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A Probe into the "Psychological Implication" Effect and Preventive Strategies of Cults

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Among the people who strayed into cults, a very high percentage of people will emphasize that their illness has improved after they became religious, that the "heart knot" in life has been relieved, and the pain and pain have been alleviated. These benign body and mind "experiences" of varying degrees, Became the initial inducement and direct evidence that they believed that the cult is very miraculous, and then became more muddy and addicted to addiction. Under the psychological suggestion of cult's fallacies and cults (repeated brainwashing), it is finally difficult to extricate themselves. This article uses psychological methods to explore the "psychological suggestion" effect of cults, analyzes the process and harm of cults being gradually transformed under the psychological hints of cults, and loses their self-awareness, and explores the way of using psychological methods to educate and transform cult obsessed people.

1. Psychological "mental suggestion" and its effects

Speaking of "mental cues", one cannot but mention the psychologist Ivan Petrov Pavlov (ӧѧ ֧ӧڧ ѧӧݧ, September 26, 1849-February 27, 1936). Soviet physiologist, psychologist, physician, founder of advanced neural activity theory, founder of advanced neural activity physiology. The builder of conditioned reflex theory is also one of the most outside the field of traditional psychology and has the greatest influence on the development of psychology. He has won the Nobel Prize in Physiology.

Psychologist Pavlov believes that suggestion is the simplest and most typical conditioned reflex in humans. In terms of psychological mechanism, it is an assumption affirmed by subjective will, which is not necessarily based, but since it has been subjectively affirmed its existence, psychologically strives to tend to this content. We are always receiving hints from the outside world in our lives. For example, the "miracles" boasted by cults have a psychological suggestion (directivity induction) to people and thus get the effect of "desired results".

Pavlov's research found that psychological cues have three major characteristics: positive, negative, and non-selective. Such as the phenomenon of pseudo-pregnancy in women of childbearing age, the strong desire to become pregnant and the psychological factors of anxiety, which disrupt the normal function of the human endocrine system, especially affect the regulation of the hypothalamus pituitary gland on ovarian function, so that the body's progesterone increases and ovulation is suppressed , The result of temporary amenorrhea appears as "false pregnancy". This is a classic example of the negative role in psychological cues. Some people are used to looking in the mirror, adjusting their clothes, and managing their hair before going to work or going out to work in the morning. Under the positive psychological suggestion, when I saw in the mirror that my face was not good, I was a little weak due to poor sleep, and my eyes were dark, I immediately used reason to control my tension and self-implication to myself: go to outdoor Activities, doing exercises, practicing Taijiquan, and breathing fresh air will be good, so I refreshed myself and went to work happily. This positive self-implication is conducive to physical and mental health (Note ). The third characteristic of psychological suggestion is its non-selectivity. That is to say, implication is the subconscious recognition, acceptance and storage of any external phenomena (including hearing and seeing) and any conscious behavior (that is, thinking). Cue does not have resolution, no matter whether there is a voice of opposition, it will produce an effect. Authoritative hints will produce good hints, but no authoritative hints (from strange faces you see on the street to heresy, etc.) will still produce hints. Authority is related to the quality of the hint effect, and has nothing to do with the hint. 

Scientists use this psychological research to benefit mankind. But cults misappropriate "psychological hints" to "implant" cult consciousness, and gradually make this kind of consciousness "strong" to expel people's normal cognition and transform normal people into cult puppets. Cult psychology suggests that the tricks are:

1. For those who want to treat a disease without spending money. Li Hongzhi throws out the "consumer karma" heresy, and Dafa disciples Hu Chang will not get sick. Feeling physical discomfort is due to its "karma". Practicing "Falungong" is the best "karma". Li Hongzhi implied that "disciples" would practice their health, and their bodies would develop in a good direction. With the addition of "Master", the body would be better. Some people follow this routine and they will indeed show signs of better health. In fact, this is the result of directional (positive) psychological hints, which Li Hongzhi calls "miracles". "Almighty God" suggests to people psychologically that "the female Christ" is Jesus' "second incarnation" in order to come to the world to "save people". Zhao Weishan therefore "made up" 7 "incarnations of gods", boasting that only by joining his organization can he escape the disaster of the end of the world. The believers are stepped into the "Almighty God" cave step by step under the psychological hint that believing in God can cure illness and ensure peace. The "Huazang sect" cult is exactly the same. Wu Zeheng created his own "Double Cultivation" fallacy, and through continuous language and non-verbal psychological hinting methods, he induced female disciples "men and women to achieve the highest level of studying Buddhism" and "can become Buddha" "" Improve spiritual practice quickly "," Enhance mana "and" Beneficial female body ", use psychological cues to lure women into their sex dolls.

