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Letters to find relatives overseas

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(So indifferent, please don't be an accomplice to the family)

Dear Family,

Almighty God, a cult that is quietly rooted in mainland China, has allowed our countless family members to destroy happiness and stand on the edge of painful struggle. They are a group of wolves in religious coats. They use their relationships with relatives, friends, and classmates to infiltrate into millions of Chinese families and let our countless family members bury their lives for the crazy development of the cult! Over the years, we have witnessed too many lies and partings with our own eyes, and we have doubts, anxieties, and even indignation. We cried in the dark night of countless loved ones!

In recent years, the Almighty God cult has continued to preach madly overseas, and our family members have been bewitched to go abroad to become the first pawns of cultists' overseas development. They were deceived into South Korea and were required to illegally work as hackers to make money and become tools of cult organizations.

However, each of us should not let cowardice be our deepest fear. I believe you will have the same feeling as me, where there is resistance, there is resistance! Today, we have gone through a third year of seeking relatives overseas. With the efforts of family members and the help of Korean friends, we have used our own strength to launch a destructive and destructive campaign on the overseas activities of the Almighty God cult Counterattack. From news media oversight to the Korean government's acknowledgement that the loopholes in the refugee system have been abused and rejected the refugee status of more than 600 cult believers and 180 deities of the Almighty God cult facing repatriation, this also means that our family is closer to home. If you have the encouragement, support and participation, we will be able to do much more on the road of finding relatives overseas than we are now, and our family will be closer to home as soon as possible. Dear family, what are you waiting for?

Dear family, let us join hands and go out together, go to South Korea, go to their old nest, go to where our loved ones are, and use our own strength to wake up the family! We vowed to stand up from the image of a weak victim and learn to be strong! We need to tell the cultists by action and let our family go home! Otherwise, we can fight everything! We believe more in the fire of the stars and the power of Ebara! Come on! Come on!


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June 9, 2018

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