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"Daughter, Daddy misses you..." It's almost new year's, and they are in tears looking for their loved ones... retweet and let more people see!

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The best new year's flavor is reunion 

tomorrow is the chinese new year's eve

some people say

in the eyes of chinese

spring festival is back to that

there are relatives, there are worries, there are warm places

this is called the new year


Chinese new year

reunited with family

share the joy of the world

it should be the most beautiful and happy thing in the world

but there is such a group of people

they mistakenly fell into the quagmire of the "almighty god" cult

wrapped up in a cult and abandoned his family

leave endless regrets for the family  


on the "help you find your relatives" section of the china anti-cult network

there are hundreds of them

the heartfelt call of the family of the obsessed who runs away from home

behind every family search notice

it's all the grief of a broken family

it's all the hope of a group of sad family members!


listen, this voice calls affectionately

it is the most concerned about your flesh and blood relatives

missing you!


dad uses this platform

daddy is looking for you and missing you, nell...

kids, so many years

dad misses you

where are you?"


it's a cult, we don't believe it, nell

dad doesn't blame you

nell, come back

your mother believes in 'almighty god'

pull all three of you in

dad doesn't blame your mom either

i don't hate your mom either


come back

daddy misses you..."    


"zeng wan, i am mom."

you've been away for 6 years

i don't know if you're having a good time outside

we all miss you

you know these 6 years

how did i get here?

you see the news and hurry back

our family is waiting for you to come back

my brother, sister-in-law, and your father all work in shenzhen

i'm looking for you while working

never stopped looking for you!

i cry every day at home

i miss you

hurry back..."


"Wife, come back

don't run outside

running outside for so many years

there are so many problems with the body

come back and raise it

my son and i miss you so much

our son wrote a letter

want to send it to you

but there is nowhere to send...

he misses you so much

know you're busy

i want you to spend a pleasant childhood with him

come back

everything will be fine..."


"daddy and sister, where are you?"

please come back soon!

everyone in the family is waiting for you to come back

in the blink of an eye, you've been gone for almost 7 years

i don't know these years

you're out there

how's it going

do you usually have enough to eat?

warm to wear

good place to stay

we are all worried about you

i hope you will

pay attention to the body

my family and i are fine

i hope you will come back soon

you see, when you go

your granddaughter is not yet one year old

they are all in the second grade now

when you go

she's not going to call you grandpa yet

looking forward to your return now

call you grandpa

the same goes for my sister

she also wants to call you an aunt

the phone number has not changed

just make a phone call

no matter the end of the world

i'll pick you up

maybe you don't know

your father, my grandfather

he's gone

he wished you were there when he was gone

when he was sick

you spend a little more time with him

now only hopefully

after you see this video

hurry back

give home a call

report peace

come back! daddy, sister..."


"come back soon."

it's about hearing you give your mom a call

call out mom

we can all

all satisfied

anything willing...

as soon as you make a phone call back..."


"Mom, you've been out for six years

is it good to have a good time outside?

we miss you so much

dad passed away last year

grandma also passed away

i dream of you every day

grandma is also older

grandpa's hand fell again

the hand doesn't have to use the force anymore

grandma is now like a little child

mom, grandma and grandpa are so pathetic!

the elder brother did not start a family either

we all need you, mom!

hurry back, mom!

i gave birth to the second eldest

born in 16 years, you have not even seen it until now

more than five years old

i dream of you every day, mom...

hurry up and come back

we really miss you!

"where are you?"

"come back, the whole family misses you!"

"we never gave up looking for you!"

"we've been waiting for you to come home"


friends lost in the quagmire of the "almighty god" cult

the "evil" sea is boundlessly turning back to the shore

the nightmare woke up early in the morning

there is no "savior" in the world

only all day long because you wash your face with tears

i hope you return home as soon as possible

stop walking the road of no return

home is where your soul belongs!

spring festival at the reunion of thousands of families

coming soon

i sincerely hope that you will be able to jump out of the quagmire of the cult

early return

enjoy the joy of a chinese new year reunion!

the innocent emperor sincerely calls upon every well-wisher

forward together, spread this article

one more person sees it, one more hope!

if you find any clues

please contact them as well

let's help them rebuild their homes together

let love come home and leave no regrets!

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