2. The phenomenon of "false disease". For example, a woman died of a car accident due to her husband s sudden mental stimulation and was blinded by grief. However, after examination by the doctor, the structure of the eye was not damaged, and the diagnosis was psychological blindness. He was cured by many methods. Later, during the hypnotherapy, the hypnotist hinted that her eyesight had been restored, and said to her: "When I count the fifth, you will see things when you wake up." The hypnotist counted one or two very slowly Four to five, when the count is really five, the patient wakes up and finds that his vision has completely recovered. Another example is the sister-in-law of Xiang Lin in Lu Xun's pen. All the misfortunes are caused by bad luck. If you donate the threshold and pass thousands of people across the road, the misfortune will disappear, and good luck will come. Sure enough, if you donate the threshold, you will feel better and feel better, and your mental state will improve. This is actually the result of psychological cues. The false illness under the psychological hint gives those cultists who do not have good intentions the opportunity to deify themselves. For example, the "dedication" and "giving sacrifice" of the "Almighty God" and "disciple meeting" are saved by the "blessing" lie, often because the "giving" "giving sacrifice" feels that the body is "much better"-under psychological hint Benign conscious response.

3. Selective explanation of psychological phenomena. Selective interpretation means that we often only accept evidence that is favorable to our own views, and intentionally exaggerate the favorable evidence to strengthen our opinions; we take the blind approach to the adverse evidence and deliberately avoid it. People often apply this method because it avoids acknowledging their mistakes and does not require self-criticism. This is a typical psychological suggestion effect. Once people have determined the correctness of certain cognitions, they can no longer listen to different opinions. They only accept the same opinions as they know and strengthen them continuously, but ignore the different opinions. Selective interpretation can help escape pain. When others point out mistakes, face-saving and good-strong mentality are also important reasons why some people do not want to admit their mistakes.

Too many cult doctors in Chinese history have brought out more apprentices and apprentices, especially such as Liu Fengjun s three popsicles for cancer treatment, Zhang Wuben s mung bean drinking all diseases, and Zhang Hongbao s listening to the law to cure all diseases. A person who knows how to selectively interpret psychological cues and can use them to the extreme.

It can be seen that psychological cues are used in cult doctors, to deceive the public, and to deceive huge sums of money. It is a natural thing for people with bad feelings.

2. Exploring the "Psychological Implications"

The psychological hint is described in the "Psychology Dictionary": "In a subtle and indirect way, it affects the psychology and behavior of other people. The role of psychological hint often causes others to unconsciously act in a certain way, or Accept certain opinions or beliefs without criticism. "It can be seen that psychological cues are essentially human emotions and ideas, and will be affected by the subconsciousness of others to varying degrees.

1. Psychological knowledge

Human beings are social animals. In social life, the perception of practice rises to consciousness. The part that has been proved to be correct by practice has become the common wealth of mankind. However, due to the difference in talent and practice, people's cognition and practice have emerged the difference between group leaders and obedience. Most people follow the role of the group, that is, follow the leader to do the same thing. This herd mentality has positive energy for groups and individuals. It makes the minority in the group good at thinking and the majority just follow the order. Over time, it has become the social basis of group psychological cues. In this sense, psychological suggestion is a neutral word in psychology, and there is no distinction between good and evil. The criterion for distinguishing between good and evil lies in the purpose of the user.

Here we first give a hypothesis: the process of human judgment and decision-making is made by the "self" part of the personality after integrating personal needs and environmental constraints. Such decisions and judgments are called "main opinions". A person with a developed and healthy ego is usually what we call a minded and self person. Practice has proved that this assumption exists and has a guiding significance for related research. When people face distress, or are in a dangerous situation, or are in a negative psychological state, in a powerless self-help, they always yearn for miracles. Sometimes, although this miracle is absurd and unreal, the parties are willing to get spiritual Anesthetize and get temporary psychological masturbation. Psychologically speaking, this is a kind of psychological suggestion. In many cases, the parties would rather pay the price for being in this kind of psychological suggestion (such as giving their own wealth for salvation and knowingly engaging in "Falungong" activities will be punished by law And secretly).

