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  • Nucleic acid tests for all 278 foreign believers of Almighty God in Boeun County, Chungcheongbuk-do for the new crown epidemic have been completed, and no confirmed cases

    ▲ Almighty Gods are hiding in groups in Weixinzhengli's baseOn March 10, all investigations into the new crown epidemic among foreigners in Boeun County, Chungcheongbuk-do, Chungbuk, were completed.The military health center conducts preemptive inspections and prevention of the new crown virus for foreign workers, and conducts a comprehensive investigation, and the results show that there are no special issues.The Military Health Center conducted a comprehensive survey of 495 foreign worker

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  • The "Almighty God church " has established multiple bases in remote villages in Chungbuk, and the local residents are panicking

    The Cult of Almighty God maliciously purchased land in Huaishan·Boeun County and lived in a collective concealed and closed base. The government's epidemic prevention department has so far been unable to grasp the list of internal residents.▲The Open Garden Youth Hostel in Jitang-ri, Boeun-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do, where Almighty Christians who entered from China live collectively.As the fact that the Almighty God Sect purchased land in Boeun and Goesan in Chungbuk and lived in a collective

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  • The Cult of Almighty God maliciously purchased land to expand its base in rural areas of South Korea, causing residents to panic

    The Almighty God cult group that has flooded into South Korea due to abusing the loopholes in the refugee law is expanding its influence across the country by expanding the scope of investment. Especially recently, the group living in the Almighty God group appears to be low-key and cautious. Rural areas are actively purchasing land and expanding bases.What is the reason? Our reporter visited their base in Jitangli, Baoen County. ▲The Almighty Gods buy the youth hostel base in Gita

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  • A poison oath is not legally mandatory, and those behind the plot should be punished

    Pictured: Korean religion and truthThe threat of violent intimidation forces believers to take poison oaths and to write pledges that are not legally mandatory or binding. On the contrary, those who force them to write should be punished more severely by law. This is the usual trick and means of CAG. Believers believe it, whether it's South Korea or China.In the CAG divinity group, new believers are asked to write pledges, swear poison, force believers to lay down their families, affections,

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  • South Korea's Ministry of Legal Affairs proposed to amend the refugee law, the head of the CAG refugee group protested!

    Recently, when South Korea's Ministry of Legal Affairs announced a legislative proposal for a partial amendment to the refugee law, theChinese cult group CAG Theotheism publicly protested. That's because if passed, the amendment could be a fatal and incalculable blow to the rise of the church, which calls itself a religious refugee and is rooted in South Korea. For years, the Almighty God Church has insisted on China's oppressive human rights in the international community and has de

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  • South Korea will push for a revision of its refugee law so that illegal immigrants from the Almighty God cult have nowhere to go

    Pictured: Foreigners applying for refugees at the immigration control office in Jeju, South KoreaSince around 2013, about 1,000 members of the Almighty GodChurch group have lost administrative proceedings after applying for refugee status, but they have not yet left the country and have been in the country illegally for more than 10 years. It's actually all fake refugees. But he was never deported by the Ministry of Legal Affairs.Most of them suddenly disappeared overnight and applied for re

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  • Civil society groups spontaneously came to the Ministry of Legal Affairs to petition for the disqualification of Almighty Gods religious refugees in South Korea

    Improving refugee screening capacity, strictness On 5 February, civil society groups issueda statement in front of the Government's Gogawa Government Complex, Calling for the closure of the source of fake refugees in the Amendment to the Refugee Law of the Ministry of Justice (c) religion and truthOn 5 February, in front of the Government's Gocheon Government complex, civil society groups such as the National Refugee Response issued a statement saying: 'The Ministry of Legal Affairs' amendments to the Refugee Act should be supported to prevent the source of fake refugees. ''

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  • Tearing apart the false mask of a BBC interview is a disgrace to the media industry!

    Video Source: China Daily VideoGovernment obstruction of filming? Security guard: The reporter is not wearing a maskOn December 14 last year, the BBC's official YouTube channel published a video of forced labour in Xinjiang, China, interviewing Journalist John Sudworth, who, according to the Global Times, had serious political bias and mental problems.The BBC video begins with several shots of reporters taking reporters to the interview area, including one in which people in tight personal p

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  • Massimo ingrovigi is a staunch supporter of terrorism.

    MASSIMO INTROVIGNE couple, recently marriedMassimo Introvige, a 65-year-old Italianreligious scholar, has been defending Satanism since decades ago, when satanists such asMarina AbramovichandChurch of Satan were exposed as staunch defenders andsupporters.He has published several books, as well asSatanism:Society, and has continued to support and introduce Satanism.S satanists and Massimo Introvigi, many of his S satanist-related writings are related to terrorismA Satanist who had read his book s

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  • It deeply regretted that the Italian courts had found two CAG believers to be refugees

    Overseas countries are caused by habitual fake refugee applications.Pictured: Court in Perugia, ItalyA court of appeal in Perugia, Italy, ruled that two women from the all-powerful group were refugees, but in fact they were fake refugees.Verdict: It is false to say that the Church ofAlmighty God (Almighty God, East Lightning) is anti-family; the female killings at McDonald's fast food restaurants in Shandong Province, China, are fake news; Zhao Weishan lets believers take good care of their

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  • The Almighty God Church in South Korea (Eastern Lightning) is suspected of violating the real-name law of real estate.

