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"Almighty God" fake refugees conduct "public" activities on YouTube... "European Religious Freedom Forum" has spread false facts and "fooled" the law after the "malicious use" of the "Refugee Law"!

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The cult group even runs a "refugee group" to allow believers to apply for the "fake refugee" Chinese cult. That is the "Church of Almighty God" (The Church of Almighty God, Eastern Lightning). She believes that women born in 1973 are the "Second Coming Lord". The followers of the group maliciously used South Koreas refugee law, and so far the number of applicants for false refugees has reached more than 1,000. These people have been stranded in the country for a long time since 2013.

But they spread false facts and conduct public activities on YouTube.

Since illegal intermediaries have also intervened, the cult group that has aroused public debate in the society has received the South Korean government's order to go abroad, but it has always resisted the South Korean government's order to go abroad with a stubborn and cold attitude. Instead, it is fooling the law.

The Cult of Almighty God has lost its destiny and annihilated its human nature. The cults greedy, ugly and traitorous nature has long been exposed. Most of the fake refugees of the Almighty Sect who have abandoned their families and came to South Korea have disclosed their "identities" such as their names and faces to resist. Some lawyers engaged in the business of intermediary refugees also participated in the activities of South Koreas going abroad order.

Korean Almighty Church members interviewed by "FOREF Europe"

They spread false facts, slandered and defended their behavior of running away from home on the "FOREF Europe" on the YouTube channel called "Forum for Religious Freedom in Europe." Although they charged that the 2019 family-seeking rally violated the Rally and Demonstration Law, they have "lost the lawsuit." After that, "fake news" continued to spread.

They are not war refugees, nor are they refugees who have been persecuted through religion. In China, she is an ordinary housewife, company employee, and student preparing for employment. One day suddenly left home and came to Jeju Island, South Korea, filled out a false refugee application form, and stayed for a long time. This is also what their family members certified.

# New product public YouTube video 1)

Video interview: LIU JINGXIU pointed out to the "interview" media that her family broke up because of China's religious policies.

-Are you a person who wrote a letter of guarantee to the Almighty Protestant Group and abandoned your family to come to Korea? Go out to "go abroad" under the banner of "going to work". He lied to her husband to work in a company that retired a few months ago.

#YouTube video 2)

Video interview: Zhang FU, his experience of escaping to South Korea...

-I heard that you believe in Almighty God in China, and you are afraid after seeing your friends being suppressed. It is a lie, isn't it? Knowing that that friend had never experienced that kind of thing. Although there is a young son, the family relationship is not clearly recorded in the refugee application documents. He claimed that he went out to work, and then ran away from home. There was no news. After searching for relatives, he knew that he had gone to South Korea to apply for refugees. Lying like this makes me feel at ease.

#YouTube video 3)

Video interview: LIIU MEIMEI, the pressure to believe in religion in China

-I fell into the Almighty God cult group as a college student . Because it was near the end, I didn't want to study or graduate. However, under the persuasion of my parents, I finally graduated and did not have a job. As a result, I only stayed in South Korea for a year and left. I have been disconnected for many years. She also applied for false refugees and stayed for a long time.

#YouTube video 4)

Video interview: BAI YUNZHE, his family in China was broken up

-Entrust your child to your weak wife. After you came to Korea, you are editing the cult Almighty God. No alimony was sent to his wife. After the parents of an ordinary family came to South Korea, they were slandering the country where they were born and raised.


In addition, many people are conducting public activities. The bottom of the YouTube channel introduces the websites and e-mail addresses of Bitter Winter Magazine and the European Forum for Religious Freedom, which spread false facts with them.

The fake refugee followers of Almighty God were used in the cult leader who caused the breakdown of their families, and the anti-China activities of scholars and journalists in the United States, Australia, France, Italy... and many other countries were also used. Their lives have no subjectivity and are used everywhere.

The official website of "Forum for Religious Freedom-Europe, FOREF" (Forum for Religious Freedom-Europe, FOREF) was opened in Vienna, Austria in 2020.

The Almighty Theological Group and related organizations CESNUR (Centre for Research on Emerging Religions), BITTER WINTER (Bitter Winter), ORLIR (International Observatory for Refugee Freedom of Religion), USCIRF (International Committee for Religious Freedom), he and many other groups (including urgently established Ghost group) together in the name of "European Religious Freedom Roundtable Forum", sent a letter to the European Parliament member states and EU ambassadors in Brussels to apply for the exile of "Almighty God" followers. Just like "International Mia" and "Lone Wolves", it circulates everywhere.

In July 2019, the nine major NGOs wrote to President Moon Jae-in, stating that "South Korea should end forced sexual heresy" and support the cult "Xintiandi".

In their letter, they introduced themselves as an international non-governmental organization and academic organization, and emphasized the need to eradicate heresy seminars and heresy identification exchanges. This is the self-righteous justification of foreign power groups.

The believers of "Almighty God" (The Church of Almighty God, Eastern Lightning) are not "refugees".

