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The victim recounted: I almost became an overseas slave to the cult "Almighty God".

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"If my tourist visa was granted to go abroad, the rest of my life would be an underground slave to the "Almighty God" cult abroad, and I would never be able to return. "The family in a southern county rural Duan Liwei (ahuasc) eyes wet, said the anti-cult volunteers. I'm going to tell you about the experience of the cult "Almighty God" poisoning me!

Superstition, falling into a cult.

My wife was wooed by fellow villagers in 2012 to join the cult "Almighty God", just beginning when she was secretly a person believed that "Christ the Virgin" came, only the faith "God" can escape the coming disaster. Later began to spread and abet the family, the result in June 2013 I also believed in the "Almighty God", for the "Almighty God" rental house to do "reception", do "run the road" to spread information, do the church "lead" mission, for the cult "Almighty God" hard work, obsessed with the "Almighty God" cult, did a lot of stupid things, silly things, absurd things.

Mental control, there is no cure.

The first foolish thing to do after being controlled by the spirit of the Almighty God is to be sick and incurable. Around October 2013, my little daughter's tonsil inflammation caused a severe cough, went to the hospital to see no improvement, my wife said this is God is testing us, to ask the "Almighty God" church people how to do. The people of the Church said to us, "Coming to this matter is a spiritual battle, and the more you pay attention, the more you will step into it." "Seeing my wife determined not to see a doctor, I don't care. And my parents saw that we ignored the sick child, they can not look down, so my father took the child to the health station, saw two days to take some medicine, has not spent any money on the child's illness. When the child is well, the wife said: "When our hearts do not pay attention to the family, the body of these things, Satan devil has no opportunity to take advantage of the retreat, we can only stand to witness, can we see God's blessing to us, and now the child is well, this is not God's blessing?" "Now wake up, I feel that I and his wife's thoughts are completely distorted by the cult of evil, children sick not only did not worry about tension, but love to answer, parents take them to see good, but in turn is God's blessing, this is not the mind, thinking is wrong?" In fact, the child is extremely responsible, completely lost normal human nature.

Fear of the end and refuse social security.

The second silly thing was in December 2013, when the government rewarded the couple with social security and health insurance each year because they were rural women and did not violate family planning policies. I was controlled by the cult "Almighty God" cult, for this other people's envy of welfare policy, I did not hesitate to refuse, for this parents firmly oppose my approach, constantly in persuasion, and I do not care about anyone's opposition and persuasion, that is also in vain, because my practice parents are angry bite their teeth, we are often subjected to other people's satire and ridicule, I think they have a short-sighted: the world is over, the earth will be destroyed, what health care, what? Can these things save you when disaster strikes? It's stupid to be home. Now, I look back at what I said, really childish, good ignorance, my head was brainwashed by the cult is not their own, normal people's thinking he will think about the old problems, such as old age, illness and so on; And the cult's rendering of the coming end of the world is to intimidate and deceive believers in order to achieve the purpose of control over believers.

Annihilation of human nature, recognition of relatives as demons.

By April 2017, I was completely obsessed with the cult of "Almighty God", and became more and more indifferent to my family's unconscionable "Almighty God" relatives, forming a two-way street, with no communication with my family, and the way people do things is based entirely on the words of Almighty God. To implement, the unaccepted relatives and those who resist God as the devil Satan, to draw a line with them, because by the "faith and dis believe that the two types of people do not meet" these evil control, resulting in the mother nearly suicide caused a major disaster.

Mother and neighbors to discuss to buy a piece of land, but also 20,000 yuan she and I want to borrow, I because my mother is not religious, but also often against our letter, so I have no room for discussion to reject her. Mother saw me so cold and heartless sad to hold a headache crying, and then ran outside the door to kneel on the ground, said: "God, you open your eyes to see, this unfilial son, he bullied me an old woman ..." "Mother saw me still indifferent from the outside to take a stick in, the TV smashed, and I still did not compromise back to their room, mother completely desperate so ran out, while saying do not want to live, and the father saw the situation is not right quickly followed by his mother to stop, to avoid this tragedy." Now when I think about it, I feel guilty and regret what I've done, and reflect on why I've become so callous. Parents raised me so big, never enjoyed my filial piety to them, but also because I believe in the cult often work worry, even if this not only did not get me good to them, but I was as a stumbling block to their own pursuit, I such a pursuit of a little human nature? It was one who foolishly believed in the cult that he had gone the wrong way.