    Introduction: Real estate such as commercial buildings and youth facilities of the Almighty God Church have been suspected of violating South Korea's Real Name Law in the name of Chinese believers.

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  • Members of China's "The Almighty God church" who filed a lawsuit against the South Korean government over its disquality of refugees on Jeju Island have been defeated.

    Four appeals, including the Glyn State High Court and Mr. King, were dismissed.There is insufficient evidence, such as fear of religious persecution.Members of China's the Almighty God church who filed a lawsuit against the government for disapproving of refugees on Jeju Island have been defeated.In a lawsuit, the first administrative department of the Gguangzhou High Court (Chief Justice Li Yuquan)ruled against Mr. Kim (42), Mr. Zhang (35), Mr. Xu (47) and Mr. Liu (28) against the refugees

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  • The association of Christian heresies in Korea strongly urges the government to expel the false refugees of Almighty God

    The Korean Association of Christian Heresy Consulting Institutes(The Reverend ChenRongzhi, Representative President of the Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry)is alert to the precise dynamics of the "Church of Almighty God", or so-called "Eastern Lightning", and asks them to recognize and address their urgency. We have repeatedly petitioned the Government of Korea to expel those fake refugees who remain in Korea and follow the teachings of "Church of Almighty God". Since they seek to set the Republic of Korea as the centre of global missionary.

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  • Facebook has removed hundreds of pro-Trump Falun Gong accounts for allegedly spreading false facts about racism.

    Youtube epochtimes, NTD TV, SOH Hope Wisdom, The Epoch Times, etc. are all Chinese Falun Gong cult media. Social Falun Gong cult Facebook, Instagram account deleted a total of 303!The above media spread false facts on SNS, resulting in the deletion of the account. However, there are still many examples of citations and re-dissemination of false data disseminated by these media. You need to be careful.Facebook.On August 7, the U.S. news site NBC's Facebook also removed hundreds of fa

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  • India Nagaland BCC warns against Chinese cult

    Picture: An article on Vigilance against Almighty God published by Business StanNagaland Baptist Church Council has warned the church leaders in Nagaland against a cult called the Church of Almighty God from China.TheNagalandBaptist Church Council (NBCC) has warned the church leaders inNagalandagainst a cult called the Church of Almighty God from China. The NBCC said this is a dangerous cult as they are actively spreading false Gospel and false teachings.NBCC General Secretary Zelhou Keyho in a

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  • Express: Daegu Catholic official website posted a message vigilance against omnipotent divine activities in South Korea.

    Catholic Archdiocese of Daegu Youth Bureau (Photo: Website Announcement)On 13 August, the Youth Bureau of the Catholic Archdiocese of Daegu posted an article entitled Warning of the Almighty God (Eastern Lightning Cult) on its website.The Oriental Lightning group (The Almighty God Church, Desheng Church) is a heresy that has been following the recent Korean Protestants, the article said. In addition to asking please be aware of the heresy above and not pass it on elsewhere, brochures have been added to

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  • U.S. media: "Falun Gong" spreads anti-China propaganda against Beijing Winter Olympics

    On February 11,, a monthly US technology magazine, published an article saying that a reporter from the agency searched the video social media platform Youtube and found that the platform recently involved the Beijing Winter Olympics. Among the top five most viewed videos of promotional content, two videos were concocted by the Falun Gong media.At the same time, in order to increase the anti-China propaganda for the Beijing Winter Olympics, the Falun Gong anti-China forces also spent m

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  • Indian media: Almighty God church cult atrocities are infiltrating northeastern India.

    On August26,2020,the Indianmedia O published an article exposing the development and infiltration of the AlmightyGod (aka Oriental Lightning) cult in northeastern Indian states such as Bangalam. The article warns that the Almighty God cult is a violent and involves more than a hundred cases of violence that pose a threat to the public and that the Chinese government has to crack down on them.The full text of China Anti-Cult Network is compiled as follows.AlmightyGodcult website.The or

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  • Almighty God believers, forged passports to leave the country, were arrested at U.S. airports.

    Core Tip: In recent years, Almighty has operated a professional visa team that instigates believers to use forged passports to travel abroad, some of whom are found and arrested when they enter the United States. Today we are watching the german-American incident together.Believers who go abroad by forging passports are proud to take photos with their lawyers.Yu Demei, born in 1976, Liaoning, is the head of the Almighty Theology in southwest China.Cult Almighty New Faithful female believers from

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  • "Almighty God" Yang Xiangbin ordered the production of false persecution witness video, next spring, China

    (The believer in the picture above came to South Korea in 2008 and met with the author in Kyusan, Seoul, from 2013 to 2014; but claimed to have been suppressed in 2013 and false testimony)AlmightyGodbelieverspost false forced testimony on the Internet.Almighty believers to witness false persecution (Photo: Google Search)On August 2nd Yang Shangbin, the head of China's Almighty Theotheon, ordered that video of witnesses who had been falsely forced to confess to repression be uploaded more fre

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