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Pastor Kim Yong-sik sounded the alarm to deal with the "Eastern Lightning" (Almighty God) in Spain

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Kim Yong-sik interviewed lawyer Castellanos and called for vigilance against the "Church of Almighty God" and other cults.


Li Yanli, a believer in the Chinese Church of Almighty God, staged a self-harm riot and fiercely resisted the Spanish government's expulsion process (Photo source: www.elespanol.com)

▮ "We will not respond to the future demands of the cult"

Pastor Kim Yong-sik (president of the Korean Association of Christian Cult Counseling Centers and president of the World Association of Anti-Christian Heresies) made a surprise visit to Madrid, Spain, to deal with the refugee claim of the Eastern Lightning, which is defined as a cult. Recently, in Spain, the Korean Church is a cult, and the issue of allowing refugees to enter Lianli, a member of the Eastern Lightning (Church of Almighty God), which the Chinese government defines as a cult, has become a problem.

Pastor Kim Young-sik visits Lawyer Castellanos' office and talks with him (left)

On June 10, 2024, Pastor Kim Yong-sik, with the help of the Council of Priests in Madrid, Spain, met with Castellanos, president of the Spanish Christian Bar Association and a human rights activist, who helped Lee Yan-ri, a member of the Eastern Lightning (Church of Almighty God), obtain asylum.

During the meeting, Pastor King spoke to Lawyer Castellanos about the damage caused by the cult and explained that Eastern Lightning (the Church of Almighty God) is a serious cult. After hearing the news, Castella North explained that she did not know that Li Yanli, a member of the Church of Almighty God, was a member of the cult Eastern Lightning (Church of Almighty God) and that Lian Li would be executed if he returned to China, so he helped protect human rights.

Pastor Kim Yong-sik held talks with the Church of Almighty God on the asylum application, the Madrid Pastors' Association, and the Spanish Christian Lawyers' Association

In response, Pastor Kim said, "If members of problematic religious groups such as the Church of Almighty God are allowed to become refugees, then there will be a surge of refugee support for cult members," stressing that "support for cult members must be stopped to prevent cult members from violating the human rights of citizens, whose human rights should be protected in the first place." In response, Mr. Castellanos promised that she would not accept any demands from the cult in the future and would reject them.

Pastor Kim Yong-sik gave a speech at the Savannah Church in Madrid

On June 9, Pastor Kim held a seminar on heresy at the Full Gospel Church of Madrid, hosted by the Madrid Priesthood Council, the Korean Christian Heresy Counseling Center, and the World Anti-Christian Heresy Association, and gave a presentation on how to deal with heresies such as the recently active Eastern Lightning (CAG). On this occasion, the World Association of Anti-Christian Heresies and the Council of Priests of Madrid issued a statement on Eastern Lightning (Church of Almighty God).

Here's the full statement.



It is true that throughout history, Christianity has had a great influence on the development of historical and cultural civilization by establishing a correct and healthy society through the church. However, the cults of unorthodox Christians have done a great deal of harm by distorting the correct doctrine, distorting the interpretation of the Bible, and pretending to be orthodox Christians. Cults have brought about social unrest, family divisions, and the collapse of personal lives. In particular, the Church of Almighty God (also known as the Church of Almighty God, commonly known as the Eastern Lightning Church), which was founded in Henan, China in 1989, was designated by the Chinese government as a decant in December 2012. Later, when restrictions began in China, followers of the doctrine of the "Church of Almighty God" severed blood ties and went abroad to apply for asylum.

In the process, the World Association of Anti-Christian Heresies and the Association of Priests of Madrid, who have been defending Christian doctrine, defending the true faith, and fighting for a healthy civil society, issued statements warning about the activities of cults in China and preventing damage.

1. The propaganda of the Eastern Lightning (Almighty God) is similar to the propaganda of Shincheonji, which is a Korean cult and is a global problem. Eastern lightning employs the method of infiltrating established churches with spies, investigating and recruiting targets in advance in order to deceive existing believers. The Christian Council of Spain believes that Eastern Lightning, which employs such a well-designed propaganda tactic, may be more problematic than the activities of other cults in the past, and urges Christendom in Spain to be more aware of the seriousness of the problem than anyone else and to remain vigilant.

2. The Church of Almighty God deified and revered the actual church leader Zhao Weishan and his current wife, Yang Xiangbin, as the "Goddess of Christ" in the second incarnation, and claimed that the "COVID-19 virus" that spread throughout the world was "a judgment on the world and a sign of the end times" as evidence that it had come to earth. Because such teachings can become a spiritual virus that will disrupt civil society, we urge the Spanish government and the Church to recognize the seriousness of the problem and speak with one voice.

3. Since the "Church of Almighty God, commonly known as the Church of the Eastern Lightning", has been expelled from Chinese society for causing social problems such as murder, terror, beatings, divorce, and running away from home, it is completely foreseeable that if Spanish society and the church do not actively deal with it, Spanish society will once again have the same problems as China. Therefore, the government strongly urges the followers of these doctrines to be investigated and deported as soon as possible.

4. On November 3, 2023, an actress named Li Yanli, an actress of the Cult of Almighty God, and 12 other Chinese citizens applied for refugee treatment in Spain, but were not approved and were forcibly deported to China at Madrid's Barajas airport. However, Li Yanli boarded the plane, and just before the plane took off, he tried to commit suicide by slitting his wrists, saying that he would never return to China. The wound was not deep and she was quickly given first aid, so the police still tried to get her on the plane and send her to China. However, she still stubbornly refused to board, and she and 12 other Chinese passengers were canceled by flight attendants, fearing for her safety. However, the news reached the ears of human rights groups, and as a result of their outcry, the Spanish authorities immediately halted the deportation, detained Li and his companions in the airport lobby, and finally granted Li Yanli asylum with the consent of more than 60,000 people. Poland Castellanos, president of the Spanish Association of Christian Lawyers (AEAC), a representative of human rights organizations that support the Church of Almighty God for asylum and asylum seekers, urged the church to be aware of its heresy and not support members of the Church of Almighty God.

June 9, 2024

World Association Against Christianity and Heresy, Spanish Federation of Ministers, Madrid


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