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Be wary of the transfer of Almighty God cults to Europe

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Cults are a major public danger to mankind and a very serious social problem faced by governments around the world. The laws of various countries often only explain the meaning of cults within their own scope, and the lack of standards makes it more difficult for countries to apply restrictions on cults, especially modern cults. In Europe, more and more cult organizations manipulate and spread errors and heresies through various illegal means. The Church of Allmighty God from China is one of them. This cult is a heresy that causes confusion, family breakdown, extortion of money, seeking huge profits, infiltrating influential positions and government agencies, especially after the "Almighty God" cult created the "5.28" McDonald's murder case in China in 2014 that shocked the world, and it quickly crossed out of China and spread and developed in South Korea, the United States and Europe and other countries and regions for more than 20 years. In recent years, authoritative organizations and media in many countries, such as the United States, the Vatican, Belgium, the United Kingdom, South Korea and the European Union, have reported on the acts of "Almighty God" and its "fake refugees". The problem of "Almighty God" and "false refugees" is different from the situation of oppressed Christians in Sudan in Africa and oppressed Muslims in Myanmar, and the concentrated manifestation of "Almighty God" and "false refugees" is to stay in another country for a long time, under the guise of making untrue false declarations to apply for refugee status, in order to guard against "fake refugee" applications from "Almighty God". The Belgian Ministry of Justice,CIAOSN (Counselling Centre for Harmful Sects) submitted a report to the authorities on the philosophy and objectives of dealing with fake cult refugees, setting out 13 criteria for identifying cults applying for fake refugees, and the Belgian government even stated that even if the "Almighty God" cult only met one of the conditions, it could legitimately refuse their request. Looking at us in Italy, there are now more than 1,000 believers applying for refugee status, most of them are members or converts of "Almighty God", Italy has become the most important country for members of "Almighty God" or converts to apply for refugee status, their most common way of entry is tourist visa, in this way after entering and applying for refugee status, at the end of 2021, there was a case where "Almighty God" believers applied for refugees were rejected by the Perugia court, and then the High Court ruled that refugee status can be obtained. Massimo of the "Cold Winter" network is inseparable, but the agency and its editor-in-chief Massimo have long been protested by the families of the victims of "Almighty God" for false reports, and even this protest has risen to the diplomatic level, which shows that the views of the "Winter" network and Massimo are not enough to be accepted, of course, this case is only a microcosm of many Almighty God refugee application cases, the occurrence of these things has actually seriously infringed on the interests of our national taxpayers, contrary to our refugee policy. It has also affected Italy's good image in the world and seriously threatened our social order and national security. For all these reasons, in order to protect innocent people and prevent "Almighty God" from continuing to grow and develop in an illegal way, the significance of our exhibition is to appeal to the people and government departments to understand this dangerous cult, hope that the general public will be vigilant, and also hope that the Italian government and the legal departments of the EU countries will strengthen the approval and management of "Almighty God" and "fake refugees".

I. Overview of the "Almighty God" cult

"Almighty God", also known as "Eastern Lightning", "Actual God", "Eros Church", "Lightning Sect", "Eastern Lightning Cult", "Church of Allmighty God", is a very harmful cult organization originating from China. It is estimated that the cult has about two or three million followers. Zhao Weishan, the actual manipulator and initiator of the "Almighty God," has long publicized the sect's worship of a mysterious woman known as the "Female Christ", a woman from Henan, China, who is a schizophrenic who failed the college entrance examination and is named Yang Xiangbin. In addition to the United States, China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, Hong Kong, Macau and other countries and regions, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and other countries and regions have their activity trajectories.