In this case, the effect of psychological cues is related to the individual differences of the applied person. The success of psychological cues also requires a necessary condition, that is, those who accept psychological cues must have inferiority against foreign psychological cues. Feel that you are inferior to the hinter, think that the hinter is worse than yourself, you should ask him for advice, you must accept his judgment, and you must accept the influence of the hinter, which is equivalent to psychological experience. In fact, this kind of psychological suggestion is essentially to replace or simply replace your own thinking and judgment with the wisdom of others who think you are stronger than yourself. Of course, such inferiority, self-depreciation, and the exaggeration of the worship and ability of the hinter can rarely be realized by the hinter, and these psychological processes usually exist in the subconscious mind. Therefore, psychological suggestion usually happens unconsciously. Moreover, we will find that people will unconsciously accept the influence and cues of people they like, admire, trust and worship.

Accepting psychological cues is, in a way, giving up on individual consciousness and judgment. This allows people to accept the guidance of wise men as a complement to the imperfect "self". This is the positive side of the implied role. The premise of this positive role is that a person must have a sufficient self and certain ideas. The implied role should only be used as a supplement and assistance to "self" and "subjective". Positively implying the role of the implied person is like "finishing". On the contrary, negative psychological hints will bury a person's growth opportunities, make mediocre people more mediocre, decadent people less confident, "painful experience" people deepen "pain", theologians more believe that unbelief will be retributed, etc. And so on, and then the thoughts of fear, pessimism, and abandonment of life arise. This is the psychological explanation for the suicide, self-mutilation, and "devil" killing of "Falungong" believers. Its toxicity can be interpreted by more than 2,900 bones. Psychological cues also use the subconscious's principle of action. Various cues will be received, imaged, copied by the subconscious, and then selectively amplified and strengthened (Note ). The cult blind cat catches the dead mouse, the gangster knows it, it is just a crook, and the nature of the cult is due.

2. Realistic evidence

Psychological cues will stimulate the subconscious and continue to strengthen, which will have a decisive influence on those who are psychologically implied. For example, the apocalyptic doctrines thrown by the "Almighty God" and the "Falungong" earth explosion doctrines are foolish words for people with a little knowledge of astrophysics. For those who are in a strong sense of frustration in adversity, this negative perception will be strengthened into reality, and the psychological orientation of seeking the cult of "Almighty God" and other cults will be made, and the cult of "Almighty God" and other cults will pull the head. Succeed.

Psychology believes that people all have a tendency to consciously or unconsciously maintain the "autonomous" position, unwilling to be interfered or controlled by others. But this kind of consciousness is not strong enough, and the ability to resist bad psychological hints is weak, and it is difficult to resist the bad mental hints. This is the "autonomous" aspect of people's psychology. From this point of view, the role of psychological suggestion is often greater than that of direct persuasion or instruction or command. Still taking the "Almighty God" as an example, in order to tamper with people's consciousness into the "Almighty God" ideology, through the "eating and drinking myth", people take up almost all of their time; believers sing "Almighty God" songs together, gradually deepening Favor for "God"; believers continue to "witness" the so-called "miracles" among them, and gradually they are all "Almighty Gods" in their minds. This repeated "psychological suggestion" corrodes people's self-consciousness and inculcates the believer "Almighty God" heresy. With such repeated, continuous strengthening and imposing practices, even people with normal cognition will be anesthetized and become walking dead without personal will; not to mention the careful selection of the head of the "Almighty God" (Note ܢ)?

3. The "psychological suggestion" of cults

1. Strengthen the cult's negative point to psychological suggestion. Psychological research has confirmed that the premise of psychological hinting is the imperfections and defects of the self. Then if a person's ego is very weak and naive, the person's ego is easily occupied and ruled by others' "hint". This kind of person's personality itself has a serious tendency to rely on. It can even be said that in these people's subconsciousness, there is a desire and need to accept suggestion, control, and manipulation.

