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Cult "Church of Almighty God" agricultural products wholesale market and trade to online mail order sales

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The Canaan Office of the Agricultural Corporation Legal Person Co., Ltd., where believers in the neighborhood sent their daughters to the nearby middle school.

The Cult Almighty Sect Groups agricultural activities in Gangwon Province and Chungcheong Province are very organized.

In terms of distance, the buildings and fields of the dormitory are concentrated within 2 to 30 minutes, and the means of transportation are also diverse, including vans and 1-ton trucks. Agricultural machinery is readily available. In order to use the labor of believers, labor is free and abundant.

A resident said: "Their land must be purchased by road. Maybe they like easy management of the position of believers."

Yes it is. It is mainly the movement of vehicles, and the individual activities are carried out under instructions and supervision, so a place that is easy to manage is chosen.

The van used by believers to travel in groups

However, it has been about 3 years since they entered the rural areas to work in agriculture, and they have already begun to engage in income-generating businesses.

Established an agricultural company legal person (strain) Canaan and (strain) Goodland (goodland), and (strain) Eden (strain), and quickly purchased more than hundreds of thousands of square meters of woodland, fields, orchards, and livestock houses. Today, about three years later, it has begun trading with the "agricultural product wholesale markets" in Daejeon and Cheongju, and even registered the "telecommunications sales business", expanding the scope of its business.

The Church of Almighty God registered the postal and communication company ``Agriculture Corporation Canaan Co., Ltd.'' in September 2020

The "cannibalization of the countryside" frequently raised by local residents and regional media is becoming a reality.

Due to high price purchases, disrupting the real estate market, it will cause difficulties for indigenous farmers farmers to purchase and purchase in the future. The homesteads of local farmers are gradually being eroded by cult groups. At the same time, they also stated that in order to protect the countryside, it is necessary to formulate a pan-national nature. Countermeasures, but the situation has become very difficult.

They have sold garlic to the wholesale market and shipped thousands of square meters of "cabbage" in early July.

The varieties they grow are also diverse. Garlic, cabbage, pepper, eggplant, corn, potatoes... and apple orchard.

A resident said: "They wear the same clothes every day, without helmets, but on electric motorcycles or electric bicycles. They are very disturbed. Why is the Chinese government waiting to die? Why not expelled? Not residents, but farmhouses in the village. There are many people living. Is that fair?"

This is a complaint against the South Korean government.

The government must keep abreast of the qualifications for obtaining agricultural land-whether the purchaser is directly farming, and deal with it in case of violation.

In this case, more than 100 almighty believers live together in a group in violation of the epidemic prevention law.

The cabbage in the farmland after shipment in early July (Church of Almighty God farmland)

The cabbage in the farmland after shipment in early July (Church of Almighty God farmland)

A female believer called in the building of The Church of Almighty God

▶This is a conversation with the residents (three) who are wearing masks waiting for the bus.

Author: Are there many Chinese in my (Almighty God) building?

Zhu Min A: Especially many.

Author: How many people do you think there are? About 100?

Resident B: What are 100? Especially many.

The base of The Church of Almighty God (as of July 6)  violated the order prohibiting gatherings of more than 5 people

When they arrived near the building, the dogs barked loudly. Several believers were doing their jobs and heard noises. You can even hear the road outside the building.

Then parked vans, trucks and 45-seater large passenger cars. After the photo was taken, the believers hurried into the building.

Recently, the leader Zhao Weishan advocated the theory of "vaccine uselessness" and issued the following instructions to the believers.

The bandit fellowship about God's words "Those who truly obey God will surely be saved by God":

"God is trying to exterminate mankind and end this era. Science can't stop it... Vaccines can't stop infectious diseases. The plague will spread intact."

He claimed to be the Almighty God Yang Xiangbin, let him believe and follow him. Only in this way can we survive.

The leader of The Church of Almighty God, Zhao Weishan, argued that the vaccine was useless and issued orders 

Even if the front-line health personnel of the epidemic prevention authority go, they are not allowed to enter the building.

At the same time, it is currently violating the order prohibiting the gathering of more than 5 people. In each building of their dormitory, dozens of people live collectively.

Groups of false refugees and illegal stayers disclose their identities, conduct "youtube" activities, establish "legal persons", and carry out "profit-making business activities". How does this group view this country?

In addition, it is also questionable whether the effective management and supervision of the government has accurately affected them.

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