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  • The Men Who Lost Their Wives to ‘Eastern Lightning’

    Also known as “Church of Almighty God,” the forbidden religious group keeps attracting members, despite prosecution. To Long Daibing, his wife might as well be dead. After she walked away from the family last year, Long, 47, at first did his utmost to find her, handing out flyers in nearby villages and reporting her missing to the police. Their 21-year marriage had been good, and their family life with three children peaceful, Long says. But in 2017, his erstwhile illiterate wife began draw

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  • Minor Protection Law: Parents shall not allow or instigate minors to participate in cults.

    The newly amended Law on the Protection of Minors clearly stipulates that the parents or other guardians of minors shall not allow or incite minors to participate in cults or superstitious activities.On October 17, the 22nd session of the Standing Committee of the 13th National People's Congress adopted the newly amended Law on the Protection of Minors.Parents or other guardians are the first persons responsible for the protection of minors, and the family is the place where minors first beg

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  • Uncovering the cult "CAG": in addition to the spiritual control of members, also requires the delivery of "dedication money"

    Qilu Network Lightning News July 14 - Cults because of its anti-social nature, has been the target of a severe crackdown in China. There have been many cases of family members dying because of their belief in cults. Recently, the Boshan People's Court of Zibo City heard a case of organizing propaganda of the CAG cult, and six defendants were sentenced for using the cult to undermine the law.The organization is an CAG Boshan District, accepting the leadership of the superior Almighty God Zibo

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  • Chinese Taiwanese entertainer Liu Lexuan : Massimo Introvigi's "Bitter Winter" is like a novel written by a Taiwanese journalist.

    The magazine Bitter Winter, co-edited by Italian Massimo Introvigi, focuses on the state of religious freedom and human rights in China, from time to time exposing Chinese government persecution of people and crackdowns on religion. In this regard, artist Liu Lexuan is also quite dissatisfied with this, on December 11, 2019, tweeted, Smear the mainland public security in the end what benefits you? 」Liu Lexuan's essays are often controversial. (Picture/Remake from Weibo)Liu Lexuan posted on

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  • The film "Beautiful Life", based on the model huang Wenxiu of the times, premiered.

    The times in the light and shadow salute, the beautiful youth in the screen. On August 23rd, the film Beautiful Life, which was carefully planned and filmed by the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, was held in Nanning, Guangxi Province.The film Beautiful Life to the country's outstanding Communist Party members, role models of the times, moved China's 2019 person of the year, the former Guangxi Baise Leye County, the first secretary of Comr

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  • The Law of the People’s Republic of China on Safeguarding National Security in theHong Kong Special Administrative Region

    The Law of the People’s Republic of China onSafeguarding National Security in theHong Kong Special Administrative Region(Adopted at the 20th Meeting of the Standing Committee of the 13th National People's Congress on June 30, 2020)ContentsChapter I General PrinciplesChapter II The Duties and the Government Bodies of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region for Safeguarding National Security Part 1 Duties Part 2 Government Bodies Chapter III Offences and Penalties Part 1 Secession Part

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  • Christians converted to the cult "Almighty God"! A family of 5 people traveling 3 people hiding the freezer

    The old man Qian Xude was originally a Christian, but joined the cult Almighty God.Picture reprinted from Surging NewsThere was a case of leaving the country recently in Nanjing, China. A family of 5 people traveled and only one survived. Among them, 3 elderly people were buried in the freezer, and another 1 died in the building.After investigation, the police found that many people in the family joined the Almighty God religious group. The professor of the Department of Forensic Medicine believ

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  • The new work instruction of the "CAG" leader instructs believers to continue to preach in areas where the epidemic is not confirmed!

    Original title: The Second Work Order of the Lord of Almighty Gods, in order to destroy China and punish the wicked, God has a COVID-19 disaster! Instruct believers to continue to preach in areas where there is no confirmed person for the epidemic!Core Tip: The Almighty Godhead pointed out in the work arrangement: Facing the plague, God's elect should actually do the epidemic prevention work and not make ignorance mistakes.God's elect must understand that God ’s disaster is mainly to de

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  • Mouthpiece of CAG cult's media [winter] . The leaders Zhao Weishan used the 19-new crown pneumonia virus epidemic to teach the believers of doomsday trials, creating panic through the epidemic!

    The new crown virus is a disaster trial under the Almighty God Yang Xiangbin. The Almighty God can drop the disaster and stop the disaster at the right time. It can paralyze China's rural areas, cities, and even block provinces.Picture from: Xinhua News AgencyThe new crown virus is not only serious in China, but also extremely powerful in South Korea. On February 15th, Almighty God Church (Almighty God God Church, Eastern Lightning, Victory Church, Love Church, National Gospel), Almighty God

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