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Christians converted to the cult "Almighty God"! A family of 5 people traveling 3 people hiding the freezer

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The old man Qian Xude was originally a Christian, but joined the cult "Almighty God."  Picture reprinted from Surging News

The old man Qian Xude was originally a Christian, but joined the cult "Almighty God." Picture reprinted from Surging News

There was a case of leaving the country recently in Nanjing, China. A family of 5 people traveled and only one survived. Among them, 3 elderly people were buried in the freezer, and another 1 died in the building. After investigation, the police found that many people in the family joined the "Almighty God" religious group. The professor of the Department of Forensic Medicine believed that two women died on the initiative of hunger strike.

Southern Weekend reported that in July 2018, the old man Qian Xude and his wife, daughter Qian Limei, granddaughter and sister-in-law went on a trip together. For the next six months, the above five people have been out of touch.

In October 2018, the old man Qian Xude died on the tour, when three adults discussed to buy a freezer and put his body in a rental house. Two or three months later, Tangsao Li Lanzhen became ill and Qian Limei proposed to return to her hometown. She said, "Don't go back and stay with you." She soon died of a hunger strike. In February 2019, Qian's wife Huangfu Hongying died of hunger strike.

The Shenzhen police reported that the three bodies were well-dressed, with no trauma or blood stains on their bodies, and criminal cases and homicides were initially ruled out.

In May 2019, his granddaughter Miao Keyan was online dating , and she came to Shangqiu, Henan, where the subject is located. Qian Limei then stayed in the hotel where her daughter opened her room and wanted to "pull her daughter to jump upstairs." Miao Keyan disagreed, Qian Limei jumped off the building. The day happened to be Mother's Day. The day after Qian Limei jumped off the building, Miao Keyan and her boyfriend also tried to commit suicide by taking poison, but failed to buy fake rat poison.

The report pointed out that Qian Xude is a well-known Christian figure in Tangshan, Nanjing, and he also built the current Tangshan Church with others , but he left the church in 1990. But instead of giving up missions, he set up 7 fixed meeting points in the local area to lead believers to pray and read the Bible, and then joined the "Eastern Lightning" organization.

"Oriental Lightning" is also known as the "Almighty God" organization. Public information shows that the religion preaches "the judgment of the end" and claims that those who believe will be "saved." Qian Xude's wife and sister-in-law joined, and since then her daughter suffered from gynecological diseases, she began to be religious.

In 2016, Qian Xude discovered Parkinson's syndrome and changed from "Almighty God" to "New Way". The conflict with his wife became more and more fierce. He also told his family that he wanted to strangle his wife. In June 2018, Qian Xude was once again accepted by the "Almighty God" and joined the "tourist group", and his family began to travel frequently.


Qian Nan died in a rental suite with his wife and Tangsao. Figure flipping self-turning photo Beijing News

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