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A Blood and Tears Complaint by a Former Overseas Believer of Almighty God Church

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I'm Ling Yun, 34 years old, from Anqing, Anhui. I am a female victim of an overseas Almighty God cult organization. I have believed in Almighty God cult for 6 years. Now I have walked out of Almighty God cult. This is an unbearable past experience. I I want to expose the true face of this evil church through this indictment, hoping to arouse more people's vigilance and stop being deceived.

I used to be a happy housewife with a loving husband and a lovely child. I used to be a devout Christian, and I often went to church to attend services and fellowship. But, just six years ago, my life changed dramatically. One day, I met a woman who claimed to be a Christian on the street. She said that she had a special book, which recorded Gods latest revelations and prophecies, which could help me know more about God and His will. She said that this book was published by The Church of Almighty God. The Church of Almighty God is a church that truly believes in God. They believe that God has come to China again, appearing in the form of a woman, and through a book "The Word Appears in the Flesh" to the Spread the word of God all over the world. She said that now is the end-time era, and only by following Almighty God can one obtain salvation and eternal life, otherwise one will suffer disaster and destruction. She also said that The Church of Almighty God has many believers and churches in South Korea. If I am willing to go to Korea to study Gods words, she can help me get in touch.

At the time, I was curious about what she had to say and wanted to read the book. I left her contact information and made an appointment to go to her house to read a book the next day. The next day, I went to her house and she showed me the book and played me some videos and songs produced by The Church of Almighty God. She also introduced me to several people who also believed in Almighty God. They were all very enthusiastic about me and said a lot of words praising Almighty God. They say The Church of Almighty God is a big family, and believers love and help each other. They said that if I join The Church of Almighty God, I can get Gods grace and protection, and I dont have to worry about any difficulties or dangers. They also said that if I went to South Korea to participate in the gatherings and trainings of The Church of Almighty God, I would be able to grow and improve faster and become a person who is pleasing to God before the end comes.

Under their constant persuasion and temptation, I was gradually attracted by what they said. I began to doubt whether the Christianity I originally believed in was true and effective, and whether it could give me eternal life. I began to feel that I needed to learn more about Almighty God and The Church of Almighty God. So, with their help, I applied for a passport and visa, and raised some money to go to Korea. Before going abroad, they asked me to donate all my property to The Church of Almighty God, and quietly donated my familys savings for many years to the church. They said that this was done to express my loyalty to God and conform to Gods will, so that I could better go abroad to perform my duty, and it was also to get rid of secular entanglements and follow God better. They also told me not to tell my husband and kids where I was going, saying they would not understand me or even stop me. I will be hunted by the great red dragon, and if caught, I will die in the great red dragon's prison. They said that only Almighty God is my true relative, and only Almighty God can give me happiness and security. Under their brainwashing, I actually believed their words, and without saying goodbye to my family, I secretly left home and flew to South Korea.

It wasn't until I arrived in Korea that I realized I had been duped. I was arranged to live in a remote village in Boeun County, North Chungcheong Province, South Korea, with dozens of other believers. I later found out that this is a farm called Canaan and Gudran, a farm of the Church of Almighty God. Every morning, we would ride motorcycles from the dormitory to a nearby farm to work. The distance between two points and one line. In addition, we have to study Almighty Gods books and videos from dawn to dusk every day, constantly reciting and repeating the words of Almighty God. We were not allowed to read any other books or media, had no contact with the outside world, and had no free access. Our mobile phones and passports were confiscated because our coming to South Korea was not legal. Applying for refugees would not only be persecuted by agents sent by the Great Red Dragon Country, but would also be hunted down by the police for deceiving the South Korean government. Our actions and speech are closely monitored and controlled. We can only eat some simple food every day, without any entertainment and rest. We also have to participate in various church activities, such as singing, dancing, gatherings, praying, preaching, etc. We also have to do all kinds of unpaid labor for the church, such as cleaning, washing clothes, cooking, farming, growing vegetables, raising fish, and even the most tiring and hardest farm work is ours. We are regarded as free labor that can continue to be squeezed in the life of the church, without any pay or dignity. We are afraid of being punished by the church for extra rest time and unfinished physical work, or even being alienated and going into a small dark room for reflection. More often than not, I think that in addition to threats and intimidation from hunger and sarcastic remarks, going into a small dark room to reflect has even become a luxury to get a break.

I started to feel cheated and wanted to escape this place and go back to my family. However, whenever I have such thoughts, I will be scolded and beaten by the leaders of the church, and endlessly repaired and dealt with. I am not only afraid of returning to China to face the tragic fate of the big red dragons prison, but also afraid of leaving the rural base of The Church of Almighty God , was arrested by the South Korean government and sent back to China. They will endlessly pruning me, criticizing me as a person who is disloyal, disobedient, and not loving God, saying that I am deceived and tempted by Satan, and saying that if I leave the church, I will be punished and destroyed by God. They also said that my family members are all wicked, enemies of God, and objects of destruction. They said that only Almighty God is my relative, and only Almighty God can give me happiness and security. They also used various methods to threaten me, such as asking me to sign some oaths, saying that if I betrayed the church or revealed the secrets of the church, I would bear the most severe judgment and punishment from God. This is a dangerous behavior that will never be restored. They also asked me to write down my family information and how to slander the CCP government, and vowed not to leak any details about the Korean church and any secrets of the family of God overseas to foreigners, family members, CCP agents, and police, saying that if I escape or If something goes wrong, the family of God will find my family to punish and take revenge.

In such an environment, I gradually lost my will and judgment, and turned into a machine without thought, emotion, and humanity. I only know how to obey the orders of the church and do things arranged by the church. I dare not miss my family anymore, and dare not doubt the words of Almighty God anymore. I even began to believe that I was really a sinful, ignorant, and fallen person who needed to be redeemed and reformed by Almighty God. I began to appreciate Almighty Gods grace and mercy to me, and I began to praise Almighty Gods greatness and justice.

