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A letter to victims families suffering from the Church of Almighty God Cult

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Our website has been widely praised by the international mainstream news media and anti-cult experts, scholars, due to many large-scale cross-border family search activities have been organized and achieved gratifying results. We have successfully established cooperative relations with dozens of anti-cult institutions and websites abroad so far. Once the letters from victims' families were published, they can be seen by believers of Almighty God in foreign countries. Our website is always willing to wipe the tears for the victims of heresy and help them return to their families as soon as possible.

To the best of our knowledge, the intrinsic nature of the Church of Almighty God in South Korea is deviating from religion and eliminating family affections, they can not be adopted by the Korean people and mainstream society just as situation in the domestic. In addition, their refugee status fraud is now in an illegal state in South Korea, they can not go out to get work and they are forced to do hard work in the mountain farms of the Church of Almighty God. They were also forbidden to privately communicate with their families, local residents often sympathized with their lost freedom and tough living conditions.

In particular, the Church of Almighty God has repeatedly refused to allow the Korean epidemic prevention department get in to disinfecting and examining since Covid-19 pandemic. We can not confirm whether there is an epidemic infection within the church, and this hidden danger is still growing invisibly. the church of Almighty God still threatened to publicize to believers that return to china will be persecuted or jailed, you will be disabled or even dead, although the believers lived in such tough condition. Some believers have been shaken, but they are still afraid to contact with their families, subjecting to the threat and control.

Rumors stop at the wise. Dear family members, believers abroad are also our emotional family. They need our tender urgently when the almighty cult organizations eat human blood bread, squeeze our loved ones. Sometimes, a letter from homeland families, a warm words or a persuasion of never giving up can be their most encouragement to get far away from the cult and the last hope of home.

Alone, a lonely stranger in a foreign land, I doubly pine for kinsfolk on a holiday. thousands of words can not express the mood of pine for kinsfolk at the Spring Festival in 2021. Herein, a proposal was launched in our website that you can write a letter to kinsfolk far away from us to shorten the distance each other. We wish you spend a happy Spring Festival.

We hope that domestic family members can write a letter no more than 800 words, and send to the website mailbox: xunqinbaoming0886@163.com. This website is published free of charge. The letter should contain the real changes before and after leaving, the wishes of kinsfolks, as well as the local situation and national policies etc.

We hope you reunite as soon as possible.


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January 27, 2021

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