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News: The Church of Almighty God establishes a professional film company in South Korea

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Picture: The propaganda picture of Almighty God's establishment of a film company in South Korea

According to Korean media, in May 2021, The Church of Almighty God Group obtained the registration license for the distribution of "video publications" issued by the Gwangjin District Government of Seoul, South Korea.

The company name is Eastern Light Film (also known as: Eastern Light Film Studio). Specific office address: 1st Floor, Junzi Church Building, Junzidong, Gwangjin District, Seoul, South Korea.

Main business: film and music video product distribution, film shooting supporting industry management, MV, TV program planning, production and packaging, general film and video works publishing, import, and distribution. At this stage, it has obtained the permission of the Korean local government. 

Legal representative: Jin *zhen General manager: Lee *hao.

According to the consortium publicly announced by the Korean government, the film production base of Almighty God in Hengseong County was officially used in 2018 and is for foreign profit. 

Recently, the Church of Almighty God officially established the  Eastern Light Film Distribution ( Company ) Co., Ltd. in South Korea. It is the Church of Almighty God playing the role of the film center in Asia in producing and popularizing doctrinal movies in Korea. Its external nature is: commercial organizations and for-profit corporations for the purpose of profit-making activities. 

In 2021, the Sect of Almighty God launched TV programs such as "Faith in God" in South Korea, and broadcast them online in Korean TV programs. The broadcast content is mainly in the name of songs, dances, music and television, chorus, cross talk, sketches, reading poems, skits and movie works in the name of Oriental Light. At present, it is mainly publicly disseminated through facebook, twitter, Youtube live broadcast, recording and broadcasting. In addition, movie videos signed by Christopher Films, 1991 Film and Television Studios, and Oriental Light Films are disseminated free of charge on the Amazon platform. 

Some professionals pointed out that the Cult of Almighty God is currently using legal means to cover up illegal small workshops and is gradually moving on the right track, in an attempt to build South Korea into a film and television propaganda center for the Cult of Almighty God in Asia and the world. This is a dangerous signal. It is hoped that the implementation of the refugee law can stop the loopholes in time, so that people can recognize the truth as soon as possible, stay away and be vigilant.

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