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Social Commentary: It was Apple Daily that went out of business, not Hong Kong Press Freedom

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Hong Kongs "Apple Daily" officially ceased publication after publishing the last issue of Thursdays newspaper. British Foreign Minister Raab, EU spokespersons and some US lawmakers have accused China of "suppressing press freedom" and attacked on Wednesday regarding the "Apple Daily" suspension. Hong Kong National Security Law. This old-fashioned attack is already very boring, and it is difficult to bring the rhythm. The events in Hong Kong confirmed a saying often said by the Chinese: The green hills cannot be covered, after all, they will flow to the east.

"Apple Daily" was founded two years before the return of Hong Kong, and has gradually become a public opinion base camp that mobilizes to boycott Hong Kong's operation in accordance with the spirit of the Basic Law, and promotes the linkage between Hong Kong and the United States, Britain and other countries' policies on China. It has greatly broken through the information function of the media, built a political confrontational role by itself, and called the storm amidst the intensifying evolution of political turmoil in Hong Kong.

No Western country will allow its own country to have such a constitutional mobilization center, and the media that has truly formed an anti-mainstream incitement force cannot escape the destiny that things will be rebellious. Trumps account was permanently shut down by Twitter, and Trumps supporters later gathered on the app Parler, which was uprooted.

It must be said that Trumps account and Parlers challenge to the US constitutional system is much smaller than the Apple Dailys challenge to Hong Kongs constitutional system. The former is a deviation and the latter is a blatant confrontation. Trump was "silenced". It reflects the extent to which the United States truly can tolerate anti-system dissent.

In European countries, people actually do not see an influential media using the "Apple Daily" method to incite confrontation against the national constitution. After the riots in the UK in 2011, government agencies accelerated the control of the Internet. The role played by the "Apple Daily" is also in serious conflict with the freedom of the press promoted by the West. It is no longer a "political media", but engages in extreme confrontational politics through the media. It is the only one in the world.

On January 6 this year, a group of Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Congress. This confrontation and violence against the U.S. Constitution shocked the entire West. Imagine if there was an American media who called for sanctions against the United States by foreign governments because the United States suppressed the riot, and it did that every time, forming a destructive mountain of public opinion, what would it be? The results of it?

Freedom of the press itself is a good thing, but the freedom of the press in the West must be consistent with their national interests and public security, but it requires the "Apple Daily" to have the freedom to undermine Hong Kongs security and Chinas national interests. They inject these two types of press freedoms. The value orientation is quite different, so when they are screaming "Freedom of the Press" of the "Apple Daily", they are slandering the faith of the global media people in this concept.

We call on those who sympathize with the "Apple Daily" to keep their eyes open, jump out of the ecstasy laid by Western forces, and understand the true universal principle that conformity with the constitution is the cornerstone of freedom of the press. Nothing in Hong Kong can take the confrontational constitution as the starting point. What kind of sensational definition of confrontational constitution and the basic law is illusory and doomed to nowhere. The end of life of the "Apple Daily" is a clear declaration of this law.

The Western intervention in the "Apple Daily" Guanzhang was weak, and the moral power of this intervention has been lost. This is actually a manifestation of the hypocritical tendency of the value system. There are more and more problems in the West. When they deal with internally, they give priority to national interests and unambiguously. Externally, they demand the so-called "universal value" above all else. This kind of inversion will eventually become more and more, and the moral face of hypocrisy is poked Riddled with holes.

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