident of Boeun County, Chungcheongbuk-do said, Many people have left with their suitcases not long ago

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  • Brussels seminar to unite forces against sects and their supporters

    Recently, the F.C.C.E. held a special seminar in Brussels, where guests from legislative, religious and governmental backgrounds discussed the topics of respecting, protecting religious beliefs and exposing the dangers of sects,writes Laurent Jacques. At the meeting, independent journalist Roland Delcourt who followed sects’ activities introduced a sect called Almighty God or Eastern Lightning, clearly exposing fundamental differences between religions and sects.F.C.C.E. special seminar in Brus

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  • Family breakdown, terrorism, and murder/cult criminal group advocate: Massimo Introvig

    • Screenshot of the homepage of the SISR/ISSR academic conferenceMassimo Introvigne (66 years old), director of the Italian Institute of New Religions, has been interested in the emerging religions of Korea since 1987.When he was 37 years old, he wrote an article called Wen Xuan Ming and Unification Church.This religious scientist, known as the Catholic, is the founder and current representative of the Centre for Research on World Emerging Religions (CESNUR), and the editor of the Human Ri

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  • Due to "Almighty God" suffering for 3 years, noise harassment... "If you feel noisy, sell your house and leave."

    ▪ The residents of Boeun County suffered three years of suffering due to the noise of the Almighty God group, and they complained of being victimized.▪ When the police and county officials were dispatched upon receiving the complaint, they hid inside and pretended to be quiet▪ Pretend to not understand Korean and use Chinese to cope with your own disadvantage▪ The Almighty God believer Kim and his wife clamored: Sell the house and leave if you find it troublesome...▪

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  • The heretical "Almighty God" from China flows into South Korea on a large scale, South Korea and China jointly cope with the inevitable

    The fact that the heretical Almighty God Sect (Almighty God Sect) originating in China has flowed into South Korea on a large scale has recently been exposed.When the new crown pneumonia epidemic broke out last year, the domestic cult Xintiandi's missionary activities in Wuhan, China and other places were made public, which caused social problems.Similarly, the Almighty Protestantism known as the Xintiandi of China is flowing into South Korea.Almighty God is a cult founded in 1989 by Zhao We

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  • The CAG Group, which disrupted the land transaction market in Hoengseong-gun, South Korea, bought about 70,000 pyeong of real estate, including hotels and gas stations.

    Following Boeun County, Chungbuk, all land in Tunnee, Hoengseong County, Gangwon Province was also swallowed up by the cult Almighty God Church (Eastern Lightning) group.▲ Purchase about 70,000 ping Hengcheng landWith their collective dormitory Utopia Youth Hostel in Tunnei as the center, they bought about 70,000 square meters of land in Huadongli, Shimenli, and Luqiao area woodlands, fields and family houses.According to the opinions of nearby residents, hotels and gas stations are also operat

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  • Beware of false refugees, the cult nature of the Eastern Lightning (The Church of Almighty God).

    Picture: CAG Promotional PictureI recently visited the Center for Information and Advice on Harmful Sectarian Organizations (CIAOSN) of the Ministry of Justice of the Belgian Federal Government and was received by a spokesperson for the Center who immediately specified that the Center was an independent Center set up under the Federal Public Service for Justice-writes Roland DelcourtThis spokesperson told me the CIAOSN was very interested in an 18-pages report they recently received on the Easte

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  • Believers of Almighty God church from China are denied asylum in Europe

    This is a data on the asylum of the cult of Almighty God in Europe, and we deeply regret it.In France, 280 of the 412 asylum applications were rejected and 103 departure orders were issued.There are 127 pending cases.In Italy, 622 applications were filed, the most in Europe: 183 rejected and 419 pending cases.In Germany, most applications were rejected: 242 of 285 applications were rejected.However, no one has received a departure order.There are nine pending cases.In Spain, 200 asylum applicati

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  • Attacked for daring to write

    On 1 May this year Belgian journalist Roland Delacore wrote a personal opinion piece about the Church of Almighty God, which was published inEU Reporter. As a result, Roland Delacore received great criticism in other media by several NGOs.In particular, he was accused of being a “Chinese Government agent” and “one of Beijing’s useful idiots” for his pro-China, anti-cult viewpoint.In response, Delacore has penned a follow up article which he has requested we publish.This article is the perso

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  • The evil of land desertion lies in Almighty God's ignorance and fearlessness of the law!

