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The uselessness of vaccines has once again made the Church of Almighty God in Korea a storage tank for the new coronavirus!

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Pyeongchang Dormitory, Gangwon-do

After the recent news that the South Korean government planned to vaccinate foreign followers of the "Almighty God", media reporters visited the "Almighty God" dormitory in Gangwon Province in order to understand the situation.

Wall fences are set up around the building, the gates are locked with iron gates, and surveillance cameras are installed everywhere.

There is one person in charge of the security office at the entrance of the building. They are Chinese Koreans in their 20s and 30s. This is evidence that people often go in and out.

One person keeps guarding all day long. Maybe someone is very happy when he comes. When he shouts "Are you there? Is there anyone?" I shouted "Yes~" from the inside.

Author: "Have you made an appointment for vaccination?"

A believer of Almighty God said: "Vaccines? This is the first time I have heard of this kind of thing."

Author: "Isn't I vaccinated?"

The believer of Almighty God said: "I am not sure."

The believers here seem to have no news or information about vaccination. As long as you turn on the TV or the Internet, you can hear news about vaccination and the number of people infected with new coronary pneumonia every day. They don't seem to know how the world works.

The believers of "Almighty God" not only did not cut off relations with family and friends, but also did not communicate with the outside world. In other words, there is no bond of sharing common sense with members of society.

I have been to other places. The manager is still sitting at the entrance of the building. He also questioned him.

Hoengseong Dormitory, Gangwon-do

Author: "Have you scheduled the vaccination?"

Almighty God believers: "What?"

Author: "New Coronavirus Vaccine. Have you made an appointment?"

The believer of Almighty God said: "I can't answer now."

The author: "If I don't get vaccinated, what should I do if I contract the new coronavirus?" (As soon as I ask this question, my eyes shake.)

The believer of Almighty God says: "I can't answer you."

Vaccination for foreigners in Gangwon Province will start on August 5. First, make an appointment and get the vaccination on the specified day. If it is a group, the representative is fine, and the alien registration card must be held. Believers who do not have an ID can receive a temporary ticket at the health center for vaccination.

Vaccination centers in this area have not yet made appointments for groups of Chinese people.

Hoengseong Dormitory, Gangwon-do

Zhao Weishan, the leader of Almighty God, recently published in "Mythology" "True Obeying God Must Be Saved by God" in Bandit Traffic (2) No. 225 (A), "Any country in the world, no matter how science is Development, can you resist the virus? Does the vaccine they developed resist the temperature domain (new coronavirus)? It has not been able to prevent it. Now there are many kinds of vaccines being studied. But is the temperature domain still flooding? Therefore, this disaster is extinction Human disaster. If you don't believe in God, don't worship God, everyone will die.

God wants to exterminate mankind and end this era. Science cannot resist. "

This advocates the uselessness of vaccines . However, it is said that believers in other countries have already given instructions for vaccination.

Most of the believers in Korea are in dormitories. It seems that the government needs to enforce it.

It's not just the "Almighty God Sect" that is the world!

There is no "religious freedom" to hurt others!

If family members and friends are alienated or isolated so that believers cannot maintain their daily lives and cause damage to occupations, society, and interpersonal relationships, then we should reflect on what is strange.

The "Church of Almighty God" (Church of Almighty God, Eastern Lightning) is a "lie" created by the family of the leader (the leader Zhao Weishan, his wife Yang Xiangbin, and his son Zhao Ming (1995). Ordinary believers have no reason to stay in this "lie".

It is necessary to hold a subjective point of view, take a step back, review your life and confirm it.

The YouTube channel "American Almighty God" created by believers who recently fled South Korea to the United States was deleted due to copyright piracy. It is reported that Korean believers in South Korea have also been expelled from the church. It seems to be forced to sort out internal disputes.

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