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Chinese New Year: A letter to believers in "Almighty god Church " Cult who ran away from home

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Almighty god church cult believers:

Greeting to everyone! on the occasion of the Chinese New Year, i am deeply concerned about those of you who have run away from home and have not yet returned home. the spring festival is the most important traditional festival of the chinese nation. on this day, the whole world celebrates together, the family is reunited, the wanderer travels thousands of miles, and the children wade through the mountains and rivers to return to their hometown to reunite with their relatives. on this day, the family gathered together, making dumplings, watching the spring festival gala, setting off firecrackers, telling interesting things, talking about life, and having fun. it is such a grand, lively, and joyful festival, but because you believe in the "evangelism" of the "almighty god" cult, you abandon your family, you have gone without a trace, there is no news, you cannot return home to reunite, you cannot look at your parents or children, and your relatives at home are very worried.

i know that you are very devout to "almighty god", that you are doing the will of "god", doing good things in the eyes of "god", wanting to accumulate all kinds of good deeds for yourself and your family, and feeling that it is right to suffer and endure, and you believe that this is also "god" testing you. i sincerely "admire" you for the sake of "god" and throw any family, the world, entanglement, and future out of the clouds, and are willing to dedicate your whole life's energy to "god", but i am also puzzled that you are so obsessed.

your "attachment" to "almighty god" is not only reflected in your loyalty to "almighty god," but also in severing ties with your family. i know that "almighty god" said: "there is no family among human beings, only there are men and women, there are two types of people, there is no state, there is no family, but because of the corruption of man, all kinds of people have become a family group..." and told you that "long-term non-return" is the so-called "normal human" life, so that you can get rid of the shackles of the family, completely let "god" lead, let "god" drive, let "god" kill! it was precisely because he listened to the words of "god" that pan ying, who lived in the family building of jin yuanfu on jiangtan road in hantai district, hanzhong city, shaanxi province, left her husband, abandoned her parents and a two-year-old son, left a note, and ran away from home without any news.

i also know that "almighty god" says, "a husband of faith has nothing to do with an unbelieving wife, and a child of faith has nothing to do with an unbelieving parent. "the bond that binds the family is no longer marriage or blood, but a great religious belief. in the face of the choice between "god" and your relatives, you can only lay down your flesh and blood affection, become cold-blooded, deny the six relatives, completely separate from the family, and dedicate yourself to fighting for the "almighty god". in order to leave the satan and the devil around him, yu ruiyu, a believer in "almighty god" in changle city, fujian province, not only did not care about business or household chores, but also called her husband "satan". shortly after the spring festival in 2012, yu ruiyu simply ran away from home and was never heard from again.

i know even more that "almighty god" has a special "canon", and all those who want to join "almighty god" must personally write down a "letter of guarantee" and make a "solemn oath" to "god", the content of which includes going out to "preach the gospel", pulling people into religion, etc., expressing absolute obedience to "god", listening to "god's" call, full of "willing to hand over the heart to you", "with a obedient heart at the mercy of god", "if god needs us to sacrifice our lives, this has god's good intentions", and at the same time write down words such as "a hundred diseases are entangled, life is better than death", "mental disorder." extreme poisonous oaths such as being possessed by evil spirits, "smashed to death with stones", "buried alive", "killed in a car accident", "maggots", "dead without a whole body" and so on. let you work for "god" with all your heart, leave your families, leave your relatives, "preach the gospel," draw people into religion, and do "fellowship" and "eating and drinking myths."

in order to punish internal opponents with "thunderbolt means, lightning operation". your organization also formulated the "constitution of the age of the kingdom" and the "administrative and commandments", in which it is said in "words appear in the flesh": "my words are authority, and whoever changes will violate the punishment, and will be killed by me, and his life will be seriously ruined." "abduction, prolonged house arrest, poisoning or killing of believers or preachers of the orthodox church who do not accept its teachings are resorted to. it is the cruel punishment of "almighty god" for those who "betray" you dare not speak lightly, only to leave home to follow the will of "god".

supposedly, you are all very diligent believers in "almighty god," "living in the realm of freedom," having entered a "spiritual" life, being a person of god, possessed by "god," and entering a "refuge" free from judgment and punishment. however, the "almighty god" and "eldest son" zhang fan and l yingchun of zhaoyuan, shandong, and zhang lidong, the "chief priest", and four others were either sentenced to death or imprisoned for killing "evil spirits" by eliminating "demons" and killing "evil spirits." maybe they are not "pious" enough, they are not "perfected by god", but "they do not look at the monk's face and look at the buddha's face", but they are all very "believe in god", and have donated tens of millions of "dedication funds", should not and will not be sentenced to death or imprisoned, even if they are wrong to kill "evil spirits" except for "demons", people who are also "spiritual" should be under the care and protection of "god". but not only has the "almighty god" not yet arrived, not even the "miracle" has not been revealed, and moreover, saving a lost "lamb" is not a matter for the almighty god at all, but the result?

it seems that "almighty god" also has times when he is not close to humanity.

"almighty god" believers, if zhang fan and zhang lidong's case of killing "evil spirits" and killing innocents has not yet awakened you, please take another look at the situation in the homes of other "almighty god" believers around you who have run away from home.

liu yingyan of wenshui county, shanxi province, ran away from home before the 2015 new year, the elderly parents were unattended, the young children had a mother but lived without a mother, and the 5-year-old son was alone every dusk: mother come back soon, i miss you. song mou of ningbo city, zhejiang province, ran away from home in april 2013, and has not heard from him so far, and her husband li believes that song mou's behavior has caused the husband and wife's feelings to have been completely broken, there is no possibility of reconciliation, and the beautiful family has been destroyed, so he sued the court for divorce. wu x, guo x, hong x, sun x and four other female believers of "almighty god" in fengqiu county, henan province, ran away from home to "preach the gospel", resulting in the separation of their wives and children, the shattering of their families, the destruction of a happy and happy life, and the huge economic losses and mental pain to their relatives and society. ......

chen yang, a gymnastics coach from dalian, liaoning province, boarded a plane alone on november 10, 2015, to jeju island in south korea, and has not been heard from since. the father who lost his daughter in south korea published a newspaper to find his daughter, which aroused social concern.

screenshot of part of the 16th page of the jeju daily in south korea

jia zhigang, a star actor who once won the reputation of "emperor professional household" in the film and television circle, could not get a little news from his father before his death. his sister went to south korea to try to persuade her brother to go home, but jia zhigang was indifferent and very indifferent to his sister, and even refused to give his sister contact information.

according to incomplete statistics, in the search information published in the "help you find relatives" column of the china anti-cult network, there are still more than 500 people still looking for people, but zhao weishan, the leader of the "almighty god" sect, and yang xiangbin, the "female christ," have run to the united states to enjoy a life of glory, wealth, and extreme luxury.

spring festival is coming, borrow this letter, and talk to the believers of "almighty god". i know that when you see someone else's family reunion, you may feel a little bitter and a little lonely in your heart. chinese's local concept is very heavy, and whenever there is a major traditional festival, it must be rushed home. wherever? going home is the meaning of the spring festival.

this spring festival, your parents are waiting at the door for you to come home, they may be old; your children are growing up slowly, they need father and mother love; your wife or husband is waiting for your return, hoping to have a family reunion dinner together.

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if you still don't go home, then make a phone call or send a video, talk about your heart, it doesn't matter if you have a good or bad life, the important thing is to reassure your family.

almighty god believers, wake up!

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