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  • Heretic Almighty God Bewildered and Go to the Korean Family to Make a Film Urgently Repent and Return Home

    Picture: A video of seeking relatives recorded by family members of victims of Almighty God in South KoreaHeretical Almighty God (also known as Eastern Lightning) believers ran away and left their homes to go to South Korea to preach. Some family members issued videos calling them to return home.According to the South Korean website Religion and Truth, a woman who originally lived in Xi'an, Shaanxi, China suddenly disappeared on March 11, 2015.Her husband said that he had not returned home a

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  • Telecom scammers are also "fake refugees" only takes 4 days to wash their identity after entering Korea

    Picture: Immigration Bureau of Seoul, South KoreaSummary: The Immigration Special Investigation Team’s false refugee application recruited 52 people through SNS... 5 to 11 million won per person.The Immigration Special Investigation Team of the Seoul Immigration and Foreigners Agency stated on May 24 that it detained a refugee intermediary Chinese A (50 years old) on suspicion of violating the immigration control law and handed it over to the prosecutors.The representative of the visa agency co

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  • South Korea: Missionaries who used false documents to introduce refugee applications are exposed

    News from KBSFake lease contracts were provided to hundreds of foreigners, and church missionaries who introduced refugee applications were exposed.The Immigration Special Investigation Team of the Seoul Immigration and Foreigners Agency of the Ministry of Justice stated that starting from May 2019, it was suspected of collecting 80 million won from 504 refugee applicants and providing false documents. Not detained and transferred to the procuratorial organ.According to the investigation, these

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  • The "Almighty God" cult tries to prevent the revision of South Korea's "Refugee Law"

    South Korea’s Goodnews website (Goodnews) reported on February 25, 2021 that a few years ago, a large number of Almighty God followers entered South Korea to expand the power of the cult, and falsely applied for refugees in South Korea under the guise of religious repression in China. South Korean society has caused many adverse effects.In order to solve this problem, the South Korean government decided to make legislative amendments to the current Refugee Law. The Almighty God cult was anxious

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  • The lawyer acting for the "Almighty God church cult" and "false refugee application" was given a suspended sentence

    ·In 2016-2017, more than 180 Chinese citizens applied for false refugees;·2 million to 3 million won per false application fee;·The fine for supporting the law firm was 5 million won.·One year in prison, suspended for two years... The appeal was rejected and confirmed by the Supreme Court!A panoramic view of the Grand Court of Seoul's Rui grass caveJiang, a lawyer acting forthepurpose of a long stay in South Korea to help the cult Falun Gong , Almighty God church and hypocrisy refugee ap

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  • Almighty God develops APP mobile app, can install mobile phone, smart TV, covert mission, great harm.

    Google App Content for the All-Powerful Theological (CAG) Group... Be careful!The fake litigation group CAG (Almighty God church, East Lightning, Love Church, Dessern Church, New Song Church, Holy City Church) has developed missionary content that confuses believers into social apps, which are quietly emerging in the google app market and Apple's Apple Store. At present, it is mainly divided into the CAG (The Coming of the Gospel of the Nation) app, the TV app CAG TV, as well as the CAG pict

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  • Can the "Almighty Gods" believers, The deceiving female Christ, really believe it?

    In July this year, the social CAG Upsants raised some questions about the Lord Zhao Weishan and were questioned.(Answers in July 2020).Those who raised the issue included (2012) advocating a time-limited end to the failure part and COVID-19-related, self-proclaimed second Yang Xiangbin himself in order to punish China's virus, but the reality is that overseas more serious than China's situation, which is four core issues. That's the answer from the All-Powerful Theological Overseas

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  • Almighty God believers, so fooled!

    Almighty God maliciously creates tension, becomes the main means of controlling believers, how ignorant absolute blind obedition, away from home, the disappearance of no voice, the fall of the family, have you been deceived?On November 5th, the Almighty Gods Overseas District issued an order to the believers.The message is that all private life is under surveillance, so be especially careful over the next two or three months.What a ridiculous deception that has allowed one family after another t

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  • South Korea's Almighty God Church spent 3.6 billion won to hide in the mountains and close five church strongholds.

    On March 24, 2020, south Korea's Almighty Gods church purchased a youth hostel on the forest-proof Sari Road in Pyeongchang County, Jiangwon, for about3.6 billion won.It is located in the depths of The Great Mountain of Jiangyuan Road, and the traffic is very inconvenient.The all-powerful youth hostel features 2 restaurants for more than 1,000 people, a small auditorium, aswimming pool, a sports court, a gym, tennis courts and outdoor performance venues. As a result,the establishment of a

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  • Commentator's article: The Church of Almighty God as I know it

    Why can't they stop their illegal activities in South Korea after the Supreme Court ruled that they lost the lawsuit?I really doubt whether South Korea is a country under the rule of law.▲AlmightyGods Protestant (Photo: AlmightyGods Protestant Homepage)For a country to develop and a society to prosper, it must introduce and accept advanced, positive, and positive factors, while social interactions like the Almighty God are the opposite. It creates anxiety for the society and is anti-Christi

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  • Warm congratulations on the "National Security Law of the HongKong" passed by the National People

    The draft voting proposal of the Hong Kong National Security Lawwas approved by the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress this morning (Xinhua News Agency photo)  The Standing Committee of the National People's Congress passed the Hong Kong National Security Law with 162 votes this morning.  (All media contributions from Dagongwenhui)

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  • "The Church of Almighty God" buys real estate in Baoen County, Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea, and bluffs!

    Core Tip: South Korean website Religion and Truth reported on June 10, 2020 that the Almighty God bought property in Baoen County, Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea for bluff, but there were only 60 believers in a house that could accommodate 700 people. Settlements, the den is almost empty, this is the Almighty God leader Zhao Weishan and Yang Xiangbin hide their eyes and ears, so only to expand the influence of propaganda.The location of the real estate area around Chungbuk-gun, South Korea purch

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  • In the case of covid-19, how can the Almighty Church in South Korea hide behind the mask?

    Figure 1. Chinese nationals who came to Korea to find relativesEven under the same Korean sky, the journey from Seoul to Daegu will take 4 hours, and the flight from China to South Korea will take 2 hours!During the epidemic period, the hearts of victims looking for families who fled to South Korea became more eager.According to family members, I really want to know whether my family is safe. At the same time, pseudo-religion intervenes in these families looking for believers of the Almighty God

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  • "CAG" cult accumulates wealth through new crown virus epidemic

    Core tip: According to a report by of Korea Religion and truth on March 29, 2020, Yang Xiangbin, the leader of the cult Almighty God, professed to be the Lord of Advent and frequently reported to the world against the new crown virus pneumonia epidemic. Believers issue ridiculous instructions, create rumors and make trouble, and in the March 20th order, they are based on God's work in the last days saves those who spend for God, shamelessly forcing believers to pay contributions. And the act of shamele

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  • The couple left their families and lost their children for a long time because of the letter written by the 7-year-old daughter who cried a lot! Similar tragedies more than together

    The original title of this article: The couple left their families and abandoned their children and disappeared for a long time only because of the letter written by the 7-year-old daughter who cried countless people!Similar tragedies more than one My name isLiu Bochao (pseudonym), male, 58 years old, my sonLiu Xiaoyu (pseudonym) and daughter-in-law Cui Ling (pseudonym), bewildered to join the Almighty God cult, and went abroad in January 2015 South Korea ... My name isPark Chi-Hia(pseudonym

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