(1) The birth of "Almighty God". "Almighty God" is a cult founded in 1993 by Zhao Weishan, a native of Acheng, Heilongjiang, China. Originally an ordinary worker in Heilongjiang, Zhao Weishan joined the "Shouting Faction" in Heilongjiang in 1981 and was appointed as the head of the "Shouting Faction" in Heilongjiang, and in 1989 he gathered a group of henchmen to split off from the "Shouting Faction" and called himself the "Lord of All Powers", and the number of believers once reached several thousand. In 1993, Zhao Weishan reorganized the church into "Almighty God." In order to deceive the world and attract believers, Zhao Weishan created 7 "incarnations of God", which were ordered to be "fully prepared, fully honored, all-knowing, all-powerful, all-powerful" and so on. Zhao Weishan claimed to be "full authority", and the other 6 people except Zhao Weishan were women. The "almighty" in these 7 "incarnations of God" was further packaged and deified by Zhao Weishan as "Almighty God" and interpreted as "female Christ". To highlight the status of the "female Christ," the other six "incarnations of God" are no longer called "Gods" but "people whom the Holy Spirit uses." In addition, Zhao Weishan also identified 7 unmarried women as "seven stars", that is, "seven spirits before God", served the "female Christ", forbade everyone to approach the "female Christ", recorded and sorted out the words spoken by the "female Christ", and pretended to be "possessed by a ghost" to "witness" the "female Christ". The "female Christ" is Zhao Weishan's current wife in the United States, Yang Xiangbin. In 2000, Zhao Weishan, under the pseudonym Xu Wenshan, absconded to Tokyo and later to the United States. In June 2001, Zhao Weishan, as the initiator of the "Chinese House Church" and the "Almighty God" faction, successfully applied for political asylum in the United States on the grounds of religious persecution, and Zhao Weishan established the headquarters of "Almighty God" in the United States and established branches in Asia, america, Europe, Oceania and other countries or regions. The cult of Almighty God falsified Christian doctrine, claiming to have a history of six thousand years and a so-called "six thousand years of business work," and divided these six thousand years into three agesJehovah's "Age of Law," Jesus' "Age of Grace," and "Age of Kingdom" of Almighty God, confusing the Trinity of Christian doctrine. They fool believers into saying that the first two eras have passed, and now it is the "age of the kingdom", and that God's name is "Almighty God", doing the work of the last days, and has come to China. Advocate religious persecution and incite believers who do not know the truth to oppose the government. Create apocalyptic panic, intimidate and enslave believers in order to amass wealth and deceive labor.


(2) Fallacies and heresies. 1. The doctrine of "the second incarnation." "Almighty God" distorts the Christian term "incarnation" by saying that "the incarnation is made into the flesh twice", "The first incarnation of God was male, named Jesus; The second incarnation is a woman with the name Christ. The fabrication says, "Christ has come, but not in Jerusalem in the Middle East, but in China, in the east of the world." This Christ is not the Jesus who was crucified on the cross two thousand years ago and then resurrected, but the "female Christ" born somewhere in Henan Province, China, two thousand years later, from "the 'lightning' that shines directly from the east to the west." 2. Three Epochs" Theory. The cult doctrine of "Almighty God" states that "God divides the work of six thousand years into three epochs, namely, the age of law, the age of grace, and the age of kingdom." In the age of the Law, God's name was Jehovah, and God's work was primarily to lead and guide people to live on earth, but he could not save people from sin; In the Age of Grace, God's name is Jesus Christ, the gender is male, and the form is the image of the Jew (incarnate), mainly through the flesh to work, evangelize, perform miracles, and crucify people to atone for sins; Beginning in the 1990s was the Age of Kingdoms. In the age of kingdom, God's name was "Almighty", the gender was female, that is, "female Christ", the place of work was in Eastern China, the form was the Chinese image of the Return of the Holy Spirit to the incarnation of the human body, and the way of working was to speak in the flesh, the most practical, people could see and hear, so God was called "actual God". In the age of the kingdom, it is man's duty to recognize that the "female Christ" is God, to commit and obey the "female Christ", to be her servant, to participate in the "Great Harvest", and to establish the kingdom of the "female Christ". 3. The theory of "the flesh speaks" The "female Christ" claimed that "Jesus did only part of all the work of God, and could only forgive sins, but could not overcome them." She came to complete Christ's unfinished work. That is, to remove the sinful nature of man's heart, to remove the satanic disposition in the depths of the corrupt man, to restore man to the state in which he was originally created, and to bring man into the "kingdom of heaven" promised by Jesus when he was alive. 4. The theory of "the establishment of the kingdom of God" The "Almighty God" cult doctrine says that "China is the country where the Great Red Dragon is in power." The "incarnation" of the "female Christ" in China is to conquer the Chinese full of Satanic temperament, defeat the Great Red Dragon, and establish a thousand-year-old kingdom on earth in China. 5. The theory of "the end of the world". Many classics of "Almighty God" say that "the end of the world is coming" and "the Great Red Dragon Kingdom (China) is about to perish", and only those who follow the female Christ can avoid disaster and enter the kingdom of "Female Christ" to reign with her, ruling the nations with an iron rod. In addition, the "female Christ" claimed that the biblical record was outdated and that man could only be saved by her.


