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Almighty God believers, so fooled!

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Almighty God maliciously creates tension, becomes the main means of controlling believers, how ignorant absolute blind obedition, away from home, the disappearance of no voice, the fall of the family, have you been deceived?

On November 5th, the Almighty Gods Overseas District issued an order to the believers.

The message is that all private life is under surveillance, so be especially careful over the next two or three months.

What a ridiculous deception that has allowed one family after another to fall.

The whole universe revolves around them, and everyone is watching them.

Take an ordinary citizen as an example, which country's central government will install surveillance cameras one-on-one to monitor every citizen? There will be no such capacity and enforceability on Earth.

However, once the believers fall into the quagmire of the Almighty Cult, they gradually lose their basic judgment, mind and reason as a human being, and only absolutely blindly obey the instructions and commands given above. This has become the norm.

The fear of believers has become the most common means of controlling believers by the almighty cult, and in a high degree of intense fear, many believers have left their homes and one good family after another has been destroyed and destroyed. This is a sad fact that has never stopped.

(In the November 5 work schedule, ancity) The central government installs monitors door-to-door to track the location of mobile phones... The tense environment won't last long. It will be better after the Spring Festival. Be especially careful within two to three months. Just preach the gospel to friends and family, don't pass it on to strangers... There are too many bad guys now. Church leaders at all levels should work in secret and not show their faces. Using a computer needs to be cleaned up, critical information must be written on paper, and the ideal approach is to record it wisely and put it in a safe place. When using VPN Internet access, security should be especially enhanced and should not be ignored. Hope to experience the darkness before dawn. List the news from each community as follows. The central government sent more than 400 people to a certain area to catch the Almighty Gods. When a suspicious person is found, take a picture of him immediately, upload it to the WeChat chat group, and then let someone else keep track of him again. The time is from about 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Excerpted from the work schedule of the Almighty Gods on 5 November.


How ignorant, have you been deceived by such words?

"They all have state-of-the-art technology webcams( webcams), eavesdroppers, vehicles that track investigations, and disguise themselves as each species." Go door-to-door to install something at the door, scan it on it, enter all the information into the database, and immediately know who entered their house... The government is uniformly house-to-house, monitoring through anti-theft iron doors... At the police station, I went to a house with a party point, grabbed a man, took his cell phone to the police station, unknowingly copied the contents of the cell phone, and returned it to him... They go home like strangers, like repairing a house, using webcams, eavesdroppers, or monitors to monitor everyone's every move.

Excerpted from the work schedule of the Almighty Gods on 5 November.

Webcams, eavesdroppers, vehicle trackers, mobile phone location tracking, or CCTV (central integrated surveillance)?

They use these to spy on all believers, so don't secretly activity in private and avoid leaving a mark.

How rich is a country's finances that it can put so much effort into individuals and use professional armed forces to track them?

"How ignorant will you be fooled by such words?"

The Lord (Zhao Weishan, Yang Xiangbin) and his wife are also fugitives, hiding in the United States, at a loss, bluffing every day, confusing the audio and video, diverting attention.

They also control the lives of believers, squeezing their freedom so that they cannot live like normal people. Even if they shout the slogan "Respect for human rights and freedoms" every day, they actually hang up their heads and sell dog meat. The inner believers have no human rights or freedoms to speak of, only absolute obedience and no day in life. They are locked up in secret chambers, hidden and in groups that are gradually being domesticated into dark underground organizations, and are headed for reseal.

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