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Application proposal for overseas family search activities in 2019

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Dear Family,

On June 20, 2019, the Almighty God Cult organization and the so-called human rights organization wrote and directed a "human rights" conference in Seoul, South Korea. They fabricated fake news and slandered all those who oppose them, such as victims seeking to go abroad. Begging to be reunited with family members has become a coerced behavior, and the victim's public resistance to the harm of the Almighty God cult organization to the family has become a false demonstration. Such language is simply malicious and vilifying, which is outraged!

Dear family, my website has successfully organized two trips to Korea to find relatives, and everyone's determination and actions are obvious to us. At the request of relatives of the victims, this website will once again organize a trip to South Korea before the Mid-Autumn Festival to expose false reports of Almighty God! Call on the South Korean government to cancel the false refugee claims of Almighty believers and return to the country to reunite with their families as soon as possible. No matter how the Almighty God cult organization engages in deceptive propaganda abroad, we always uphold: if the family does not return, we will not only find relatives! Kindred victims of Almighty God who are eager to meet with their families please register as soon as possible, act with us, and go to Korea again to find relatives!

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