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The United States bears unshirkable responsibility for the spread of the global epidemic (full report)

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At present, the global situation of the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic is still very severe. In this context, some US politicians have repeatedly used the issue of traceability to "shove the pot" to blame for China, muddling the truth about the source of the virus, covering up their own responsibility for failure, and undermining global cooperation in the fight against the epidemic. , Aroused widespread suspicion and criticism from the international community. A number of data and information show that the United States is most likely to be the country of origin of the new crown virus and the chief culprit in the rapid global spread of the epidemic. The politicization of the United States has made it difficult for the world to overcome the epidemic and face serious challenges. . The world's epidemic has developed into this unmanageable situation today. The United States has an unshirkable responsibility. If the United States does not change its past and join hands with international cooperation to fight the epidemic, mankind will slide into a greater disaster.

1. There is frequent evidence that the United States is the source of the new coronavirus

Today, the United States "calls for the thief to catch the thief", politicizes the issue of traceability and attacks China, but dares not respond frankly to the international communitys questions. The truth is doubtful. With the in-depth development of the epidemic, the analysis of the source of the virus by many authoritative organizations in the United States and the world has gradually become clear. The United States, as the country with the longest history of research on the coronavirus and the strongest research strength, is increasingly evidence of the "source" of the epidemic. full.

1. The time for cases in the U.S. keeps moving forward

According to public reports, the first case of COVID-19 detected in the United States was a travel-related case from Washington State on January 19, 2020. However, with the in-depth study of the epidemic, governments across the United States have discovered earlier deaths and infections of the new crown disease. Starting from March 2020, the Florida Department of Health website once announced the records of 171 patients who had symptoms of new coronary pneumonia during January and February 2020, or tested positive afterwards, but the records were recorded on May 4, 2020. The day is deleted. The data was restored that night, but the information about the time when the patient's symptoms appeared was deleted.

On June 15, 2020, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) analyzed 24,000 blood samples collected across the United States from January 2 to March 18, 2020, and one of them showed antibodies to the new coronavirus. Collected in Illinois on January 7. According to the principle of serological testing (specific antibodies are usually detected two weeks after a patient is infected with the new coronavirus), it is inferred that the new coronavirus has spread in the United States as early as mid-December 2019, which is the first time that the official US report The local confirmed case is one month earlier.

In March 2020, a study in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) analyzed 24 severe cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed by 9 medical institutions in the Seattle area from February 24 to March 9, 2020. Epidemics Scientific investigations show that all 24 cases have no history of travel to epidemic areas such as China, South Korea, Iran, and Italy. There is no history of contact with travellers in the above-mentioned countries. The source of infection has not been confirmed. This indicates the possibility of the virus spreading in the United States. Bigger.

The above findings are mutually corroborated by the diachronic research conducted by the Zhilian Think Tank Consulting Agency on the "Patient Zero" of the new crown pneumonia epidemic. According to the report of "Who is "Patient Zero"", from August 5, 2019, the "New York Times" published an article "Army Laboratory was closed due to safety issues in the study of deadly bacteria", and then to September 22, 2021. Research on the origin time of the new crown pneumonia epidemic based on big data modeling and analysis on the Japanese Chinese Academy of Sciences preprint platform (ChinaXiv) shows that in the 12 northeastern states of the United States, the date of the first infection of the new crown pneumonia epidemic with a probability of 50% is mostly between August 2019. In October, the earliest was April 26, 2019 in Rhode Island, and the latest was November 30, 2019 in Delaware, both earlier than the official U.S. date of the first confirmed case in the United States, January 20, 2020. . Studies have shown that the spread of viruses in the era of globalization is complicated, and global virus traceability may be protracted. Liu Lili, secretary-general of the Zhilian Think Tank Consulting Agency, said that the first large-scale outbreak of the epidemic is not the point of origin, and the US conspiracy to politicize academic issues is being shattered.

