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Heretic Almighty God Bewildered and Go to the Korean Family to Make a Film Urgently Repent and Return Home

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Picture: A video of seeking relatives recorded by family members of victims of Almighty God in South Korea

Heretical Almighty God (also known as "Eastern Lightning") believers ran away and left their homes to go to South Korea to preach. Some family members issued videos calling them to return home.

According to the South Korean website "Religion and Truth", a woman who originally lived in Xi'an, Shaanxi, China suddenly disappeared on March 11, 2015. Her husband said that he had not returned home after working in other provinces for a few days. After returning, he saw his wife leave a note saying that he had gone to Jeju Island in South Korea to join the Church of Almighty God organization, and said that he could not use his identity to preach in the country, but had to venture away. The husband issued a video calling for his wife to go home. Because of the serious illness of her old parents, she hoped that she could return home to visit.

Most of the members of The Church of Almighty God who left China to South Korea applied for refugee status. Some went to South Korea to engage in missionary work and shoot sectarian movies; some even failed to obtain household registration, stayed for a long time as black market workers, and cut off contact with their families. No, many family members are forced to record videos and put them on social platforms, hoping that the family members who have run away will see a change in their hearts.

Currently, people who join The Church of Almighty God in Korea come from different genders, ages, identities, and jobs. Some were originally engaged in agriculture, self-employed, and even government civil servants.

The religion of Almighty God mostly draws in groups of women whose education level is not high, and their families have experienced changes, and they use the name of Christianity to draw in some people who have a foundation in religion before, and believers are required to sever contact with their families.

The sect uses its followers to accumulate money and mentally brainwash the followers. The religion has a strict organization with distinct levels, and believers use "Holy Spirit names" instead of real names to address each other. In addition to brainwashing, they are often threatened, and they are required to swear poisonous oaths when joining the association. If they violate God, they will be punished, and the consequences will endanger their family members.

In terms of doctrine, Almighty God believes that the Trinity does not exist. It is the traditional concept of man. It believes that Christ who secretly descended in China in the last days is the "Almighty God," and denies the dual nature of Jesus.

Jesus was incarnate and nailed to the cross in order to redeem sinners but did not complete the work. It required God's second incarnation to complete. Only when Christ becomes the second incarnation "new Christ" can the sinners be saved completely. Believing in the new Christ is a good man, and unbelievers are anti-Christ and go to hell.

Regarding the authority of the "Bible", Almighty God believes that the "Bible" belongs to the old historical records, low-level and outdated Taoism, so the Bible has no reference value in reality.

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