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I personally experienced the inside story of the "Almighty God" cult

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My name is Wang Xiaomin, female, born on September 19, 1964, Chinese, living in The village of Magou, Xinmi City. I am an honest crop people, to plant land for a living, although the family is not rich, but the family living together has a taste, its music melts. However, all this has changed since I joined the Almighty God. It was a day in 2005, I came back from work in the ground, ready to cook, a primary school classmate led two people into my home, students told me: "The world will soon be destroyed, human beings to suffer, only with the 'all-powerful God' to disperse the 'devil' at home, can be saved from the holocaust, live a good life, bless the whole family safe."

"The other two people also instilled in me the concept of "Almighty God", touting the ubiquity of "God" and the benefits of faith in "God", I was very confused, but at the urging of my classmates, out of face I joined the "Almighty God" organization, and wrote a letter of guarantee at their request. After joining the "Almighty God" organization, I purchased books and VCD discs such as "Singing a New Song with the Lamb" and "Almighty God Is Good", read and watched over and over again, and looked forward to the "beautiful future" described by "Almighty God", and believed in the "All-powerful God" statement, saying that only by trusting "Almighty God", the whole family would be able to "take refuge from disaster" in the future.

From then on, I followed my friends to "evangelize" the benefits of "Almighty God" and persuade people to believe in "Almighty God" and join the "Almighty God" organization. At the beginning of our development of believers absolutely do not let talk about "dedication", but after the belief in "Almighty God" will tell believers that there will be many disasters in a person's life (because everyone has the psychology to avoid disaster), to avoid disaster to do more good deeds, dedication, disguised induce believers to "contribute" money, "dedication" the more can be far from disaster.

In the two years from 2006 to 2008, I left home many times to "evangelical" the development of believers, less three or five days, more than a month.

During this period, family members and relatives of hard-working, hard and soft advice is not effective. In the winter of 2008, I completely left home, in the Xinmi City area of the "all-powerful God" dissemination activities, never returned home. Because of my wholehearted commitment to the work of evangelism, and because I can speak, Xinmi City has made an important contribution to the "Almighty God" organization, which has been affirmed by the "superiors".

To this end, in September 2011 I was assigned to the new township to lead, responsible for the gospel work, sacrifice management, district leadership, clerks and other electoral work. Xinxiang District led by 16 districts, jurisdiction of Xinxiang, Jiaozuo, Jiyuan, Kaifeng four areas. The economic source of "Almighty God" is the "dedication" handed over by the "Almighty God" believers in the church, which is handed over to the community, handed over to the district on the community, and handed over at the first level.

After working in the new township area, I actively asked for publicity "the earth is going to be destroyed, mankind is going to have a great disaster" to demagogue believers, and constantly to the community led the instructions (notes) to step up the "evangelism" to deceive "dedication money". I personally to the community to collect fraudulent "dedication money", when the mantle is not enough also called other community leadership to participate. At the beginning of November 2011, Wu Lan (alias, a new township serf) and I received two payments, each time more than 300,000 yuan, a total of more than 600,000, after receiving the money to the promise (the name, a believer in the community) bank card. PPromising that her family would be richer, she had a bank card of her own and knew how to transfer money, so she hit her card. In November 2011, it gave me instructions (notes) to exchange most of the money for gold, where you can choose.

So, my name is promised and Jia Oriental (a believer in Changyi County District) to Zhengzhou first to understand the location of gold exchange and related procedures, and then they chose Zhengzhou City as the exchange location. At the beginning of December 2011, Promise, Jia Oriental, An Zhengying (a believer in Hui County District) went to Zhengzhou eight times to swipe the card to exchange money for gold (gold bars), a total of more than 57,000 grams. After being shipped to Xinxiang, I scattered the gold to the depository for safekeeping. The rest of the money I gave the promise in two parts to the two custodian families. In October 2012, I was subject to legal sanctions. Later, with the help of the education of anti-cult volunteers, I finally recognized the evil nature of the "all-powerful god" deception.

The money of the "Almighty God" organization is all in the name of "dedication" to defraud believers of their money. Now, I have personally experienced the "all-powerful god" cult to cheat money some insiders tell everyone, hope that the world can polish their eyes, do not be deceived.

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