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Anti-evil Family Search Initiative

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 Thank you for entering the anti-cult volunteer self-service message registration system in the exclusive feature section of the cult victim mutual help network . First of all, you are warmly welcome to join us and become the most potential member of the anti-cult volunteer team. We are very happy for you.

The civil anti-cult overseas volunteer team has gone through a third year in an instant. From the ignorance of overseas anti-cult work, to today, South Korea acknowledges the refugee loophole and rejects the refugee status of more than 600 cult believers and 180 all-rounders. The cult believers are facing repatriation. With all these hard efforts, the team has made great contributions! As the founder of the website, I am very happy for our entire team!

The results will eventually become a thing of the past. We are also concerned about the development prospects of the anti-cult overseas volunteer team in the next 5 years. We look forward to more potential small partners to join us and add new vitality to the entire team.

The great French writer Hugo said: Kindness is the rarest pearl in history, and kind people are almost better than great people. Those who love to go back to love, those who bless those who come. Everyone in the anti-cult volunteer team has a greatest kindness. Here I want to say to every new member of the team, you are a group of ordinary people, living in a forgotten corner, but what you do is the most meaningful thing in this society. When a piece of dust falls on the earth and is wiped away by obscurity, it can only represent the fleeting of time, but leaving more glory will be inherited by this era.

I thank you, thank you even more, and be proud of you!

You are welcome to enter the family search system through the following channels to register as a family search volunteer, and actively participate in family search activities on my website! If you are a cult victim or you have a cult victim nearby, you can also contact us or you can log in to our forum victim special page and tell your administrator about your experience. Listening attentively to your story and helping you find your hometown has always been our direction. Welcome cult victims and social anti-cult aspirants to bravely stand up and expose the inside story of Almighty God cult! Thank you again for your bravery!

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