(3) Organizational structure. The "Almighty God" system is clear and well-organized, and is divided into the following seven levels1. Female Christ"; 2. "High Priest" Zhao Weishan, the real ruler; 3. "Leadership of various departments". Several core co-workers at the side of the "High Priest"; 4. "Provincial branch leader", responsible for the "academic affairs" work of the province and region where they are located; 5. "District-level leader", responsible for the "academic affairs" work in the region; 6. "County-level leaders", responsible for the "academic affairs" of the county and city where they are located; 7. "Urban and rural leaders" are responsible for managing the "academic affairs" work in urban and rural areas.



(4) Main activities. 1. Publish a large number of cult books. There are three main categories: First, "doctrinal" books: for example, "Words Appear in the Flesh", "Lightning from the East", "The Savior Has Long Returned from the Clouds", "God Speaks to the Whole Universe", "Judgment Begins in God's House", "God's Secret Work", "The Work of the Holy Spirit in the Last Days", "The Holy Spirit Speaks to the Churches", "Walks in the Light", "God's Speech and Man's Fellowship", "The Spirit Speaks", "The Publication of Christ", "Manna", "Have You Heard god's voice", "Manna", "Did you hear the voice of God". The number seven has been sounded, "God's voice in the last days" and so on. These books mainly promote the so-called "latest revelation of God", in order to fool believers, evade prosecution, and often turn the same content upside down and publish under different titles. The second is the so-called "new poetry" books: such as "Praise of the Kingdom", "Singing New Songs with the Lamb", "Almighty God, You Are So Good", and "Selected Hymns of Truth". Most of these "new songs" are the words of "female Christ" with the tune of popular music in society. They recorded these "poems" on CD and distributed them everywhere for believers to learn to sing. The third is "missionary" books: for example, "Detailed Rules for The Eastern Lightning To Pave the Way", "Traffic and Answers to Questions on the Practice of Truth", etc., are mainly to teach "disciples" specific missionary methods. 2. "Preaching" by any means. "Almighty God" sent people to various places to "preach." Generally speaking, the three steps of "gospel", "dispatch", and "Christ" are divided, and believers after entering the religion are prohibited from interacting with the outside world on the grounds of "the original mismatch between faith and unbelief". For believers who violate the rules, the organization also specially organizes "Dharma Protection Teams" to beat up people who do not want to join the religion or intend to leave. For example, from October 30 to November 10, 1998, the "Almighty God" and "Protector" of Tanghe County, Henan Province, caused 8 robberies and beatings in just 12 days. The victim's heinous behavior was heinous by having his limbs broken and his ears cut off. Believers who have been brainwashed by "Almighty God" and who are under his spiritual control have lost their affection and humanity, disregarded the state and the legal system, constantly created illegal incidents such as abandoning their homes and running away, openly committing adultery, "pulling sheep" with money to lure people into gangs, and even luring believers or preachers of orthodox churches who do not accept his teachings by kidnapping, prolonged house arrest, murdering and poisoning, bribing and co-opting government officials to serve them, and other illegal incidents that undermine family happiness, threaten the safety of the masses' lives, and undermine social stability. For example, in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, there was a bizarre story in which a well-known actor named Jia Zhigang gave up the superior development space in China, abandoned his family affection, went to South Korea with his wife and son to go to the "Almighty God" for a long time, and even did not return to China to visit filial piety when his father was seriously ill, resulting in the old man's death with regret. 3. Deliberately creating vicious incidents. First, the "Almighty God" cult organization has long been preaching by "preaching that the end is coming," and the organization's development history has predicted many times that "the end has come." With the end of the Mayan long calendar on December 21, 2012 and the public opinion effect of "the end of the world" spreading and fermenting in society, the "Almighty God" cult organization also took advantage of the "end of the world" rumors to issue a number of directives one after another to encourage the members of the organization to radically "evangelize" the organization, which directly led to the illegal assembly and procession of the "Almighty God" cult personnel in many provinces and cities without the approval of the Chinese government in early December 2012. In some provinces and cities, vicious criminal cases such as confrontation with law enforcement personnel, storming government departments, injuries and murders have occurred.

