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A letter to all the members of the Almighty God in Korea who discouraged the telephone families

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Family members who received the call:

How are you

We know that on July 20 this year, everyone received a call from a relative of the Almighty God in South Korea, discouraging you from coming to Korea to find a relative. Some people may be the first to receive a call from a lost relative. I believe you will be surprised and Joy, finally knew their whereabouts. Do you know that this is the result of our website organizing domestic relatives to seek relatives in Korea for many years? The Korean Almighty God is very scared of domestic relatives seeking domestic relatives in Korea, so I called to discourage you from coming and make false promises. This time, we organized 20 relatives to go to Korea to find relatives, and 15 family members met relatives. However, they saw that their loved ones had dull eyes and numb expressions, and still suffered from the poison of the Almighty God cult. They were afraid to return to China because they were afraid that the Almighty God fabricated the return to the country to be sentenced to death threat. They will never return, because most of them have no personal freedom, their passports have been forcibly taken away, and they have been under the control of Almighty God for a long time.

Over the years, bewildered and miserable because of the silence of relatives, this call finally let everyone know where the relatives are going. I hope that everyone will follow this approach to find relatives in South Korea to register on this website, take the initiative to go to South Korea to find relatives, and save yourself. family. We believe that with your joint efforts, our loved ones will be able to return. What we have to do is not wait, but action, your loved ones are there, they are waiting for rescue!

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