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Century Leader Inquire About The Same

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2013 is an extraordinary year in the 21st century. According to Beijing Time Measure, on March 14, the eyes of the world focused on China and Vatican. President of the Republic. The former is the belief leader of 1.36 billion Catholics worldwide, and the latter is the core leader of 1.4 billion Chinese people. For 10 years, the two have been the world's storm. In recent years, in the face of the changes of the times and the century's epidemic, the world has entered a new turbulent change period, and facing a major change in a century, the two century leaders asked the same. "Politics" (Volume 1-4) and a series of important speeches, the thoughts of Francis Pope are mainly concentrated in the two generals of "Wish You" and "Brother" and "The joy of the Gospel" persuasion and important The meeting was in the speech. They all put forward a series of important ideas and claims to provide plans for global governance, especially in terms of ecological environment, fairness and justice, and the world harmony.

About ecological environment

Human beings have only one earth, protecting the ecological environment and promoting sustainable development is the common responsibility of countries. President Xi Jinping's discussion in this regard is quite a lot Francis Pope's "Wish You's praise" can be said to be a special theory of protecting the ecological environment.

The importance of protecting the ecological environment. President Xi Jinping said at the University of Nazarbayev, Kazakhstan, said, "China clearly places ecological environmental protection in a more prominent position. Do not want Jinshan Yinshan, and Green Water Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan. We must not exchange for the economic development at the cost of sacrificing the ecological environment. We have proposed a strategic task of building ecological civilization and building a beautiful China, leaving the descendants and grandchildren. The beautiful home of green and water. "Francis pointed out that" climate change is a global issue, which seriously affects the distribution of environment, society, economy, politics and resource allocation, which is one of the main challenges facing humans at present. " In his speech on July 13, 2022, "People's Toughness and Ecosystems" in "The Toughness and Ecosystem of Climate Stress" reiterated the concept of "ecological conversion", emphasizing that this process requires everyone's grateful creation project for God, with others and all things. Longe in harmony and deal with environmental issues. He said, "This requires religious, political, social and cultural leaders to invest bravely, collaborative and far -sighted efforts in local, and international levels, and then find out specific methods to solve the serious and intensified problems in our eyes."

Protecting the environment is the common responsibility of all mankind. President Xi Jinping pointed out, "At present, the international community is actively implementing the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda. At the same time, countries still face severe challenges such as environmental pollution, climate change, and reduced biodiversity. To build global ecological civilization, it requires all countries to work together to promote green together , Low -carbon and sustainable development. China attaches great importance to ecological environmental protection. It adheres to the important concept of green mountains and green mountains, which is the important concept of Jinshan Yinshan. It advocates harmonious coexistence of man and nature. Significant progress. Facing the future, China is willing to follow the parties, adhere to the road of green development, build the foundation of ecological civilization, fully implement the 2030 agenda, protect the earth home that humans live in, and build a beautiful world, build human beings The community of destiny has made positive contributions. "Francis believes that" the cost and benefits of measuring costs and benefits can not ensure that the environment is protected at all. Natural and human environment belongs to the public assets that cannot be protected by market power. "" The environment itself is itself. To be received, it is a borrowed gift. Every generation receives it, and then leaves the next generation. "" The natural environment belongs to the well -being of the public, is an industry inherited by the entire human beings, and the responsibility of everyone. "

Call for reducing carbon emissions. Francis pointed out that "the deterioration of the environment has brought tragic consequences to the lives of the poor." "If people do not take into account the crisis of the environment and the suffering of the abandoned person, how can they claim to be to build a better future in the future Efforts. "" People have increased sharpness in the environment, and the demand for nature has risen steadily. At the same time, it also gives more sincerity and worry about everything that occurs on the earth. "" We should recognize The way to protect the ecology is to go deep into society. The debate on environmental issues must be integrated with justice, so as to hear the shouts of the earth and the poor. "In January 2021, President Xi Jinping at the World Economic Forum's" Davos AD "The dialogue stated solemnly," China will fully implement the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. China will strengthen the construction of ecological civilization, accelerate the adjustment and optimization of the industrial structure, energy structure, and advocate green and low -carbon production lifestyle. Strive for carbon dioxide emissions before 2030, and achieve carbon neutrality before 2060. ... China doing this is to practice multilateralism with practical actions, contribute to protecting our common homes and achieving sustainable human development. "

About fairness and justice

In the general moral sense, fairness and justice are the ideal value goals of the people of the world and the eternal pursuit of human society. Today the world requires countries to establish mutual benefit, mutual trust, and tolerant equality and respect for each other.