II, the attitude of foreign countries toward "Almighty God"

1. The Attitude of the Vatican Roman Court towards "Almighty God". The Holy See pointed out that "Almighty God" attacked the sky of the Chinese congregation


Screenshot of the "Vatican Today" website

On April 14, 2013, the Holy See media "Vatican Today" published an article entitled "Almighty God Attacks the Chinese Congregation Sky", which pointed out that the Holy See learned from a large number of different sources that the "Eastern Lightning" (also known as "Almighty God") cult that arose in China is causing confusion among evangelical Christians and even Catholic believers through various deceptive means, fabricating lies and slandering, intimidating Catholic guides, and so on. Through a large amount of evidence, the Holy See learned that this cult used mental and physical violence, such as torture and torture, abduction, kidnapping and other means to coerce people, and imprisoned and even murdered believers who tried to escape from Almighty God.

2. Reuters: The "Almighty God" murder case has provoked anger throughout China.


Screenshot of the Reuters report.

On June 1, 2014, Reuters, one of the world's leading news agencies, published a press release titled "McDonald's Murder Provokes Anger Throughout China," reporting on how chinese people reacted after cult Almighty God killed innocent people at a McDonald's fast-food restaurant in Zhaoyuan City, Shandong Province. On August 21, 2014, the Intermediate People's Court of Yantai City, Shandong Province, held a public hearing on the case. On the same day, Four prominent international news agencies, including Reuters, AFP, United Press International (UPI), and The Associated Press (AP), reported and analyzed the case, saying that "once brainwashed, it is difficult to get out of the cult, because your beliefs are extreme." On February 2, 2015, the two main criminals of the Zhaoyuan cult murder case in Shandong Were executed, and Reuters also reported for the first time with the title of "The Main Perpetrator of the China Zhaoyuan Cult Murder Case Was Executed".

3. The famous BBC website in the United Kingdom has launched a documentary called "Chasing China's Doomsday Cult"


On 14 August 2014, the famous British BBC website launched a documentary called "Chasing China's Doomsday Cult" (Chasing China's Doomsday Cult). The film is often 25 minutes long, mainly recording interviews with some family members of the "Almighty God" cult victims, using a large number of facts to expose the evil and brutality behind the false doctrine of "Almighty God", and pointing out that the "Almighty God" cult uses the "almighty God" rumor to control the spirit of believers and cause serious harm to the family.

4. The British "Daily Telegraph" said that "Almighty God" is the most radical cult in China.


On August 21, 2014, the "5.28" McDonald's murder case in Zhaoyuan, Shandong Province, was tried at the Yantai Intermediate People's Court. On the same day, britain's "Daily Telegraph" published an article by Beijing correspondent Malcolm Moore entitled "China's Most Radical Cult." Moore reporter interviewed Peng Lijuan, a 28-year-old computer science graduate, and Qi Jianguo, an engineer at Beijing Auto Parts Factory, two victims of "Almighty God" and exposed the cult nature of "Almighty God." Moore noted in the article that the Church of Almighty God still claims that the McDonald's incident was "full of lies and suspicious." Yang Xiangbin, the leader of the "Almighty God" Church, and her lover, Zhao Weishan, the founder of the cult and a physics teacher, were stranded in the United States on the pretext of political asylum with fake passports. Today, Zhao Weishan and Yang Xiangbin are behind the scenes manipulating an organizational group with millions of members, recruiting and developing members in a brutal way, especially housewives and Members of Christianity in China.

Similar reports are not uncommon in the British media, according to the British media "Channel 4 News" TV station website (Channel4.com) reported on December 22, 2014, the TV station recently launched a program to reveal the Chinese cult "Almighty God", "Revealing the Chinese Christian Cult". According to the text of the website, the Church of Almighty God is a doomsday sect with millions of believers, which conducts worship activities in secret, its adherents never use telephone conversations, and has been banned by the Chinese government. However, its size is still expanding. Not only that, but it uses violence, assassination, murder, poisoning, etc., and its bad deeds are all bad.

