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Calls on all affected relatives to sign a letter of thanks in support of the South Korean government

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Dear family:

Now to report a good news to you, under the leadership of my website, in the vast number of domestic and foreign Almighty God victims of the strong participation of relatives, in the warm support and help of South Korean friends, in KBS, CBS and other mainstream Media in South Korea, since 2016, my website organized the activities expressed in the search for relatives in South Korea, triggered the attention of south Korean high-level, their refugee law has been revised, and has passed the public notice period, will enter the final voting stage. Once passed, the new refugee law will benefit countless believers in overseas countries and save tens of millions of families persecuted by the Almighty Cult.

The newly amended Korean refugee law has the following highlights compared to the current refugee law:

1. The tactics of foreign CAG instigators to forge "persecuted" materials in South Korea and cheat refugee status have been recognized by the Korean government and are difficult to obtain refugee status in South Korea.

2. If the applicant has no facts of persecution or insufficient evidence, he may not apply for refugee proceedings, and the rejected person shall not accept the administrative review of the refugee.

3. Shorten the time frame for the examination of refugees' eligibility. Reduce the original six months to one year to less than 14 days and make a direct decision to review non-conformity in the absence of new information and evidence of material facts.

4. Without material evidence change, the court will not accept applications for objections and administrative trials.

5. Applicants who make ineligible decisions will be deported directly.

The above-mentioned measures, blocking the South Korean omnipotent god church through administrative review, litigation and other tactics in South Korea long-term stay loopholes, effectively prevent the abuse of the refugee system by the South Korean CAG cult group, will stop the South Korean CAG cult group endless abuse at the source, they will lose the opportunity to stay illegally, our family in South Korea will return home will be ready to stay.

In order to express our sincere thanks and appreciation, my website intends to send a letter to the Korean Ministry of Justice, the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other departments, thanking them for the new revision of the refugee law to eliminate loopholes in the original refugee law system, is expected to promote our family to return home, thank them for their objective and impartial international humanitarian initiatives, undisturbed to adhere to, early adoption!

Hope interested parties, please write by hand, "I solemnly declare that my family is not a refugee and has not been persecuted in the country, and I support the Korean government's new revision of the refugee law to crack down on fake refugees, and I hope that your government will implement it as soon as possible and repatriate the fake refugees to their families at an early date." Supporters: in Korea (sought relatives XX), Chinese family (XXX), date: Month/Day/Year", or download our special template, print and take photos to send my website mailbox (xunqinbaoming0886@163.com), by my website summary after unified submission.

Attachment: Download the signature template here:Docx01 .pdf



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