The pervasive cult takes advantage of this psychological defect of people. When a person is in a very weak, naive mental environment, inferiority and insecurity will result. Their hearts often create various myths through the role of illusions, imagining gods with boundless powers that can take over them, dominate their destiny, and bring them good luck. Cults take advantage of "needs" and continue to witness "miracles" to people and sing the "greatness" of God. After so many repetitions, they "package" themselves into "saviors". When faced with such a "powerful" "god", it is so small that it can be ignored. The needs of "God" can be met indefinitely. Therefore, those who have no opinion, those who are in the cloud, those who are more dependent, those who are more naive, those who are sick or suffering from mental shock, are often easy to become one of the groups that accept bad psychological cues. member. These people are more willing to believe superstition rumors of various disasters or magical powers and magical effects. The god-maker or the legendary person who makes various superstitions is either a super liar who understands the weaknesses of human nature, or a psychopath who deceives and deceives himself, and has self-psychological hints of abnormal development due to abnormalities and psychological hints of others art. God creators and groups that need "gods" to take over and enslave are a pair of morbid psychological complementary complexes that need each other. When the two kinds of needs are brought together, a variety of feudal superstitions, cults, and raging soils and environments are formed. At this time, bad negative psychological hints can become popular (Note ).

2. The illusion of cult psychological suggestion. The basis of psychological suggestion is fragile psychological characteristics, and the theoretical basis of psychological suggestion is based on false fantasy. Those who seek psychological cues to support themselves actually uphold the preconceived acceptance of psychological cues, which coincides with those who exert the influence of psychological cues. In this sense, it is the cowardly performance of the person who has been psychologically implied that "sells" himself and becomes the lamb of the cult to grab "dedication". Under the psychological cues of cults, those who were given psychological cues obediently continuously strengthened the psychological behavior of worshipping totems, and produced a strengthened joint force in both directions. In fact, people who are easy to accept hints have never been devout believers of some kind of true faith or religion, because they do nt have their own real ideas, they are not their own masters, what magic, what can satisfy their dependent needs, Whatever is popular, they will believe. Because their psychological feelings are affected by psychological cues, they are changing. This is the true intention of most cults to fill up the mental space of the mentally implied person as much as possible, so that he is not spared (Note ).

3. The cult psychological hint not only affects people's psychology or behavior, but also causes people's physiological changes. Many vigorous people, once they know that they have a certain disease (especially "incurable diseases" such as cancer, etc.), their spirits immediately become depressed, bedridden, and do not think about diet, and their condition quickly worsens, even in a short period of time Much of the reason for the death is due to psychological cues. An old woman in Sweden just had a cold, but because the church pastor visited her three times a day, she suspected she was terminally ill. A few days later, she died of a mental breakdown. This psychological suggestion effect gives cults an opportunity. Thousands of miles of embankment, collapsed in the ant den. The cult's psychological suggestion of attacking people is based on this. Too many disciples of "Falungong" got sick and refused medical treatment and medicine. He listened to Li Hongzhi's "Practice of Practicing and Eliminating Karma" and believed that practicing "Falungong" would be protected by the "Master Buddha". Delayed scientific treatment and often died of minor illnesses. There are more than 1500 cases of death due to "Falungong" psychological hint!

4. Everyone has their own "emotion cycle", and sometimes people will inevitably fall into an inexplicable emotional downturn. The cult is to grasp and amplify this "inexplicable emotional downturn." Through this measure, the "painful experience" of the person who is given a psychological suggestion can be strengthened. This highlights the cult s salvation effect on people and proves the sorrowful image of the cult. At this time, the cult is actually a robber who is taking advantage of the fire, on the one hand, it increases its sense of pain; on the other hand, it also shows its image of a savior who soothes people's hearts, and it is pleasing on both sides. The cult affixes failed trademarks to those who are psychologically implied, and constantly strengthens their negative perceptions of I ca nt do it, I lack flexible skills, Everyone does nt like me, etc. Self. At this time, the cult showed its "Bodhisattva" and savior miracles for helping others, and captured many people. This is a secret tactic used by cult "men". It is often unsuccessful in practice, and some people are tempted into cults.

5. This is as amazing as a trafficked person counting money for a trafficker. People who have been constantly strengthened by the psychological hint that they have "brainwashed" have actually become individuals without consciousness, and only cults are the only ones in their minds. It seems that people are very terrible once they are controlled by cult psychological hints.

