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The Belgian government issues countermeasures against "Almighty God" fake refugees fleeing criminals

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"EureReporter" (www.eureporter.co) report content that provides policy reports, opinions and analysis of EU activities

The CIAOSN (Consultation Center for Harmful Sectarian Organizations) of the Ministry of Justice of the Federal Government of Belgium issued a report on May 1, "Please be careful of the false refugees of CHASECULT Eastern Lightning (Church of Almighty God, Church of Almighty God)" (18 pages). "

British and EU media quoted "CHASECULT Oriental Lightning (Almighty Church), please beware of fake refugees! The content of this publication was quoted and reported by the British "EPISTLE NEWS" and the "EU Reporter" which provides policy reports, opinions and analysis on EU activities.

Belgium, the United Kingdom, and the European Union also pointed out that "this may be maliciously used as an escape route for criminals", which proves from the side that the voice of "Almighty God" false refugees is getting higher and higher.

The Belgian Ministry of Justice's CIAOSN (Hazardous Sectarian Organization Advisory Center) report contains the philosophy and goals of dealing with false refugee applicants. Not only that, the report also stated that if a refugee request from a believer of the "Eastern Lightning" (Church of Almighty God) is received, it will be raised on the basis of the opinion of the competent authority and will become the source of recommendations.

▶The decision of CIAOSN was made in accordance with relevant laws, which was the same as the 13 harmful (same) standards listed in the report of the Belgian Parliament Investigation Committee on April 28, 1997.

1) Understanding errors or abuse of refugee law.

2) When suffering from mental brainwashing (adjustment).

3) When there is physical or mental (psychological) abuse of believers or their family members.

4) Deprivation of medical services for believers or family members.

5) Violence against believers, family members, third parties and even children, especially in cases of sexual violence.

6) Separation of believers from their families, spouses, children, and friends.

7) Kidnapped girls or stripped from their parents.

8) Deprivation of freedom to withdraw from religion.

9) Unbalanced financial requirements, namely fraud, misuse of funds and property, are harmful to believers. When not asking for that kind of thing.

10) The isolation from a democratic society.

11) For the benefit of the organization, when there is a breach of social requirements.

12) When illegal means are used to gain power.

13) Creating chaos in ideas, extorting money from believers, pursuing huge profits, infiltrating into influential positions, and the heretical behavior of government agencies seriously threaten our social order and national security.

Based on the above, the Belgian government stated that as long as the "Cult of Almighty God" (Almighty Church) meets one of the above criteria, it can legally refuse their request.

In addition, the "Eastern Lightning" is defined as an illegal worship group, as a result, all the demands of the believers will be automatically rejected.

Reported by "EPISTLE NEWS" (www.epistlenews.co.uk)

▶ On June 6, the British media "EPISTLE NEWS" (www.epistlenews.co.uk, located in London) of the United Kingdom, Europe, America, Asia, economic and technological fields quoted the title "Eastern Lightning (Almighty God)" The dangers of the Eastern Lightning: the case of the fake refugees.

Reported by "EPISTLE NEWS" (www.epistlenews.co.uk) 

EPISTLE NEWS pointed out that recently the "Church of Almighty God" (The Church of Almighty God, Eastern Lightning) has grown just like negative reviews. After it happened in China, the international media should also pay attention to this group when buying new believers in the United States, Italy and other places.

The continuous wooing of new believers in the "Almighty God" group is inherently dangerous. Therefore, the international media cannot ignore this issue.

At the same time, the number of subscribers to "Eastern Lightning" was not very large at the beginning, but it was controversial at the beginning. Therefore, if you want to better understand the current situation, you must understand the background of the early days of its establishment.

EPISTLE NEWS defines the "Cult of Almighty God" as a CULT (cult). In 1991, it met with Yang Xiangbin (born in 1973), who was only 18 years old at the time, and introduced the establishment by Zhao Weishan (born in 1951). After Yang Xiangbin saw Zhao Weishan, the Almighty God returned, and he added that Zhao Weishan has since used the honorific title for Yang Xiangbin.

The article continued to criticize that the "Almighty God" was classified as a cult in China in 1995. After that, the McDonald's murder occurred on May 28, 2014, but the mouthpiece media of the "Almighty God" group "Bitter Winter" Fake news continues to spread.

