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WarningThis is the harshest warning!

Our website and the Chinese delegation to South Korea have not organized any overseas family search activities recently, nor do we support, approve or recommend going abroad to find relatives without authorization, and due to the impact of international epidemic prevention and control policies, we are currently suspending all online and offline overseas family search activities. We are committed to a more professional way of searching for relatives, and hope that after the epidemic eases or ends, we will start the family search activities as soon as possible, thank you for your understanding and support!

Here we give the most severe warning: warn all false refugee litigation intermediaries and judicial (lawyer) brokers stranded in South Korea, whether you are a Chinese citizen or a South Korean national, please do not trick Chinese citizens into leaving the country without authorization, causing personal safety and property losses, and do not test the law!

According to the provisions of the cooperation agreement on the Extradition Treaty between the People's Republic of China and the Republic of Korea signed on October 18, 2000, suspects of illegal crimes who are stranded abroad may be extradited back to China in accordance with the law, provided that they comply with international legal provisions.

At the same time, we also give the most severe warning tips to the relatives of all the victims of the Almighty God cult in China:

Please note: don't spend money on advertising abroad, beware of being scammed!

You must not leave the country to find relatives without permission, beware of being deceived!

Without permission, you must not disclose your family search information to overseas personnel at will, beware of being deceived!

If you refuse to listen to the dissuasion and cause your own economic losses, the consequences are at your own risk!

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