    The apple and corn fields are overgrown with weeds and are already deserted, and the contractor hasn't farmed for two years!Garbage is everywhere, the nearby environment is seriously polluted, and the local residents are panicked and angry!It is reported that the apple orchard and corn field in Baekseok-ri, Boeun-gun, Chungbuk, where the goodland agricultural company legal entity of the Almighty Protestant is located, has not been cultivated for two years, as if it was maliciously occupying

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  • The cult "Almighty God" disrupts the real estate market... has become the most pressing problem in South Korea

    ▲The fields in Boeun, Chungbuk acquired by Almighty God Sect GroupThe source of funds for the cult of Almighty God is unknown, disrupting the real estate market... The state should amend laws and regulations to actively and effectively respond.The centralized acquisition of farmland in Boeun, Chungbuk by the cult Almighty God group has become a problem in Boeun County.Compared with the current market, the purchase of agricultural land at a high price disrupts the real estate market. Therefore,

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  • The politicization of the source of the new crown epidemic will end harm others and self American Catholic scholars call for "the Chinese model should be used for reference"

    Figure: The new crown epidemic in the United States is still one of the most severe countries in the worldSome politicians in the United States have politicized manipulation and distortion of the traceability of the new crown epidemic, and the global coordination against the new crown epidemic continues to pose serious threats and challenges. Although these people stubbornly believe that repeating rumors a thousand times is the truth, a lie is a lie. No matter how to add details, how to repeat i

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  • The uselessness of vaccines has once again made the Church of Almighty God in Korea a storage tank for the new coronavirus!

    ▲ Pyeongchang Dormitory, Gangwon-doAfter the recent news that the South Korean government planned to vaccinate foreign followers of the Almighty God, media reporters visited the Almighty God dormitory in Gangwon Province in order to understand the situation.Wall fences are set up around the building, the gates are locked with iron gates, and surveillance cameras are installed everywhere.There is one person in charge of the security office at the entrance of the building.They are Chinese Koreans

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  • With the implementation of the Refugee Law Amendment, malicious abusers will have nowhere to hide!

    At the beginning of this year, GOOD TV reported on the heretical Church of Almighty God who repeatedly applied for refugees and remained illegally in the country.With the implementation of the amendment to the Refugee Law on the 29th of this month, it is expected to have an impact on Almighty God and other overseas missions.▲Amendments to the implementation rules of the Refugee Law, which was changed to an order of the Ministry of Justice on July 29, 2021.(Photo/provided by the National Central

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  • The Korean Refugee Law Amendment Bill was officially promulgated and implemented

    The Refugee Act was considered by Congress and partially amended on27July,announced by presidentialdecree (No.31907),and partially amended by the Rules of Implementation of the Refugee Act to the Ministry of Justice Order (No.1013),which willcome into effect on29July.In addition to article 10, paragraph 1, and annex 14, of the amendment to the Refugee Act, the provisions on refugee objections came into effect on 1 January 2022.First, from the contents of the Act's executive order published a

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  • Cult "Church of Almighty God" agricultural products wholesale market and trade to online mail order sales

    ▲The Canaan Office of the Agricultural Corporation Legal Person Co., Ltd., where believers in the neighborhood sent their daughters to the nearby middle school.The Cult Almighty Sect Group’s agricultural activities in Gangwon Province and Chungcheong Province are very organized.In terms of distance, the buildings and fields of the dormitory are concentrated within 2 to 30 minutes, and the means of transportation are also diverse, including vans and 1-ton trucks.Agricultural machinery is readil

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  • The Belgian government issues countermeasures against "Almighty God" fake refugees fleeing criminals

    ▲ EureReporter ( report content that provides policy reports, opinions and analysis of EU activitiesThe CIAOSN (Consultation Center for Harmful Sectarian Organizations) of the Ministry of Justice of the Federal Government of Belgium issued a report on May 1, Please be careful of the false refugees of CHASECULT Eastern Lightning (Church of Almighty God, Church of Almighty God) (18 pages).British and EU media quoted CHASECULT Oriental Lightning (Almighty Church), please beware o

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  • "Almighty God" fake refugees conduct "public" activities on YouTube... "European Religious Freedom Forum" has spread false facts and "fooled" the law after the "malicious use" of the "Refugee Law"!

    The cult group even runs a refugee group to allow believers to apply for the fake refugee Chinese cult.That is the Church of Almighty God (The Church of Almighty God, Eastern Lightning).She believes that women born in 1973 are the Second Coming Lord.The followers of the group maliciously used South Korea’s refugee law, and so far the number of applicants for false refugees has reached more than 1,000.These people have been stranded in the country for a long time since 2013.But they spread false

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  • Controversies in the Amendment to the Korean Refugee Law (1)

    Source: 2019 Statistical Yearbook on Entry and Exit Policies for Foreigners-Ministry of JusticeOn December 28, 2020, the Ministry of Justice of South Korea announced an amendment to the Refugee Law.After its promulgation in 2012, the Refugee Law was revised twice in 2014 and 2016, but there was no significant change.However, the announced amendment to the Refugee Law heralds the biggest change to date.Because it is a major change, there are some controversial content in the society. It is necess

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