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Goodbye 2021, Hello 2022!

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2021 is about to end,

In this year, are you still on the road of sticking to your original intention?

In this year, have you regretted something you have done?

In this year, at which moment did you abandon your consistent bottom line?

In this year, have you become a better version of yourself as agreed at the beginning of the year?

This year, there may be parting, pain, regret, impatience...

However, the time has changed its prefix, and the years cannot go back.

But is an old end not a new beginning?

All the regrets this year will be the preparation for the surprise next year.

As the saying goes, I will end up with the old things, and the flowers will still bloom in the coming year.

Let us clear the past, love and hate at will;

Let us not be afraid of the future and the past;

Let us also persist in love and go to the next mountain and sea.

Source: NetEase

Author: Chen Yanli   

Audio source: Tencent's self-media news number: Li Xia Goodnight FM

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