Monopolizing and restraining the believers' thoughts is confined to the fallacies of "Falungong," and obsessed with the only one, the only one, and the only one. Take "Falungong" as the only "Holy Way"; according to incomplete statistics from relevant authorities, millions of believers were psychologically implied by Li Hongzhi around 1999. Under the psychological hint of Li Hongzhi, they committed many violations of the law and discipline. Such as the "4 25" siege of the Zhongnanhai incident, the "1 23" self-immolation incident, and other incidents of beating, smashing, beating, and burning against government officials; in early June 1998, the Shandong Qilu Evening News was besieged by the "Falungong" organization; In April, Tianjin Normal University School of Education and Tianjin TV Station were under siege. The "Falungong" organization has created more than 300 "siege events" in more than 10 provinces and cities across the country. Among them, party and government organs, newspapers, media, and other departments have become places where "Falungong" deliberately besieged. Attacking my Xinnuo satellite and inserting its "Falungong" fallacies ... The illegal and criminal incidents are hard to come by.

Li Hongzhi is to turn all his disciples' finances into their own wealth, which is supposed to be already available. In order to achieve this, Li Hongzhi also used Buddhism's "causal reincarnation" to slightly tamper with, and fabricated the heresy of "devotion" and "blessing". The more "dedication" the believers get, the more they can get Li Hongzhi's "legal body protection"; the more "dedication", the more "upgrade" of treatment in the wheel world; the more "dedication", the more they can get when the earth explodes "Master" priority rescue?

Bewitched by this, from the Beijinger Zhang Guangzheng, he collected 470,000 yuan, and the Liaoning people Yang Lihong and Cai Meiling were each collected 476,500 yuan ...; Lin Yiming in Hong Kong would rather "dedicate" millions of dollars to Li Hongzhi, but he would not seek medical treatment if he was sick. Whimper. Prove that Li Hongzhi's "legal body protection" and "hell delisting" are all lies! Li Hongzhi's vicious mental control of his disciples through psychological hints, and his blind eye to ordinary people, can be seen here.

Li Hongzhi wants believers to be walking dead, if he does not know his true intentions and expresses different views, he will be regarded as a "demon" and "alien", and he will be killed soon. Li Hongzhi said: "The demon of the Great Rebellion is to be killed"! The reason for Li Hongzhi's "killing the devil" to kill is even more extraordinary. According to incomplete statistics, before the Chinese government banned the cult "Falungong" on July 22, 1999, Li Hongzhi was deceived by the fallacies, "upper levels", and "satisfaction" and other fallacies. "Falungong" died, including 136 people who committed suicide; by April 12, 2000, there were 1559 deaths due to "Falungong" obsession, refusal of doctors and medicines, 651 people with mental disorders, and 11 people killed and killed. 144 disabled people. In recent years, more than 60 "Falungong" backbones, including Jian Hongzhang, have died; even his brother-in-law Li Jiguang has become an unjust ghost, obsessed with more than 60 cases of "Falungong" deaths. More than 2,900 disciples became lonely spirits (Note ) ...

All kinds of cults are exactly the same through the use of psychological hints to punish wealth and kill lives. There are no taboos for any evil tricks, poison tricks, or brutal tricks for the purpose. This example is throwing bricks and introducing jade, so I won't repeat them one by one.

Fourth, the countermeasures to prevent the cult psychology suggesting poisoning

Psychological research has confirmed that 100% of people are emotional. Even if someone says that someone is very rational, in fact, when this person thinks about the problem very "rationally", it is also affected by his emotional state at that time, and "rational thinking" itself is also an emotional state. So people are 100% emotional animals, and the decision at any time is an emotional decision. The cult is precisely looking at this psychological feature of people, exerting psychological hints to control it, and fulfilling its criminal purpose. Anti-cult social workers must use their spears to cure their shields, and also use the results of psychological science to prevent and respond to the poisoning of cults' psychological hints to people.

1. Centennial Trees-Use Materialistic World View to Resist Psychological Implications

In the final analysis, cults are a poisonous ideology, or cults are heroin drugs in ideology. For those who also have serious feudal superstitions, the heresy of heresy and the "sense of intimacy" of the same work are similar, so it is also easy to accept its preaching. In this sense, the education transformation of the people involved in cults must start with "cleaning up" their ideology and let them establish the "three views" of Marxism. At present, it is from the practice of the core values of socialism to make them Get rid of cult control and reintegrate into society.