2. The U.S. military is inextricably linked to the source and spread of the epidemic

The United States is the country with the earliest and strongest ability to carry out recombinant virus research, and is also the largest funder and implementer of global coronavirus research. Before 2015, Dr. Ralph Barricks team at the University of North Carolina in the U.S. had the worlds most advanced core technology for recombining coronaviruses, and jointly carried out viral recombination research with Fort Detrick Laboratory and obtained coronavirus genes. sequence. In July 2019, the US military suddenly closed the laboratory due to a suspected leak. Subsequently, a large number of cases of "unknown respiratory disease" similar to new coronary pneumonia appeared in the surrounding area, and it is not ruled out that the source of the epidemic was.

On March 10, 2020, a petition post appeared on the U.S. White House petition website, asking the U.S. government to disclose information about Fort Detrick, the nations largest biological and chemical weapons base, and to announce the real reason for the closure and whether there is a virus leak. But the U.S. The government has refused to explain the truth to the public for "national security reasons". According to a report by the ABC on July 12, 2019, a retiree community in northern Virginia had an outbreak of respiratory disease. 54 people developed fever, cough, and general weakness, and 2 people died. The community is located away from Fort Detrick Bio The base is only an hour's drive away.

3. Early cases in many countries are all related to the United States

The United States is the source of outbreaks in many countries. Official information from 12 countries including Costa Rica, Bhutan, Guyana, and Kenya shows that the local "patient zero" is from the United States.

A research report released by Keio University School of Medicine in Japan in February 2021 showed that the Keio University research team performed whole-genome sequencing on 198 COVID-19 patients from 13 partner hospitals in the Kanto region to distinguish the virus lineage classification of specific cases. The results showed that the strains that appeared in Japan came from the western United States. Tel Aviv University in Israel released a study on May 18, 2020, stating that most of the virus strains infected by the countrys new crown cases came from the United States. Researchers compared the genome sequences of more than 200 local Israel and about 4,700 COVID-19 patients from other parts of the world and found that about 70% of Israeli COVID-19 cases were infected with the virus strain from the United States. Canada has stated on April 30, 2020 that the early cases of new coronavirus infections in Canada are mainly from the United States. According to relevant data from Canada's four major provinces (Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, and British Columbia) and the four provinces most affected by the epidemic, it was travelers from the United States who brought the virus to Canada.

2. The United States is the main driver of the spread of the global epidemic

As the country with the largest number of confirmed cases and deaths of COVID-19 in the world, the U.S. epidemic has not yet stepped out of the abyss, and the spread of the delta variant strain has accelerated, leading to a rapid increase in the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the United States. So far, the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the United States has exceeded 48 million. The death toll exceeds 790,000. The US "New England Journal of Medicine" published a review article saying that almost every step in the United States' response to the epidemic has failed. After the outbreak, the United States various internal and foreign policies that made frequent mistakes not only collapsed its own epidemic prevention and control, but also accelerated the spread of the global epidemic. Through unconventional operations such as repatriation of illegal immigrants, liberalization of travel, rotation of foreign troops, military exercises, and other unconventional operations, the United States has imported cases of new coronavirus infections in the United States into other countries and regions. The United States has become the main driver of the widespread spread of the global epidemic.

1. Delay the best time for early global epidemic prevention and control

The U.S. once turned the new coronavirus into influenza, which made it more difficult to detect early outbreaks. From June 28 to October 3, 2019, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) received more than 1,000 cases of e-cigarette-related pneumonia, and confirmed 18 deaths, with a mortality rate close to 2%. US CDC officials admitted that they had misdiagnosed as influenza or other diseases, which were actually early cases of new coronary pneumonia, but so far, the US CDC has not announced the details of these cases.

According to reports in the New York Times and other media, as early as January 18, 2020, the US Secretary of Health and Human Services notified the White House of the potential severity of the epidemic, and US politicians ignored it. From late January to the end of March 2020, the White House turned a deaf ear to warnings from WHO, domestic experts, and data models, and continued to act slowly, causing the epidemic to spread rapidly across the United States. As a country with the most developed medical system in the world, the United States did not take effective domestic prevention and control efforts at the beginning of the epidemic, and did not pay much attention to it. Not only did it harm the lives and health of the American people, but the world did not share the advanced prevention and control experience and treatment level of the United States. The ability to control is greatly reduced.