In addition, another recent issue about the "Church of Almighty God" is the recruitment of new believers through social media. Facebook has become a powerful tool for connecting a large number of people. The believers of "Eastern Lightning" have contacted many innocent people through fake accounts. Ask for money and destroy faith. He also pointedly pointed out that the term "almighty" is actually just a cunning way to pretend to be Christian in order to buy more and more people.

▶ The problem that EPISTLE NEWS wants to point out is that believers of "Almighty God" travel to overseas countries to claim refugee status.

Judging from the content of the report, "In fact, in the past few months, more and more Chinese citizens have claimed that the United States, Canada, South Korea, the European Union, and China have been persecuted for religious reasons, calling them refugees and requesting acceptance."

"If someone feels the danger of oppression in their own country, it seems legal to ask about refugee status, but if it is not a true claim, but is required to do so for the purpose of staying in another country for a long time, it will be a problem."

Therefore, such NEWS EPISTLE shall be regarded as illegal. "

▶Reason, legal religion, that is, has such a thing happened in an official religious group registered by the government? It should still be investigated whether such a thing has happened to the new artificially created religion, that is, the new cult group.

Therefore, the problem of "Almighty God" is different from the situation of Christians who are oppressed in Sudan in Africa and Muslims who are oppressed in Myanmar.

The recent Chinese demand for refugee status in foreign countries is directly proportional to the increase in the number of followers of the "Almighty God" group. This is a very important accusation.

In Italy alone, more than 1,000 believers have applied for refugee status. Most of them are believers of "Almighty God" (Eastern Lightning) or converts of the group.

What about other countries? The chaos created by this new cult not only requires refugee status, but also makes criminals who pretend to be followers of the group an escape route. In this regard, foreign countries also rejected them. Not only that, but also introspection.

The EPISTLE NEWS report continues to point out important issues.

"This problem can also cause many different results. For example, if a person obtains refugee status in Italy, he can use government funds for his status."

"So, how to legally refuse this illegal request? For example, Lund. According to a report published by News on May 1, the Information and Consultation Center (CIAOSN) of a harmful sectarian (religious) organization under the Ministry of Justice of the Belgian Federal Government published a report. There are 13 standards that are helpful for searching for a certain Cult (Cult). If more than one of them is detected, it should be regarded as an illegal organization. If you are persecuted for religious reasons and request refugee status, it should be rejected." And introduced The 13 standards reported by the Belgian Parliament Investigation Committee.

He also criticized Italy's response.

If you directly quote the EPISTLE NEWS report, Italy has become the most useful country for believers or converts of "Almighty God" (Almighty God) to request refugee status and then receive state subsidies. The most commonly used by believers is the tourist visa. This entry is to apply for refugee status. "

The article concluded: "In order to protect all these innocent people and prevent the'Eastern Lightning' from using illegal means to continue to grow, all of us should understand and deal with the hidden truth of this dangerous cult."

▶European media "EU Reporter" (www.eureporter.co) also quoted the same content for reporting.

"EU Reporter" also directly introduced the 13 standards of the Belgian Parliament, and said: "Carter is a familiar concept in modern society, but it is still difficult to clarify the essence of Carter and identify it. As for what Cult is, each country Its difficult to reach a consensus. Laws often explain the meaning of curly hair within their respective scopes. Because there is no standard, it is more difficult to apply legal restrictions to curly hair, especially modern curly hair. "Curly hair is a major public risk for mankind. It is a very serious social problem faced by governments all over the world. Although the colors are many and strange, the nature of anti-science, anti-humanity, anti-society, and anti-government is very similar. "

He also said: "In Europe, more and more Cult organizations are fabricating and spreading errors and heretics through various illegal means. The "Almighty God" from China is one of them. This curly hair has set off in China and European countries. Years of huge waves."

"Stirring up ideological chaos, extorting money from believers, pursuing huge profits, infiltrating into influential positions, and the heretical behavior of government agencies are serious threats to our social order and national security."

The Belgian, British and EU media reports on "Almighty God False Refugees" are very useful. It is hoped that the response method proposed here can be applied to various justice ministries.

Source: Eure Reporter, EPISTLE NEWS

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