In the history of human thought, Marx was the first to establish an advanced worldview with dialectical materialism and atheism, and got the golden key to a correct understanding of the world-Marxist philosophy; Marx first used political science to study social and economic issues and established The surplus value theory was laid, and the proletariat values were laid; Marx used philosophical thinking and labor value theory to reveal for the first time the historical mission of the proletariat and its political parties, and regard the well-being of all mankind as the highest lofty outlook on human life . The Communist Party of China tells the world with its nearly 100 years of history: Marxism is not only the greatest and correct idea for the benefit of mankind, but also a powerful ideological weapon that leads the Chinese nation to realize the dream of a strong country. It is also an inexhaustible engine for world progress.

The core values of socialism are the latest achievements of the Sinicization of Marxism. Taking Marxism as the theoretical basis and aiming to achieve the comprehensive development of man and the harmonious development of society and nature, it is not only an important feature of a harmonious society, but also a spiritual motive force for achieving social harmony. In this sense, the core values of socialism are like a mirror of the demon, which makes the cult nowhere to escape. In real life, when people gradually see that a cult seems to be gentle but actually wakes up, and hides its evil intentions to try to use evil figures, the entire Chinese nation is at odds with the enemy. The Party and the State have taken great care of safeguarding the well-being of the people and, with the help of thunder, have fought hard to fight against cults. An initial victory against the cult has been achieved, and the fundamental interests of the broad masses of the people have been safeguarded. It is worth mentioning that in this massive anti-cult people s war, people of all ethnic groups across the country gradually realized the importance of building socialist core values, and used this ideological weapon as a sword to guide anti-cults to obtain one after another. Great victory.

Therefore, anti-cults must show the confidence and courage of a hundred years of tree-building, and they cannot be expected to be achieved overnight. Instead, there should be ideological preparation for a protracted war. Focus on reshaping people's correct "three outlooks" and carry forward the anti-cult. First, the anti-cult should adhere to the principle of positive education. Take active and effective measures to enable the broad masses of the people to learn, understand and apply the latest achievements in the Sinicization of Marxism. Correctly understand and analyze the new problems in the practice of building socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, resolve contradictions, consolidate all strengths, overcome difficulties, advance without forgetting the original intentions. The second is that we should start from the perspective of caring for the disadvantaged groups, moisten things and make them return to the correct path of the core values of socialism. It is necessary to educate cult addicts to abandon the declining ideas of gaining nothing, establish a new trend of stressing social responsibility, fair competition, integrity and keeping promises, and form a good policy orientation, interest mechanism and social environment conducive to the promotion of socialist core values. Third, in the practice of anti-cults, we must be straightforward and hold high the great banner of socialist core values. Using materialist dialectics and atheism to expose and criticize the heresy of heresy, and expose its anti-science, anti-humanity, and anti-government nature to the broad daylight, is conducive to people's understanding and opposition to cults. Use socialist core values to distinguish right from wrong, and use whether it conforms to the socialist core values as the concept of honor and disgrace of people in this era ...

2. Be determined and never forget the original intentionUse scientific thinking and methods to resist the psychological hint of cult

The cult uses psychological hinting to constantly strengthen the cult consciousness that is crammed into people's minds; then it is anti-guest-oriented, occupying the ideology of the invaders. The implementation of psychological cues relies on a large number of modern technologies and information technology. Therefore, in the face of the evil cult psychological hints that are poisoning people, one is to target the reality of cult "hackers" attacking my website and server, we should establish a high-level technology network police team, network police, network supervision, platform operators Do his job, work together and take the initiative to attack the network propaganda positions of foreign cult organizations such as websites, e-magazines, forums, servers, etc., paralyzing its operation foundation and countering it. It shields the evil information that it has introduced into the country to prevent it from poisoning the domestic people. The second is to strengthen the promotion of positive energy such as websites, Weibo, and WeChat public accounts, popularize anti-cult knowledge, and do a good job in the construction of the main position of anti-cults. Occupy ideological and cultural positions with socialist core values to make cults nowhere to escape. Third, anti-cult work must be vigorously propagated through news media, videos, newspapers, and the Internet, and there should be lectures on special TV columns to allow people to raise awareness of cults through television and newspapers, especially through schools, research institutes, campuses, Communities, enterprises, and rural areas vigorously promote the harmfulness of cults, so that everyone can raise their vigilance like drug addiction, gambling, pornography and evil.

Carry out various forms of publicity, such as the use of popular science galleries, poster boards, posters, publicity cases, performances, etc .; in large-scale events held in community towns, fans, paper cups, pen holders, pokers, and mice with anti-cult content are distributed from time to time Mats, convenient lighting, etc .; integrate anti-cult propaganda into paintings, slogans, calendars, folk songs, and various puzzle games, so that cults have nowhere to enter and nowhere to take root. The cult believers "Muran looks back and wakes up" (Note ).

