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Extermination of cults such as Almighty God is a righteous act that is responsible for the people

At present, the epidemic situation of COVID-19 is severe, and people around the world are working together to prevent it scientifically, and strive to dispel the haze of the epidemic as soon as possible, and win the overall victory of the COVID-19 epidemic. Even Lee Man-hee, the leader of South Korea ’s “New World Club” who encouraged believers ’gatherings in the past, was frightened by the pressure of the mayor of Seoul to send him to the trial, facing the harsh reality that his followers are“ super communicators ”for the Korean COVID-19 epidemic, And thanks to the people, but as the leader of the Almighty God cult, Zhao Weishan issued instructions to encourage believers, including those of the South Korean Almighty God. The "Gospel Witness to God", which is quite different from the way countries around the world prevent the epidemic from isolating people from each other, is to allow his followers to be used as cannon fodder for his cult teachings, and to ignore the ugly acts of life that endanger humanity.

The followers of Zhao Weishan's Almighty God cult in South Korea entered South Korea by using the Korean visa-free system. When Korean media evaluated these cult believers of the Almighty God, they claimed that they used refugees to apply for detention in South Korea for cult propaganda activities, and spread their cult teachings in Korea to deceive people. Almighty God uses the characteristics of religious freedom in Korea to disguise himself. Although South Korea ’s religion is free to develop, it does not agree with the Almighty God cult and exposes its behavior under the banner of religion. The Korean people and religious circles have questioned and resisted the Almighty God cult.

In particular, in the current situation of the COVID-19 epidemic in South Korea, where the development situation is complex and severe, the negative effects of the Almighty God cult should be sober and profoundly aware to prevent it from becoming a "super communicator" following the believers of the "Xintiandi Society". This is because at present, hundreds of believers of the Almighty God cult stranded in South Korea are gathered together, the personnel have low cultural quality, poor cognitive ability, and lack of self-protection. Their cult leader Zhao Weishan also ordered them to go out Wander around for so-called "evangelism" and make extensive contact with people and societies. In this case, once a believer has symptoms of the epidemic, it will affect countless innocent people, and the harm is self-evident. Letting Almighty God cult believers have nowhere to hide, and curbing them from becoming "super communicators" is an act of caring for the people and protecting their health.