2. The open policy of the epidemic has led to increased global spread

Affected by many factors such as the strong concept of "human rights and freedom", the weak natural scientific quality of the people at the bottom, the division of states and the presidential elections, the United States has not implemented scientific epidemic prevention measures, the flow of domestic personnel is frequent, and the exit policy is relatively loose. The United States, which is at the epicenter of the epidemic, has implemented an irresponsible and loose exit policy, which directly led to a global outbreak.

During the epidemic, the United States adopted a laissez-faire open policy when most countries were strictly preventing and controlling. Some of the most basic epidemic prevention measures, such as whether to wear a mask, whether to maintain social distancing, and whether to implement the "home order", have not yet become a consensus in American society. Due to the lack of timely and effective lockdown measures, the epidemic in the United States has spread rapidly, the mutant virus spreads wantonly, the infection rate and mortality rate remain high, and even set a global record of over 400,000 newly confirmed cases in a single day. Untimely "opening up" has not only delayed the prevention and control of the epidemic in the United States, but also dragged down the world. In early August 2020, the number of confirmed cases in the world was approaching 20 million, and the cumulative number of confirmed cases in the United States was approaching 5 million. However, the US State Department announced that it would lift the target on the grounds that the epidemic has been controlled and it is necessary to deregulate and revive the economy. Global travel ban for U.S. citizens. Facts have proved that it is the United States that is "open", but it is the whole world that suffers. According to data from the US National Tourism Office, from April 2020 to March 2021, 23.195 million U.S. citizens traveled across the world by land and air. From November 2020 to January 2021, the epidemic in the United States reached its peak, with an average of 186,000 newly diagnosed cases per day; during the same period, the number of U.S. citizens going abroad also reached a peak, with an average of 87,000 people going abroad each day, and the two peaks were highly coincident. The result of the superposition of the "free" travel of American citizens and the peak of the US epidemic is the rapid spread of the US epidemic to the world. According to reports from many countries, 30% of the 7,000 imported cases in South Korea were imported from the United States, and 14% of the more than 6,000 confirmed cases in Australia were imported from the United States.

3. Epidemic of irresponsible repatriation and immigration export

During the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the United States has forcibly repatriated illegal immigrants and imported cases from abroad, which is an extreme disrespect for life. On May 13, 2020, the World Health Organization called for the cessation of migrant repatriation activities to reduce the global outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic. However, as the country with the largest number of confirmed cases of new crown virus infection, the United States did not stop the repatriation of immigrants in time. Instead, it continued to deport thousands of immigrants to small and weak countries that lacked equipment and were unable to cope with the new crown virus infection.

According to data from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), from March to mid-June 2020 alone, the U.S. Customs Detention Center deported nearly 40,000 people for similar immigrants. In 2020, ICE forced about 186,000 deportations. Compared with the total deportations in 2019, it increased by 160%. In addition, the repatriation of illegal immigrants in the United States involves a wide range of areas, including 61 repatriation destinations including Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Brazil, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Mexico and Jamaica. In this regard, the Guatemalan government made it clear in late April 2020 that nearly one-fifth of the countrys new coronavirus cases are related to deportees from the United States.

