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The missionary work of The Church of Almighty God has spread rapidly in Nagaland, India, causing concern from the authorities!

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▶ European countries... The false refugees of the Almighty God Cult may be maliciously used as escape routes for criminals.

In the Indian state of Long Island, the loss of the "Church of Almighty God" (disguised names such as Almighty Church of God, Eastern Lightning are in the majority) is spreading.

reported by India's Nagamese News


As soon as the news was broadcast, netizens responded enthusiastically. In just two days, the click-through rate reached 14,300 times, with more than <> replies.

The reason for falling into heresy and cults is first and foremost a lack of faith in biblical knowledge and basic redemptive beliefs. Job 3:18 says, "Grow only from the favor and knowledge of our Lord, Jesus Christ, the Savior." Know the Bible and believe it.

The Almighty Theist group initially possessed the Bible like other heresies, like an established church. Later, Jesus came to the East in the face of Han Chinese women. But there is nothing in the Bible about Yang Xiangbin, born in 1973, coming to Christ. The Bible says that the only salvation is Jesus Christ. Christianity has never changed Jesus Christ.

Mt 7:15 says, "Beware of false prophets, who will come to you in the garment of a sheep, for there are captives inside." Always be careful not to fall into false teachings.

Screenshot of the Nagamese News video in India

As soon as Nagamese News aired the victimization stories, there were more than 300 replies.

A: "Yes, I've been to that online sorority before, and every time I do dinner services, ask a few questions, and upgrade to the top member. And every night at the service I changed the combination, thinking that it might be fake and broke off the relationship, but for a few days I called, just made an excuse and didn't go out. What I want to say here is not to believe them. "

B: "Yes, I joined in 2020 too. At first they met me through the Facebook page, a woman called and started talking/preaching God... But after learning that they were not teaching according to the Bible, I cut off my attention. "

C: "I thank God, and I was lucky enough to give up being part of the 'Church of Almighty God' before I fell deep into it... 3 years ago through the Facebook chat tool, I started to become a member of the church for almost a month... If you want to know more false and distorted faith activities... You can answer here... I can share the bare minimum experience I have. "

D: "The world is full of fake things... Wise, strong, safe. "

E: "Yes, I joined the pandemic too. They invited teenagers who didn't know the Bible, especially men, before teaching us exactly through video calls. "

F: "I was involved in that online dating in 2020. Felt that the teaching there was wrong, so I left. I remember almost all the members were from the Northeast. What we need to know is that today, a few years later, the number of members has increased significantly. "

G: "My relatives joined the group. They have been promoting us. All use Chinese names. But after a few weeks I began to doubt, started praying and asking if it was good or bad... I cut off all their contact details, but they have a lot of numbers. "

H: "Yes, I also joined that group in 2020, but left that group because they said the wrong thing. Jesus preached as if He had been resurrected in the image of the flesh... So if you want to study, don't go online, study at home. "

I: "During the lockdown, I regularly participated in online exchanges and was one of the Chinese leaders of Issac and Maam Linda, who live in New York. We socialize every day and they occasionally ask us to pray... When we talk about the teachings of Jesus Christ, they apparently ask us not to call God Jesus Jesus, only God... We found that their trust was different from ours, so we gradually avoided interaction. My friends and I discussed this separately, and eventually they broke off. "

J: "I joined that online conversation in 2020, but instead of mentioning Jesus' second coming to Chinese women, they said Jesus came in the flesh. At that time, many Naga youths joined. There are 3 preacher from Canada, Africa, and one from Singapore who lives in New York City and is an English teacher. "

K: "I also received an invitation to join fellowship on Facebook, but two years ago, because I knew it from the beginning, I cut it off. There is no need to waste time curious about it. "

L: "They called me and asked me to attend a networking party at 7:30 tonight. And so are my two cousins. "

M : "Please stop participating. Otherwise, there is nothing you can do. Please brothers do not participate again. After listening to their sermons, it can be confusing and difficult to come back from their group. They can brainwash you. I experienced them, but left before it was too late because of God's favor. "


O: "Precisely! Instead of using Jesus' name, they say 'God Almighty' or God says that's true. "

P: "I was sent a Bible 2 years ago, do you want to burn the book of The Church of Almighty God or leave it alone?"

Q: "Let's send it to the museum."

R: "Starting tonight, I'm going to leave the group."

It is said that 80% of the population of Nagaland province, located in northeastern India, is Christian. As can be seen from the above messages, there are many correct believers who lead to the orthodox Christian faith. By correctly knowing and believing the Bible, we can distinguish heresy and cults.

In 2021, EU media, including the United Kingdom and Belgium, also said that the fake refugee claims of the Almighty God Group may be maliciously used as escape routes for criminals, and informed them of how to deal with them.

It mentions that if they are manipulated by mental brainwashing, separated from family or friends, cause ideological confusion, extort money from believers, pursue huge profits, and infiltrate influential positions and government agencies, heretics seriously threaten South Korean social order and national security.

The Almighty God Cult destroys the family, kills, commits violence, uses false passports, advocates for the end of a limited period, and believes in a false second coming to the Lord because of its application for false refugees, severance of family relations, etc.

2023.02. The disappearance of a minor twin sister caught in Almighty God in Mexico

In February of this year, in Mexico, minor twin sisters Edith and Alondra also caused controversy over the incident of being caught up in the "Almighty God" running away from home. At the time, Mexican media outlet INFO2 reported the runaway, and while the child could be found, police said they would continue to investigate the damage related to The Almighty God.

From the perspective of the missionary activities of "Almighty God", after becoming friends mainly through SNS such as "facebook" and "Skype", they asked for phone numbers and added to friend groups such as Saiwe.com and me2day, and approached cordially every day, at first like becoming a church, and later brainwashed by heretical beliefs. Be careful not to have greater losses.

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