Starting from hotels, bus stations, train stations, airports, tourist resorts and other public venues, vigorously promote anti-cult knowledge. It is necessary to vigorously support and assist in innovating anti-cult propaganda forms through the people's government and social organizations. Through innovative forms, the audience can subtly accept the education of "away from cults, love life, advocating science, caring for life" (Note ).

3. Popularize the knowledge of psychological science and prevent the poisoning of cult psychological hints

First, in conjunction with the national popular science day and popular science week propaganda activities, organizing psychologists and psychology graduate students on the street, carrying out mental health propaganda on the streets and accepting scientific and technological consultations from the past. Set up anti-cult knowledge and psychological knowledge courses in public places such as communities, village groups, markets, etc., such as "personality and personality", "physical needs and satisfaction levels of people", "analysis of the phenomenon of herd mentality", etc. Recognize the self, meet the different needs of the masses to eliminate psychological confusion, and establish a healthy psychological awareness in life. Self-edited anti-cult literature and art programs, organized literary teams into the community, held special anti-cult literature and art publicity performances, let the masses receive education in healthy entertainment activities, and adjust the psychological space with an optimistic lifestyle. Compilation and distribution of psychological popular science series, thematic collection of psychological science knowledge, send the masses to learn. Give full play to the role of anti-cult associations at all levels, produce and broadcast anti-cult knowledge special TV films, expose the evil face of cults, and increase the awareness of the people to resist heresy and heresy. Give full play to the advantages of anti-cult associations at all levels from the private sector, and take the anti-cult association volunteer team as the backbone to go deep into communities, institutions, schools, market towns, factories and other people's gathering places to carry out cult science activities.

The second is to widely publicize the cult's psychological suggestion of poisoning. To teach the psychological adjustment methods to the masses, analyze the psychological abnormal phenomena, and answer the audience's questions in an interactive way, let the masses understand the causes and performance of psychological problems, eliminate the mass psychological confusion, and improve the masses' ability to withstand and deal with setbacks. Strengthen the psychological education carrier and enhance the psychological prevention ability of the masses. Strengthen the construction of early warning systems and build a social psychological support system. Establish grassroots science popularization teams. Combined with the "one station, one column, one member" grass-roots organization construction of the Science and Technology Association system, we should focus on the business training of grass-roots science and technology personnel. Establish a science popularization group composed of psychologists and multi-disciplinary experts, and hold special lectures on psychological science and anti-cult knowledge at the grassroots level to educate and guide people with systematic theoretical knowledge.

The third is to carry out a variety of activities to promote the construction of non-cult communities, villages, schools, institutions, and families. Led by the Political and Law Commission, the public, prosecutors, law, and divisions vigorously promoted. Anti-cult associations and anti-cult volunteer organizations at various levels and other societies participated extensively. The agreement to jointly build a non-cult unit (group) was signed, and it was clearly proposed to jointly build a non-cult demonstration unit (Group) form, content and requirements. Help relevant units (organizations) establish anti-cult propaganda and education teams with academic groups, community organizations, and popular science volunteers as the main body. They pay special attention to the propaganda and cooperation with the religious community, promote the essential difference between religion and cult, superstition and belief, and play the role of religion in Oppose the bottom role in the struggle against cults. Achieve full coverage of anti-cults, without "dead spots", so that cults have no room for survival. (The author is a researcher and senior engineer).


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Note : The most inductive psychological effect, every normal person is mentally ill?

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Note : 360 Encyclopedia: Psychological Suggestion

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Note : Hao Bin: Hypnosis and psychological stress release (M) Anhui People s Publishing House

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Note : Liu Suifeng: The effect of cults gaining a lot

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Note : The suggestion of preventing cults from using negative latent effect language

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Note : Analysis of the psychological comfort effect of superstition behavior

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Note : Qin Rujian: What is the cult's intention to destroy the college entrance examination?

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Note : Qin Rujian: On the theoretical guiding position of socialist core values in anti-cult

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Note Qin Rujian: On the theoretical core position of Marxist philosophy in the anti-cult

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Note ⑪Qin Rujian: On the role of modern science and technology in fighting against evil cults

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