In Nucis on May 24 this year, Chinese refugees discovered that the "religious repression" was fake. Reports of intermediaries in their 50s being detained. It is said that 52 people made false documents to apply for refugees, and each person received a maximum of 11 million won as a price. Through this intermediary, fake refugees scattered all over the country, illegally employed and engaged in activities.

So far, the cumulative number of refugee applicants in South Korea has exceeded 70,000.

There are refugee brokers in every country. Most of them do business with commissions (approximately 2 million to 3 million won per person). In some cases, the domestic addresses of refugee claimants were set incorrectly. Each address listed 20 to 30 people, and each paid 500,000 won to the administrative agent who dealt with them and obtained their signatures. Even without due diligence, the reasons for applying for refugee status are often false, such as "religious freedom, political reasons, or threat to life". There are templates or samples for each category.

Knowing that they are not refugees when applying. If you just apply, even if your refugee status is not recognized anyway, you can stay in Korea for up to 5 years through appeals, administrative appeals, administrative litigation, etc., and you can legally find a job 6 months after your first application. The real purpose of asylum seekers is to stay for a long time.

Some brokers even provide employment placement services at a certain fee. If you come to South Korea with a refugee visa instead of a work visa, you can find a job in a wider range of fields, such as H-2 visa (visit work visa) or E-7 visa (visa for specific activities), which clearly restricts the field of employment. The legal period of stay is longer. So you can stay longer.

In other words, they have abused South Koreas refugee law for the purpose of long-term residence and missionary activities.

In order to prevent abuse of the refugee application system, the Ministry of Justice has established a decision system for re-applicants who do not meet the refugee screening criteria, and restricts re-applications that have not been abused, and re-applications that are of no significance. Circumstances change, the application is applied without reason, the fast review procedure is implemented, and the revision opinions are announced.

If you apply for refugee status again, you will not be eligible, so you will be ordered to leave the country with only documents after a brief review. The key is to ensure that all refugees currently under review will pass by-laws as de facto retrospective legislation and be bound by the aforementioned system.

In addition, it also includes new penalties for refugee brokers who illegally mediate refugee applications, as well as exceptions to the principle of prohibition of forced repatriation. The amendment should be implemented as soon as possible. Recently, the Church of Almighty God in the United States has criticized the South Korean Church of Almighty God (CAG) as a pseudo-religion. Its leader is a dictator, and the Church of Almighty God in South Korea is a concentration camp where its followers are forcibly detained. He also said that the Church of Almighty God in South Korea will soon be destroyed. They also know. South Korea's almighty Protestant false refugees destroy their homes and disrupt social order... Therefore, the deported god (god) is of that will.

The members of Almighty God are not "refugees" but "fugitives".

Up to now, the cumulative number of refugees in South Korea has exceeded 70,000.

All countries have corresponding refugee intermediaries. Most of them are dealing with handling fees (2 million to 3 million won per item). Falsify the domestic address of the refugee claimant, submit a signature to the administrative company that conducts the transaction at a price of 500,000 won per piece, and record 20 to 30 people on each address. Will not check seriously at all. The reasons for refugee applications are often faked "religious freedom, political reasons, life threats" and so on. Each category has detailed templates or samples.

Applying knowingly that he is not a refugee. In short, as long as the application for refugee status is not recognized, but if President Zheng expresses dissatisfaction, objection application, administrative trial, administrative litigation and other methods, the maximum 5 years will stay in South Korea, and the application for legal employment after the first 6 months can also be done. The real purpose of refugee claimants is to stay for a long time.

There are also intermediaries who charge a certain fee and provide employment introductions. The visa that comes to South Korea with an employment visa, the restrictions on refugees in the field of employment, the visa H-2 (visit employment visa) I (visa for specific activities) and other visas E-7 work in a wider field, you can buy it, and it is legal Stay longer. So it can stay longer.

Therefore, for the purpose of long-term stay and missionary activities, South Koreas refugee law is maliciously used.

In order to prevent the abuse of this refugee application system, the Ministry of Justice has issued a decision system for re-applicants and other refugees who have not passed the examination, restrictions on abusive re-applications, re-applications without major changes in circumstances, and clear unreasonable applications. Stipulate and introduce amendments to the rapid review procedure.

In other words, if you re-apply for refugees, you will not be eligible, and you will be ordered to go abroad after a simple review of documents. The core content is that through the bylaws, retrospective legislation and other measures are actually taken to apply multiple systems to all refugees currently under review.

In addition, there are penalties for'refugee intermediaries' who apply for refugee status by improper methods and prohibit exceptions to the principle of compulsory repatriation. The amendment should be implemented as soon as possible.

Recently, the American Almighty Sect has condemned that South Koreas Almighty Sect has become a cult, led by werewolves and a concentration camp where believers are forcibly imprisoned. He also said that South Koreas Almighty Protestantism is about to die.

They also know. The false refugees of Almighty God in South Korea are people who destroy their families and disrupt social order... Therefore, it is God's will to be sent back to their country. They are not "refugees" but "runaways".

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