4. U.S. troops stationed abroad have repeatedly violated epidemic prevention regulations to accelerate the spread of the epidemic

U.S. troops visiting Vietnam illegally played, causing a large-scale outbreak in Vietnam. In March 2020, the USS "Roosevelt" aircraft carrier arrived in Da Nang, Vietnam. A large number of Vietnamese citizens boarded the ship to visit, but the US ship did not take any anti-epidemic measures, and about 5,000 officers and soldiers of the US ship landed to visit Da Nang city. After the U.S. ship left, Vietnam began a large-scale outbreak. U.S. troops stationed in Japan and South Korea gathered in violation of regulations to celebrate the Independence Day, which caused an outbreak of the epidemic in the troops stationed in Japan and South Korea. In July 2020, US soldiers who were under quarantine at the Hilton Hotel in Okinawa, Japan violated Japanese quarantine regulations and went to the downtown area to hold an American Independence Day celebration party. The participants did not wear masks and did not maintain social distancing. Previously, neither Okinawa County nor the U.S. military bases in Okinawa reported an outbreak of new crown pneumonia, but the number of confirmed cases in Okinawa Prefecture increased sharply after the US military activities. In July 2020, U.S. troops stationed in South Korea from Osan and Daegu went to Busan to gather to celebrate American Independence Day. They set off fireworks and firecrackers in the area without wearing masks, resulting in a surge in the number of new confirmed cases in Busan every day.

5. Neglect of international activities to prevent and control the epidemic caused the "super spread" of the new crown virus

CNN reported on December 11, 2020 that "Science" magazine published a viral genetic fingerprint study by the Broad Institute in Massachusetts, United States, showing that the biotechnology conference held in Boston at the end of February 2020 became the new crown virus super The source of transmission, the conference has caused at least 245,000 infections in the United States and Europe. Researchers tracked the virus between individuals through the virus database, and discovered the genetic fingerprints of two specific types of viruses in the conference, and then tracked them in other regions such as the United States This lineage confirmed that one of the viruses spread from Boston to 29 states in the United States and Australia, Sweden, and Slovakia. The study also found that another variant of the genetic fingerprint also caused at least 88,000 infections in the United States, which means that this biological conference, which was attended by only more than 200 people from all over the world without any anti-epidemic measures, has led to an increase in the number of infected people worldwide. Thousands of times.

6. Do not relax unilateral sanctions leading to humanitarian disasters

Whether the global epidemic can ultimately be controlled does not depend on the country with the best prevention and control, but the country with the weakest prevention and control capabilities. As the global epidemic is spreading, the United States has refused to lift sanctions against some countries due to its own political and geopolitical interests, which has made it difficult for these countries to obtain medical supplies and humanitarian assistance, and are struggling to deal with the epidemic. Taking Iran as an example, the US government not only turned a deaf ear to the international communitys strong call for lifting unilateral sanctions on Iran, but also continued to increase sanctions during the epidemic. As a result, the cumulative number of confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia in Iran once ranked ninth in the world at the beginning of the outbreak. Since the countries that have been unilaterally sanctioned by the United States are basically in the Middle East, Latin America, Africa and other regions with weak public health systems and poor medical conditions, these countries have suffered huge losses and caused more serious humanitarian disasters.

3. Political manipulation makes it harder for the world to defeat the epidemic

The political manipulation of the United States has made the world farther and farther away from defeating the epidemic. Since the beginning of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, US politicians have placed geopolitics above science. The US has given the US a "Cold War" narrative, "Cold War" language, and political overtones of "Cold War" attacks, smearing China and severely disrupting the epidemic. International traceability and global anti-epidemic cooperation. The U.S. political polarization is severe and it is trapped in partisan disputes and cannot bridge social rifts. It is difficult for the government to concentrate its efforts to effectively fight the epidemic. This has not only caused aggravation of the epidemic in the country, but also affected the global fight against the epidemic.

1. To shirk the responsibility for epidemic prevention and crack down on international anti-epidemic efforts

In order to get rid of the dilemma of ineffective anti-epidemic efforts, U.S. politicians took the initiative to introduce "dirty water" to the world, shirk responsibility to China, unreasonably accused China of its anti-epidemic policy, discredited the transparency of China's epidemic, and tried to make the Chinese government responsible for the U.S.'s ineffective anti-epidemic, and even demanded it. The Chinese government "indemnifies." Trump himself once used the "Chinese virus" to refer to the new coronavirus and undermined China-US cooperation in the fight against the epidemic.