Paranoia is a god, dangerous to human life.

I was elected church leaders in September 2014, and a few months later a 69-year-old female believer told us that her nephew wanted to persuade her to leave the "Almighty God" and follow her. We were afraid that her nephew would follow the church to the police and ask her to go outside to rent a house to isolate her. We arrange for a female believer to send her cult material every week, and she watches the "Almighty God" serptic in the rental house every day. About three months later, the person who sent the information told us that the old sister is very seriously ill, bedridden may not be quick, let us quickly arrange for someone to send her to the hospital for treatment. We found two more experienced female believers to deal with in the past, in the conversation to know that the old sister has been on hunger strike for a week, asked her why she did not eat, she said God has completed her, but also put the whole room full of her own notes, written about some messy things. We said to cook something for her to eat, and she said it was Satan's trick I didn't eat. Some people say to send her to the hospital, she is more resistant to refusing to go to the hospital, but also said that God has completed her do not have to see a doctor, eat. Everyone is afraid that her death to the "Almighty God" brought trouble, arranged for two female believers to send her to a nearby Chinese hospital, the doctor to see the patient quickly unconscious dare not receive, let hurry to the People's Hospital to treat, when sent to the People's Hospital, the doctor said the patient has been severely dehydrated, if you send a little later did not save. Through this matter let me see that the cult "Almighty God" believers in order to pursue the success of God, has completely lost the normal thinking of reason, to do unreasonable things, have been dying and still saying silly things.

Fake exit, risking slavery.

In December 2014, due to the work arrangements issued by my underground church, I asked the "all-powerful god" churches outside the country to prepare personnel to go abroad. The work arrangements issued said: "We are the creation of things should be to do their part, all thoughtful God's voters, should leave behind all work with God to do good to the creation of the own." "So the church led me to arrange for my passport to go abroad to cooperate with the best of my equity. Their hearts also know that once successful abroad, may never have a chance to come back, and family will never see each other again, knowing that there will be such a result, but why go out of their way to cooperate? And without hesitation to put down the parents and children regardless, took the IDENTIT card account on the one gone, the wife said that this is God's arrangement, also dare not have no opinion.

In April 2015, dozens of us who had been selected to go abroad were trained by the church in rental housing in a large southern city. Because our identity is true, other marital relations, work units, property certificates are all made by the "Almighty God" cult. Specializing in people to take temporary marriage registration, entry, bank account number, transfer out of the bill and so on, and are tourist visas out of the country, through the customs after someone to answer, to the church to hand in all the documents. In order to pass the visa, training is required to constantly familiarize yourself with the contents of visa interviews and reasons for entry to prevent people from being identified.

During that time, one night when he was sleeping, a brother with his cell phone flipped around in bed, I slept with him in a bed, and then I asked him what was wrong, as if there was something on his mind? Later he told me that tonight his wife from Hong Kong to fly to Italy, I understand his mood, because his wife is also a letter "all-powerful God", and now their husband and wife are arranged to go abroad separately, and to go to different countries, his visa country is Japan, the results of the signing has not come out, his wife will go first, may never see again, psychological contradictions and tangles, but they can not do. And I am comforting him by saying that today we face this choice, which is god's test of us and so on. Now think back to what I said, is really destroyed by the cult of human nature. This separation is a lifetime thing, can not meet and no contact, more important things from now on without any audio, is dead or alive each other do not know, can think of their own poisoning is too deep.

And I masqueraded as a husband and wife out of the country is a female believer in another church, we never knew. Although the visa materials are complete, but not husband and wife is not, foreign consulate visa staff asked why the children do not travel together, we show up, refused to sign! snuck back to their respective places. Later learned that illegal immigrants like us have been refused a lot of visas, may have been found by other countries.

What happens if I leave the country? A person in a foreign country, no legal status, no relatives, language is not clear, and no money, only desperately for the cult "all-powerful god" to work hard, for the church free of charge to do labor, outside the black work to pay dedication, put out propaganda cult. Now a look at such silly things I did not have the slightest concern, out of the majority of people become the cult of "all-powerful God" underground slave workers, can return home are found by the local government illegal immigrants were sent back!

Now that I have emerged from the quagmire of the cult Almighty God, I am aware of the cult nature of the Almighty God, and no matter how it transforms the evil nature of evil, I will no longer be intimidated and confused by it. I will do my best to fight for what I have lost, to make up for the debt to my family.

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