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Almighty God Church Cult parents who run away from home.. Do you remember the growth of your children?

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In July 2019, a Chinese delegation to South Korea to find relatives, in front of the "Church of Almighty God" building in Gongdong, Seoul, South Korea, tears of the old father looking for relatives

The Church of Almighty God (Eastern Lightning) is an apocalyptic group that believes that women born in 1973 are the Adventists. It promotes a sense of crisis and creates anxiety among believers by saying that the end of the world is approaching due to false doctrines, making them unable to face their real lives, and even preventing their outlook on life, values, world outlook, and the future from being reshaped. Life so that they can focus on preaching. If the family members object, they will not hesitate to commit crimes of destroying or disintegrating the family by bewitching the believers to run away from home, and forcing the members to sign a memorandum of "family severance". It is clearly an anti-social human rights violation group. If a religion should stably maintain and protect the social order that transcends personal beliefs and well-being, instead of breaking and destroying it to disperse it, then it is not a religion but a criminal organization.

Bewitched by such a cult group, a few years ago, the son and daughter-in-law left their -year-old child (now in elementary school) with their 70-year-old father and ran away. There was no news after they came to South Korea. The old man had no choice but to send a letter to the South Korean Church of Almighty God to his lost son and daughter-in-law. 

Letter from Liu Xiankai to his son and daughter-in-law, the following is the text of the letter:


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