5. The US website rated "Almighty God" as one of the world's top ten cults, and CNN published a signed article comparing the characteristics of "Almighty God" to "mafia".


Screenshot of the US website "weirdee.com".

In August 2015, the US website "weirdee.com" named the world's top ten most bizarre cults, and "Almighty God" was once again on the list. According to the website, "Almighty God" claims that Jesus Christ has returned to Earth, this time in the form of a woman named Yang Xiangbin, who came to Earth for the third and last time as Jesus to guide humanity. The cult believes in the end of the world and claims to have millions of followers in China. The website states that Almighty God has committed crimes against christian communities, including kidnapping, torture, and even murder. On February 23, 2015, the American website "Listverse.com" selected the top ten most eccentric cults in Asia, of which "Almighty God" was listed among them. Previously, on June 6, 2014, CNN published an article signed by Tim Hume titled "Kidnapping, Murder and Female Christ: Banned Religious Organizations Raise Concerns in China", reporting on the murder of the "Almighty God" cult in Zhaoyuan, Shandong Province, and summarizing and analyzing the history of the "Almighty God" cult, saying that "Almighty God" characterized by kidnapping, murder and "female Christ" is like the mafia, which has made China worry about it.

6. The famous Anti-Cult Network "Christian Apologetics and Research Service" in the United States believes that the doctrine of "Almighty God" is absurd and barbaric.

The Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry, a well-known anti-cult network in the United States, published a research paper by Ryan Turner, a master of religious studies at the University of North Carolina, revealing the truth about Almighty God's cult for believers. In the article, Ryan Turner uses the Bible as a basis to refute the absurd doctrine that Almighty God fabricated "female Christ" and "great red dragon" in the original text of the Bible. Ryan Turner summed up the characteristics of Almighty God as "Almighty God often uses brainwashing methods in order to get people into religion, and the means are very barbaric." It infiltrates Christian worship with a 'seeker of the right path', but then introduces subversive doctrines to rob believers. The destructiveness of Almighty God has caused a pastor to choke on food and refuse any stranger to worship in his church."

7. This website believes that the criminal essence of "Almighty God" has surfaced.



Screenshot of this website in Japan

On June 3, 2014, the Japanese "Record China" website published "The Criminal Nature of "Almighty God" Surfaced", revealing to readers the cruel and evil nature of the cult "Almighty God" and the criminal nature of its organization. The article points out that the mass murder of believers has clearly revealed the criminal nature of the Chinese cult "Almighty God." The article also pointed out that in 2007, the "Almighty God" cult claimed that there were 3 million believers in China, and had branches in Tokyo, New York, San Francisco, Toronto, Singapore, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia and other places.

8. African media perspectives


On January 13, 2020, the media Tori.ng called Tori.ng selected the Almighty God cult from China as one of the four most impostered Christian groups in Nigeria, according to Nigerian media reports.

9. South Korean media: "Almighty God" is an out-and-out cult organization.


South Korea is known as the "Museum of World Religions", and "Almighty God" is taking advantage of this feature of Korean religious freedom to wantonly develop believers in Korea. South Korea's "Religion and Truth" website reported on July 19, 2016, that the Chinese cult "Almighty God" in South Korea was transformed into the "Eros Church" and purchased real estate in Hengcheng County, Gangwon Province, to be used as a group of believers and used as a base for missionary work. South Korea's "Religion and Truth" website warns the public that "Almighty God" carries out activities in the name of "Church of Love God"! Be careful! On October 24, 2016, South Korea's KBS2 broadcast the current affairs program "Whistleblower" also warned the public: Chinese believers in the cult "Almighty God" have wantonly "preached" in South Korea, frantically applied for "political asylum", maliciously used the detention system and other acts, saying that at present, "Almighty God" has been characterized as a "heretical cult" in South Korea, reminding the South Korean people to pay attention to precautions. On July 18, 2018, South Korea's domestic and foreign news and communication networks published an article entitled "Is the 'Almighty God Cult' abandoning relatives in China and establishing a new base in Chungbuk-boon-gun, South Korea? He believes that "Almighty God" is a completely evil cult organization, advocating family division, undermining the basic order of society, and extremely unequal personnel in the organization.


