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Cult victim mutual aid website website fundraising proposal

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To a group of enthusiastic people who care about the development of the website  

Since its inception, the website has received donations and support from a number of netizens and social lovers, has helped dozens of cult victims return to their families, and has successfully organized multiple overseas family search activities, winning victims of the Almighty God cult at home and abroad We are deeply moved and encouraged by the widespread praise of family members and anti-evil people! Due to the nature of public welfare, the daily maintenance and operation and continuous search for relatives, almost all rely on the selfless sponsorship of lovers. These successful joys have condensed their selfless dedication. Here they also support the construction of the website and help overseas All the caring people who are looking for relatives express their deep gratitude!

Your care is the motivation for me to continue. The original intention of the website remains unchanged and the heart is not changed. The cult Almighty God led by Zhao Weishan will never die, and the public welfare activities on this website will last more than one day. In the new year, we will work closely with the website of the House of Victims of the Cult, continue to advocate and organize overseas family search activities, in order to help those families in need to go abroad to find relatives in time, and successfully promote the return of Almighty God believers who have been deceived by Zhao Weishan abroad, We have launched online fundraising activities in conjunction with a number of anti-cult websites. Considering that this website has suffered more than 10 paralyzed attacks from abroad, in order to protect the personal identity information of donors, interested parties please scan the WeChat QR code, Alipay QR code of this website or through the victims of cults. Caring for the public fundraising.

Although the capacity is large and small, the love is also pure and priceless. Ten million drops of water can converge into rivers. Ten thousand spring winds can disperse dark clouds, help the poor, help the evil, punish evil and promote good. Virtue. Let us act and contribute to the burial of the cult Almighty God at an early date, make a modest contribution to those unfortunate families, and create a more brilliant tomorrow for the big family of the Chinese nation!

You can support us in the following ways:

I. Public fundraising methods for cult victims' homes are as follows: 

Alipay account: shixingwang850613.com

ICBC account number: 6222 0204 0502 2806 203 Account name: Shi Xingwang

2. Or: To raise funds by scanning Alipay and WeChat QR codes of the mutual help network of cult victims:



                              Mutual Aid Network

The event is real and effective for a long time

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