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  • Special Topic of Seeking Relatives in Korea: Demystifying the Truth Behind the Family

    (Picture: aerial footage of South Korea's Boon-gun Church reported by CBS TV)Volunteer registration through the website, 15 families of victims from Anhui, Hubei, Hebei, Henan, Shandong, Gansu, Jilin, Shaanxi gathered together, from August 31 to September 5 With his enthusiastic help, he began a family search trip in Jeju and Seoul, South Korea.OnSeptember 12, KBS TV station broadcast a 20-minute special program, focusing on Chinese families that were maimed by the cult Almighty God, and ful

  • Anti-evil Family Search Initiative

    Thank you for entering theanti-cult volunteer self-service message registration system in theexclusive feature section of the cult victim mutual help network. First of all, you are warmly welcome to join us and become the most potential member of the anti-cult volunteer team. We are very happy for you.The civil anti-cult overseas volunteer team has gone through a third year in an instant. From the ignorance of overseas anti-cult work, to today, South Korea acknowledges the refugee loophole and r

  • Letters to find relatives overseas

    (So indifferent, please don't be an accomplice to the family)Dear Family,Almighty God, a cult that is quietly rooted in mainland China, has allowed our countless family members to destroy happiness and stand on the edge of painful struggle.They are a group of wolves in religious coats. They use their relationships with relatives, friends, and classmates to infiltrate into millions of Chinese families and let our countless family members bury their lives for the crazy development of the cult!

  • Important notice about registration

    Notice:Due to the recent cyber attacks on our website, from today, in order to protect the privacy of the majority of website users, the website will no longer make public the overview information of the family registration system.At the same time, the website decided to close the anonymous family search registration channel, and uniformly adopted the membership system for real family search registration.We are committed to a fair, harmonious, secure, and stable platform and will make more effor

  • Application proposal for overseas family search activities in 2019

    Dear Family,On June 20, 2019, the Almighty God Cult organization and the so-called human rights organization wrote and directed a human rights conference in Seoul, South Korea. They fabricated fake news and slandered all those who oppose them, such as victims seeking to go abroad. Begging to be reunited with family members has become a coerced behavior, and the victim's public resistance to the harm of the Almighty God cult organization to the family has become a false demonstration. Such la

  • Cult victim mutual aid website website fundraising proposal

    ——To a group of enthusiastic people who care about the development of the websiteSince its inception, the website has received donations and support from a number of netizens and social lovers, has helped dozens of cult victims return to their families, and has successfully organized multiple overseas family search activities, winning victims of the Almighty God cult at home and abroad We are deeply moved and encouraged by the widespread praise of family members and anti-evil people!Due to the

  • A letter to all the members of the Almighty God in Korea who discouraged the telephone families

    Family members who received the call:How are youWe know that on July 20 this year, everyone received a call from a relative of the Almighty God in South Korea, discouraging you from coming to Korea to find a relative. Some people may be the first to receive a call from a lost relative. I believe you will be surprised and Joy, finally knew their whereabouts.Do you know that this is the result of our website organizing domestic relatives to seek relatives in Korea for many years? The Korean Almigh

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