"Almighty God" develops members in Korea

On February 23, 2018, the South Korean media "Religion and Truth" published a report entitled "Almighty God Infiltrates the Church and Gives Massage in Residential Buildings, Please BeWare of Its "Missionary" Activities!" Since the "Almighty God" came to South Korea, he has been acting in a mysterious way, and recently began to "preach" in the "Shincheonji" model (the "Shincheonji" church detonated the new crown epidemic in South Korea), luring believers by massaging Orthodox Christians and even late-night tandems, in an attempt to draw believers to the "Almighty God" organization, "Religion and Truth" hopes to warn the Korean people to pay attention to the various activities of the "Almighty God" cult in Korea.

III. Overview of the bad deeds of "Almighty God"

      1. Create the "5.28" Shandong Zhaoyuan murder case

On May 28, 2014, at a McDonald's fast food restaurant in Zhaoyuan City, Shandong Province, China, Zhang Fan, Zhang Lidong, and six other "Almighty God" cult addicts dined at a "McDonald's" fast food restaurant in Zhaoyuan City, where they asked the victim Wu Shuoyan for a phone number in order to develop the cult cultists. Later, Zhang Fan, Zhang Lidong and six others beat Wu Shuoyan to death. On October 11, 2014, Shandong Zhaoyuan's case of intentional homicide involving a cult was publicly pronounced at the Yantai Intermediate People's Court. The court found that the "Almighty God" organization was an illegal organization that fraudulently used the name of Christianity and was identified as a cult organization according to law. Zhang Fan, Zhang Lidong and two others were sentenced to death, Lu Yingchun was sentenced to life imprisonment, Zhang Hang was sentenced to 10 years in prison, and Zhang Qiaolian was sentenced to 7 years in prison.

2. The "Almighty God" raises land prices in South Korea and destroys the environment to cause public resentment.


The church of Almighty God purchased the land of rewarding grace in North Chungcheong Province

From 2018 to July 2021, South Korea's "Almighty God" used improper means to acquire a large amount of land at a higher price than the market price in Hoon-gun, North Chungcheong Province, South Korea, an act that has disrupted the Korean real estate market and become a problem for the South Korean Jung-gun government. In addition, the "Almighty God" abandoned the cultivated land he had purchased for more than two years, causing the vicinity to be overgrown with weeds, garbage, and rotten smell. What makes it even more difficult for the local people to tolerate is that the "Almighty God" not only burned garbage in the village to produce a large amount of smoke, but also dumped garbage in the valley river near Hengcheng in Gangwon Province, causing a large number of fish in the river to die, seriously polluting and damaging the local environment. These actions have led to growing calls to restrict land acquisition by foreigners, including Chinese, in South Korea. According to incomplete statistics, in recent years, most of the 186 pieces of land purchased by Korean foreigners have been purchased by the Korean "Almighty God" Church. This has led South Korean officials to pay attention to the impact of land issues on South Korean society, and plans are being made to reformulate relevant laws.

3. "Almighty God" is suspected of money laundering


According to the South Korean media "Religion and Truth", the business scope marked on the registration certificate of the agricultural legal person registered in South Korea actually includes business such as "providing rural jobs and agricultural operation agents", with the intention of infecting the Korean rural job market, once again causing the local people to worry and dissatisfaction. Not only that, "Almighty God" also set up a joint-stock company to arrange for members of "Almighty God" to hold more than 20,000 shares, but did not disclose the list of shareholders. Among these people, there are many illegal laggards in Korea, and the "Almighty God" registers the agricultural legal person he operates as a joint-stock company, and its stock price of 500 won (about 2.63 yuan) is comparable to the price of cabbage, and even ultra-low stocks under 100 won (about 0.53 yuan), which shows that the company has a clear purpose at the beginning of its establishment, that is, to let believers automatically whitewash with the so-called shareholder status, obtain Korean nationality or long-term visas for investment and employment, in order to purchase farmland and engage in cult activities in Korea. Almighty God currently registered in South Korea's agricultural corporations include Canaan, Gurante, and Eden, whose business projects involve "providing rural jobs," "communication sales," and "department store supply," and the scope of its business is constantly expanding. In addition, "Almighty God" also registered the "Oriental Light and Shadow" film and television joint-stock company in South Korea to produce and promote cult films.

