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Website commentator article: Who is the refugee?

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(The picture shows the reporter is interviewing the victim's family to protest the Korean Almighty God activity)

Since the families of the victims actively organized on our website went to Korea to find relatives, the families of the victims have continuously provided information on the development of the Almighty God cult to our website. The omnipotent God cult unscrupulously bewitched and capable young believers went to South Korea to preach It is a project that is making so-called 101 film and television video production. They intend to produce a large number of videos containing the hints of the CAG teachings in a short period of time to promote to the world, most of which are distributed in China. The purpose is to allow more people to join the Almighty Church.

In the video produced by Almighty God, disguised as public security personnel to commit atrocities against believers. Their investigation by the public security authorities showed religious oppression. The case of Shandong Zhaoyuan 528 was totally denied, with the intention to wash his identity.

A family member of a victim who actively participated in the registration from my website has been the first batch of members to go to Korea to find relatives since 2015, and is also the oldest one to go to Korea to find relatives. However, since his family members joined the Almighty God cult and traveled to South Korea, there was no news. After many efforts, he never had the opportunity to return his family to China, and left a permanent regret at the funeral of the old mother who had passed away. In fact, his son is also a victim. For this reason, CBS reporters reported their story in the hope that they can fight for more children's rights for their minor children, because this is in line with the international humanitarian spirit and respect for basic human rights.

CBS described in the interview that in China, the interview with the victim of Almighty God cult was conducted in a relatively hidden environment, in order to better protect the families of the victims from personal attacks and life revenge of the Almighty God cult. In an interview with a victim in Tangshan, the reporter learned that he was deeply shocked by the brutal experience behind the cult of Almighty God. In addition to personal safety and threats of violence, the mission of the Almighty God cult organization in China also has huge dedication and deceitful disappearances. Many people have no news, and their lives are still uncertain. According to surveys and analysis conducted by people familiar with the matter, there are about millions of people in China who have been forced or deceived into the Almighty God cult organization. These people have a clear division of labor and a strict hierarchy. They live in a hidden collective life for a long time, as long as someone joins, It is difficult to withdraw from the church entirely. Now there is another characteristic of heresy that seems to be speaking the Bible, saying everything outside the Bible as their own words. As a result, things outside the Bible are improved. They created their own doctrine "The Word Appears in the Flesh" around the Bible and inside the church. Carry out the Ten Commandments, and according to the Ten Commandments, all property must be given to God, that's it.

They talked to the incarnate female Christ, this person is the more important figure in the Almighty God cult Yang Xiangbin, she is a puppet packed out by the leader Zhao Weishan, but has been advertised by church members as idols of faith for several years. The doctrine points out that at the end of his life, a person has not dedicated all of himself to God. This is the greatest sorrow of believing in God. This is the reason why more people dedicate all their property in order to obtain the salvation of the female Christ in the cult. They are very mysterious. The members ca nt betray the organization and ask every believer to write a voucher of vicious oath. It is not allowed to leave the organization, otherwise it will be severely punished by God. Although it was said that it was for redemption to join the church, it was a spiritual and moral abduction, which was obviously more terrifying.

Almighty God has its own law-enforcement team, which is dedicated to retaliating against the secessionists and their family members for life and safety, and endangering society by violence. If there are infidels who are less likely to be expelled from the church, those who are serious will be brutally killed by violence. Many victims of the Almighty God cult are therefore very afraid.

Therefore, in the interview, the reporter specifically visited Zhao Weishan's hometown to have a detailed understanding of Almighty Creativity and its development process. The Almighty God cult organization deliberately avoided responsibility in the 528 case, attempting to escape the bad influence that the 528 case had on the church. However, the identities of the video man and the violent woman and their members in the violence are confirmed. They believe in the Almighty God and are family-like.

The activities of our website have received strong attention from many mainstream media in Korea during the Korean family search process, including KBS, CBS, CTS, Goodnews, Jeju News, Seoul News, Religion and Truth, Modern Religion, and many other mainstream media. Strongly concerned. The media questioned the legitimacy of the Church of Almighty God in South Korea. According to a CBS reporter's interview, they used the Jeju Island of South Korea's visa-free policy for Chinese passengers to sneak into Jeju Island, South Korea. Almighty believers from China are big Some of them do not have visas and come to Jeju Island where they may enter to apply for refugees. In order to prolong the period of stay, they fabricated various reasons for persecution and participated in false refugee litigation for several years. However, this is an expensive game of money, because the lawyer's fee is a big expense.

An elderly mother from the Korean ethnic group in China cried to reporters in Korean. Her daughter did not come to South Korea voluntarily. She was robbed and deceived. Their legal identity documents are kept in a unified manner, and they have no opportunity to go out alone. This is a long-term closed collective life. Living conditions are difficult, and there is no contact with family members in the sixth year of disappearance. Despite this, her daughter has become an actual person in charge of the Korean church.

Who is the refugee? Here the families of the victims raised questions. This is because Chinese cults maliciously used the Korean refugee law to evade legal responsibilities and missionary activities, so they stayed in South Korea for a long time. In 2013, South Korea was the first country in Asia to implement the Refugee Law. According to the laws of South Korea, first of all, you can stay in Jeju without a visa for a long period of time, and the administrative trial or administrative litigation that is not approved by the refugees until the end of the procedure You can stay in Korea until now. Most of the administrative litigation filed had objections before that, and the cases applying for administrative litigation stayed in the trial stage of the Great Court. If the case is lost again and there is no suitable reason for appeal, it will be forced to take exit measures. It takes about 3-5 years. Relatively speaking, the Church of Almighty God has a very mature operating mechanism, and there are dedicated personnel responsible for solving their identity problems.

According to the provisions of international law: the person who is attached to the rights and obligations of the country of origin obviously does not meet the requirements for refugee application under the UN Convention on the Status of Refugees. False litigation violates the spirit of the United Nations humanitarian assistance and the law on the status of refugees in the legal sense.

On June 1 of this year, the South Korean Ministry of Legal Affairs increased its policy control over tourists applying for refugees in Jeju Island, but they can still spend some money to enter the land from the port. These are all operated by judicial brokers. There are now estimated to be more than 2,000 Chinese Almighty believers stranded in South Korea. They lived in hidden collective life in Seoul, Daejeon, Hengcheng, Gangwon-do, and Chungbuk-poon. They are infiltrating into South Korea in a thunderous manner, which has caused panic among the Korean people. And the Almighty God believers who entered the missionary in Korea through false lawsuits have increased dozens of times from 2013 to 2017. This alarming number has aroused the attention of South Korean officials. The South Korean government started repairing the refugee system earlier this year, but it will take a long time.

During this trip to South Korea to find relatives, the family of the victim also submitted a petition to the Blue House in South Korea, hoping that the president can solve the problem of Almighty God harming the family and maliciously using the refugee system to stay in South Korea. Qingwatai and the Ministry of Legal Affairs paid great attention.

Whether the state and society are concerned about the Almighty God harming the family, maliciously abusing the legal system to participate in false lawsuits to prolong the stay time to speed up the mission, or the news media monitor the government's execution from the perspective of public opinion, and pay more attention to the social power of the Almighty God cult-affected family Being able to bring believers home is a long process.

However, letting the families of the victims disappoint and return is the deepest pain left by the cult. Please do not shed tears. We have been working hard with various anti-cult groups in the society. We believe in justice that is late, and believe that relatives who can return home in the future.

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