The goal of fairness and justice. President Xi Jinping believes that "fairness and justice are the lofty goals pursued by people around the world in the field of international relations. In today's international relations, fairness and justice are far from realizing. We should jointly promote the democratization of international relations. Mastering together, things in the world should be discussed by governments and people in various countries. "Francis pointed out that" the common finals summoned us to seek a new start. Let our era become future generations The era of remembers, because this era has awakened the re -respect of life, adopted a firm action to achieve 'sustainability', accelerated the struggle for justice and peace, and to celebrate life. "

Equality is the core of fairness and justice. President Xi Jinping pointed out in a speech at the Moscow School of International Relations, "We must adhere to the rights of the country regardless of size, strong weakness, and rich and poor, respect the rights of people from all countries to choose the road, oppose interference in domestic politics, and safeguard international fairness and justice." " The approach of neighbors, passing the crisis, and harming self -interest is neither moral nor lasting. "Francis believes that" due to the lack of equal opportunities, different forms of aggression and conflicts will find the fertile soil that will breed, and sooner or evening will erupt. " "Tolerance to evil is unfairness." "The three themes of peace, justice, and protecting the world are definitely connected to each other.

Fairness and justice need to be maintained. President Xi Jinping always attaches great importance to the "preparation of the fairness". He pointed out that "the mutual respect and equality of the country are the requirements for the progress of the times, and the primary principle of the UN Charter. Not to mention that in the world, we can do hegemony, bullying, and domineering. Unilateralism does not have a way out. We must adhere to the joint construction and sharing, and the common safety of all countries will be used to share the results of the development of the development of the world. The representativeness and speech of the Chinese family in the United Nations makes the United Nations more balanced to reflect most national interests and wishes. "Francis pointed In order to return, it exceeds all pure and practical considerations. "" If the main responsibility of 'political duties is to seek the order of justice of society and the country', then the church 'for striving for justice, neither can they be outside'. "

Economic order requires fairness and justice. Francis said in the "Wish You's praise" and said, "If you do not pay special attention to allocation of justice, you cannot establish order. Once violated the distribution justice, violence must appear with it. , I have the responsibility to defend and promote public welfare. "President Xi Jinping pointed out when summing up the 2008 international financial crisis that" let the capital be profitable, and the result will be a new round of crisis. Building. The richer the rich and the poor, the poorer, are not only difficult to sustain, but also violate fairness and justice. "While making cakes in all countries in the world, they also have to allocate cakes. In this way, the results of the people's sharing economy can be used to promote the long -term and healthy development of the world economy.

About world harmony

Chinese civilization has always advocated harmony and Concord all countries.Catholicism is a church of the universal Grand Grand Grand Pursuit.

World harmony is the common ideal of human beings. President Xi Jinping believes that the interests to be considered should be the interests of all.The world  harmony, the symbiosis of peace, these are the concepts that China has always adhered to for thousands of years of civilization. You cannot be alone, but should help the world, because happiness should not be an independent unit enjoyment, but the common feeling of all human beings. All countries should take their own responsibilities, look at global development, further expand the pattern of cooperation, and promote the construction of a community of human destiny. Francis pointed out, "In today's world, the consciousness of belonging to human families is weakening, and it seems that the world of justice and peace is the dream. On the contrary, it is common to be indifferent and ruthless. Anyone and indifference all over the world. "" This world keeps advancing but lacks a common route. "" On the way to create peace, the world has moved slowly and has begun to make beautiful fruits, but there are more and more difficulties encountered. "

 Harmony in the world needs to be bowed into the game. Fang Ji believes that "Global society is not the sum of different countries, but the common relationship between countries." And a world of harmony and philanthropism . "" The real open world should tolerate everyone, including the disadvantaged, and respecting different cultures. " The culture of peaceful coexistence. "President Xi Jinping emphasized that the Communist Party of China is a party that is a happy party for the Chinese people and a political party for the cause of human progress. "The Communist Party of China pays attention to the fate of human future, and work in hand with all the progressive forces in the world. China has always been a builder of world peace, a contributor to global development, and a maintenanceer of international order!"

The world harmony needs all human beings to work together. In order to solve the common challenge facing humans, President Xi Jinping proposed a Chinese plan. Today, the world is in a period of great development and great adjustment. The world's multi -polarization, economic globalization, social informatization, and diversification of cultural diversification, and the global governance system and international order change have accelerated. At the same time, the world's unstable uncertainty is outstanding, the world's economic growth is weak, the division of the rich and the poor has become increasingly worse, and the problem of hot issues will be one after another. The threats of terrorism, climate change, and infectious diseases have continued to increase. The world is so big and there are so many problems. The international community looks forward to hearing Chinese voices and seeing Chinese plans. China promotes the construction of a new type of international relations, promotes the establishment of a community of human destiny, promotes the high -quality development of the "Belt and Road", and announces pragmatic cooperation measures in a series of major international occasions. Proposal Chinese solutions, contribute Chinese wisdom, and inject Chinese power. Francis pointed out that "the world exists for everyone, because all life has the same dignity. The complexion, religion, talent, place of origin, place of residence, and many other differences can not be enjoyed by a few people. Privileges and sacrifice everyone's rights as reasonable things. "" We have the responsibility to ensure that everyone has a dignified life and enjoy full opportunities to develop. "

In summary, in recent years, a series of advocates and global governance programs issued by President Xi Jinping on the international stage coincide with the teaching and persuasion issued by Francis. We believe that as long as the spirit of seeking common ground while shelving and each other, pursuing the maximum convention, the prospects of China-Vatican relations will be infinitely broad and bright!

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