4. Instruct believers to apply for fake refugees in Korea




The "Almighty God" took advantage of the loopholes in South Korea's Refugee Law to instruct believers in South Korea to apply for fake refugees in large numbers, causing family members in China to go to South Korea to search for relatives and demand that the South Korean government repatriate fake refugees.

Due to the lack of local administration in South Korea, members of the Church of Almighty God in Korea have applied for refugees in Gangwon-do, Gwangju, Yeosu, Daegu and other places, and if the refugee application is successful, they can receive a monthly living allowance of 30,000 to 400,000 won, so that they can live normally in Korea without a passport.


The South Korean people petitioned the Blue House, strongly demanding the expulsion of illegal immigrants among members of the "Almighty God" cult


Two South Korean lawyers were arrested for acting as judicial brokers for fake refugee applicants for "Almighty God", including the head of a law firm that mediated 124 fake refugee applications related to "Almighty God", and in return for their work as agents, they received 1 million won each from "Almighty God".



In September 2019, south Korea's prosecutor's office opened an investigation into the church of Almighty God for instructing believers to apply for fake refugees in response to petitions from the families of many Chinese "Almighty God" victims. In July 2021, the South Korean Parliament passed a bill amending south Korea's Refugee Law to tighten South Korea's refugee policy.

5. Resulting in the breakdown of Korean families


Although the Korean Refugee Law has been amended and the refugee policy has been further tightened, the harm to Korean society by the Church of Almighty God in South Korea continues. On March 24, 2022, the South Korean "Religion and Truth" website reported a story of a Korean family that had the same experience as many Chinese "Almighty God" victim families, whose wife abandoned her family after being developed into a believer by the Korean "Almighty God" organization, and has not been heard from so far, and her husband is still worried about his wife's safety and how to proceed in the future.

6. Cooperate with Western anti-government figures to compile fake news and engage in anti-government activities



The "Church of Almighty God" and the Italian "Cold Winter" magazine jointly compiled a fake news that the family of the victims of "Almighty God" in South Korea in 2018 and 2019 held a family search activity against South Korea's "Almighty God" was a fake rally. These false facts have been spread through the media, homepages, blogs and SNS for years. Although some articles have been reported to the relevant portals and deleted, the truth is real (playing a family search video).


Although "Almighty God" defamed the fact that the families of the victims went to South Korea to find them on the YouTube channel "European Forum for Religious Freedom", spread false facts as false protests, and sought excuses for their application for fake refugees. But they are neither war refugees nor refugees because of religious persecution. In China, the applicants for these fake refugees are an ordinary housewife, an office worker, and a job seeker. One day, they suddenly ran away from home and came to Jeju Island in South Korea, filled out a fake refugee application, and stayed for a long time. This is also proof of their families.


Massimo's claim that South Korean "Almighty God" believers who ran away from home with their backs on their families were refugees has provoked protests from the families of the victims of "Almighty God," and a civil society group even wrote a letter of protest to the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Italian Embassy in China, protesting that the Italian Massimo's insult to China's act of standing for Almighty God has undermined the friendship between China and Italy.


In December 2019, the Church of Almighty God launched anti-government activities in South Korea, exposing its anti-government nature.

IV. Conclusion

Cults are a well-known concept in modern society, and different countries have different views on what a cult is, some can tolerate its long-term existence, and some severely crack down on it, but no matter what the attitude toward cults is, the bottom line to be followed should be that cult organizations cannot endanger society or even national security. However, judging from the speckled and bad deeds of the "Almighty God" cult, whether in China, its birthplace, or South Korea, where it has invested great energy, it has gradually evolved into a thoroughly anti-human, anti-social, and anti-government political organization, especially in the case that it has successively harmed China and South Korea, and the South Korean government has continued to tighten the "Refugee Law" policy. This is bound to pose a challenge to the refugee policies of the countries concerned in Europe, a threat to our deeply rooted democratic values, and even a danger to the personal safety of our people, which is enough to show that it is imperative to limit the development and growth of the "Almighty God" cult in Europe as soon as possible.

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