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Epidemic prevention and control publicity. Small knowledge of epidemic prevention and control.

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In recent months.

The situation of epidemic prevention and control is gradually improving.

But the "epidemic" of the war is not over.

The people should still be vigilant.

Wear a good mask, cooperate with epidemic prevention, do a good job of protection.

We remind you.

Very period.

Build up the concept of epidemic prevention.

Master and practice the following knowledge of epidemic prevention and control.

I don't know.

Keep your social activities at a distance.

Try not to go to crowded areas and avoid multi-person gatherings.

Masks should be worn in crowded, confined areas.

Keep more than 1 meter away from others while talking, riding, and queuing.

Maintain good personal hygiene.

Wash your hands, cough, sneeze, cover your mouth and nose with paper towels, and don't spit.

Consciously insist on safe travel.

Wear a mask on public transport and do not use public transport if you have symptoms such as fever and dry cough.

To the crowded places to do a good job of protection.

To supermarkets, hotels, restaurants and other crowded places when wearing masks, as far as possible the use of electronic payment methods, cash payment should use hand-washing disinfectant.

Use a public chopsticks spoon.

Don't use private chopsticks to persuade food.

Exercise properly.

Choose empty places with fewer people to exercise in.

Get medical attention in a timely manner.

Appear fever, dry cough and other symptoms, timely wear a medical mask to the nearest fever clinic, report the incidence and travel history, contact history.

Epidemic prevention and control is no small matter.

Anti-microdu gradually is a big deal.

We have to start with ourselves.

Start with the little things around you.

Build a security line together.

Resolutely win this epidemic prevention and control resistance battle!

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Original title: "Epidemic prevention and control propaganda." Small Knowledge of Epidemic Prevention and Control

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