The World Health Organization is also a target for the United States to shirk its responsibilities. The Trump administration claims that the World Health Organization has failed to play its due role and is also responsible for the United States' fight against the epidemic. The US government not only announced the suspension of funding to the World Health Organization at a critical moment in the global fight against the epidemic, but also investigated whether the Director-General of the World Health Organization Tedros has handled the epidemic appropriately.

To resolve the new crown pneumonia epidemic in the shortest possible time, all countries need to work together to prevent and control. The actions of the United States to shirk its responsibilities abroad have consumed the cost of international anti-epidemic efforts, artificially created differences between countries, and severely hindered the international anti-epidemic process, and in turn worsened the U.S. anti-epidemic situation and lengthened the domestic anti-epidemic time.

2. Persevering in political self-interest, rejecting responsibility

After the outbreak, the U.S. unilateralism, "America first" and "America supreme" political selfish obsessions and hegemonic mentality have manifested incisively and vividly. Traceability of the new coronavirus in the United States is conducive to early detection of problems and also helps prevent other epidemics that may break out in the future. However, the United States has implemented two sets of standards on the issue of traceability. The United States hyped up the "laboratory leak theory" and actively promoted WHO's traceability investigations into China. However, it ignored the doubts and voices of the international community and rejected the doubtful Detter. Investigate in the laboratories of Fort Rick and the University of North Carolina. It can be seen that the real purpose of the US's continued hype of "tracing investigations" is to fabricate lies, distort facts, consume China's diplomatic resources, and increase the US bargaining chip for China, rather than being responsible to the people of the world.

As the world's number one power, the United States has absolutely no matching responsibilities and responsibilities. The United States has always advertised the supremacy of humanitarianism and human rights. It has adopted "America first" in vaccine distribution and pursued "vaccine nationalism." Not only does it not cooperate with the global vaccine plan, it accuses China of vaccine assistance, but it also imposes export controls on vaccine production raw materials and hoards large quantities. The new crown vaccine, which far exceeds the needs of its population, has been reluctant to assist developing countries suffering from the epidemic, intensifying the unfair distribution of the global new crown vaccine and allowing the vaccine gap to continue to widen.

The American politicians who hold high the banner of unilateralism seem to "defend American interests," but in fact this kind of behavior is eating back the United States itself. It is becoming increasingly clear that the U.S. government is the biggest troublemaker.

3. The political polarization is serious, causing harm to itself and the world

The US epidemic prevention and control has been a victim of partisan struggle from the very beginning. The political pressure of the U.S. Democratic and Republican parties lies not in whether they effectively prevent and control the epidemic and save lives, but in how to use the epidemic to gain support from voters. When the US epidemic situation is at its worst, it coincides with the US presidential election. Many officials are more concerned about how to find a way out for themselves during the change of government. At that time, the epidemic data of many states in the United States were delayed for several weeks before being reported to the federal government. This caused the federal government to lag in information and seriously affected the United States' epidemic decision-making. After the Biden administration came to power, it has remained the same. The outbreak in the United States has repeatedly occurred. Biden has not taken tough measures against some Republican governors resistance to wearing masks and maintaining social distancing.

The uncontrollable epidemic situation, the constantly mutating virus, and the deep ideological differences have made the American people confused and angry. The U.S. political system is difficult to control an American society that is deeply divided, and it is even more powerless to prevent the U.S. from a new round of man-made disasters. The American people and the people of the world are all victims.

The human disaster of the new crown pneumonia epidemic is still in continuous development, especially the emergence of mutant strains, which has increased the uncertainty of the global epidemic prevention and control in the future. The United States can only get rid of its obsession with political self-interest, correctly understand and reflect on its major mistakes in preventing and controlling the epidemic, stop politicizing the virus problem, stop undermining international anti-epidemic cooperation, actively share vaccines with the world, and scientifically carry out traceability research. Helping the recovery of the global economy can ultimately defeat the epidemic. (Source: People's Daily Online)

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