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Almighty God "religious refugee" was found to be a fake in South Korea, a 50-year-old judicial broker was arrested

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A judicial broker suspected of false refugee applications and litigation services is currently being arrested by the South Korean police

Abstract: 52 people forged refugee asylum documents, each received up to 11 million won in exchange for refugee applications, fake refugees spread illegal job hunting across the country.

The 52 "fake refugees" who falsely claimed that they were "religiously suppressed in China" entered South Korea and charged a handling fee for Chinese men were detained.

The Immigration Special Investigation Team of the Seoul Immigration and Foreigners Agency of the Ministry of Justice stated on the 24th that it transferred "fake refugee" middleman A (50 years old) to the prosecution agency on the grounds of violating the "Immigration Administration Act."

A, who runs a Chinese visa application agency, is suspected of colluding with a local Chinese intermediary and disguised Chinese who wished to make money in South Korea as Koreans.

According to the survey results, Mr. A has continued to upload false refugee introduction advertisements on the Social Network Service (SNS) since 2018. Let the Chinese who saw this situation help their refugee application, requesting that they "have been to the Church of Almighty God in China, have been arrested by Chinese public security and other religious suppression during missionary activities, and have come to South Korea." A residence confirmation letter with a false address that does not actually live has also been produced.

According to the information available, Mr. A used the false documents produced in this way to apply for refugees. As the price of help, each person received about 5 to 11 million won.

A also provided a "comprehensive service", extending the service on behalf of the refugee applicant after the issuance of the refugee applicant's visa. If he decides not to recognize the refugee, he may even file a lawsuit on his behalf.

52 "fake refugees" who entered South Korea through A are currently in illegal employment across the country. Thirteen of them were exposed and forcibly deported. According to the investigation, one of the exposed Chinese stated that "they entered South Korea in order to stably play the role of phone fraud withdrawers."

The Ministry of Justice of South Korea is continuing to chase and flee the remaining Chinese.

A relevant person from the Special Investigation Team of the Seoul Immigration Bureau of South Korea said: "There are not a few foreigners and refugee intermediaries who apply for refugees for the purpose of illegal employment", and "plans to conduct international cooperation with the Chinese judicial authorities to expand relevant investigations."

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