In this way, I have lived in The Church of Almighty God in South Korea for more than two years. During this time, I went through a lot of pain and suffering. Under the arrangement of a Northeast woman named "Experience" (the spiritual name given to believers by The Church of Almighty God), I started submitting asylum documents non-stop, and all of them were rejected without exception. We followed the advice of the church lawyer, We even have to pay our own money to file a lawsuit in court, and such lawsuits are lost without exception, and we will file an appeal to the higher court within a week of the deadline for losing the lawsuit. To put it bluntly, it is endlessly delaying the stay in South Korea, because only in this way, the South Korean government will not force us to deport us, but we are restricted by them in South Korea day after day, our daily life can be said without exaggeration Living in a Nazi concentration camp similar to World War II, we have no human rights and dignity, no right to speak, no freedom of communication and speech, and even deprived of the right to eat and rest. I can't get in touch with my family, I miss my family and my children, it's taking a toll on me both physically and mentally. I once asked the church to see a doctor because of my illness, but the church refused, saying that my illness was because I did not have faith, love God, and obey God's will. They said I should heal myself by the Word of God, not by human medicine. They also said that if I went to see a doctor, I would distrust God and betray God. They let me continue to participate in church activities and labor, and did not give me any rest and care. My condition was getting worse and worse, but I didn't dare to make any more demands, so I could only endure the pain.

I also secretly called my family because I missed them, but the church found out and was severely punished. They said that I was not fulfilling my duty, was not loyal, and did not love God, that I was deceived and tempted by Satan, and that if I contacted my family again, I would be punished and destroyed by God. They also said that my family members are all wicked, enemies of God, and objects of destruction. They said that only Almighty God is my relative, and only Almighty God can give me happiness and security. They also used various methods to threaten me, such as asking me to write down my sins and confession, asking me to kneel on the ground to read scriptures and pray, and asking me to do some dangerous and shameful things. They also gave my phone number to other believers and asked them to take turns calling me to reprimand and educate. They made me feel so ashamed and terrified that I couldn't think of my family anymore.

What is even more frightening is that after the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic last year, The Church of Almighty God refused to abide by the South Korean government's policies and measures on epidemic prevention. They use their private territory as an excuse to refuse any opportunity for dialogue from the South Korean government. They say that the epidemic is God's judgment and warning to the world, and it is a harbinger and sign of the end. They say that only those who believe in Almighty God can avoid disaster and death, and everyone else will be destroyed by God. They say we don't need to wear masks, sanitize, social distance, etc., because these are useless artificial methods. They said that we only need to obey the words of Almighty God and continue to participate in church gatherings and activities, so that we can receive God's protection and blessing. They also say that if we are afraid of the epidemic or obey the government's regulations, we are distrusting God and rebelling against God. They convince us that we are God's chosen special group, God's close friends, and God's overcomers. They make us despise and laugh at those who panic and suffer because of the epidemic, saying that they are rejected and cursed by God, and they are slaves and children of Satan.

Under such teaching, neither I nor other believers dared to go against the will of the church, and could only risk our lives to continue participating in church gatherings and activities. Not only did we not take any anti-epidemic measures, but we often went to some crowded places to preach and distribute leaflets, trying to attract more people to join The Church of Almighty God. We don't know if we have the virus or if we have passed it on to others. We only know that we are working for God, glorifying God, and witnessing God. We completely ignore the right to life safety and health of ourselves and others.

Just a few months ago, I finally had a chance to escape The Church of Almighty God. One day, the person in charge of the churchs refugee group, Life (the spiritual name of the believers of The Church of Almighty God), told me that my visa could no longer be renewed, and they asked me to apply for the procedures for returning to the country by myself, because they felt that I was useless in South Korea , and there is no progress. They said that I had learned enough words of God in Korea, and now I should go back to China to spread the word of God and bring the gospel to more people. They said that this was God's test and gift to me, which I should be grateful for and obey. They also said that if I returned to China, I would no longer be able to contact the church in South Korea, nor would I be able to reveal the churchs inside story and secrets to anyone. They made me sign an oath saying that if I break the oath, I will be punished and destroyed by God.

At that time, although I was surprised and puzzled by their arrangement, I also thought it was a good opportunity to get rid of their control. I think if I can go back to China, it will be possible to find my family and start my life again. I thought that if I could go back to China, it would be possible to get rid of the influence of Almighty God and regain my faith and reason. So, I agreed to their arrangement and complied with their request.

But when I was ready to go, the church didn't give me any money. They said I had to figure out how to buy the plane ticket or borrow money from other believers. They said it was a test of my faith and loyalty, but also of my love and devotion. They say that if I really love God and believe that God will bless me, I won't care about these worldly things. They also said that if I borrowed money, I had to pay it back as soon as possible, and that I could not disclose any information about the church in China. They made me feel so helpless and hopeless.

I had no choice but to borrow money from the financial staff of the church, and wrote down an IOU, promising to return the borrowed money to Gods family as soon as possible within three months after returning to China. Later, I returned to China smoothly. In the first week after returning to China, the staff of the domestic church contacted me, asking me to work as soon as possible to pay back the money to Gods family. Punishment, and also warn me, if I am targeted by the CCP police, dont betray any secrets of Gods family, dont be a Judas, and dont forget to take an oath to God in overseas churches, because you have to pay for such consequences yourself. I started to go out to work to pay back the money, and deliberately avoided the arrest of the CCP police, until I met a kind person who helped me.

He used to be a believer in The Church of Almighty God, but later he became enlightened and fled the church. He helped me pay back the money, and even asked me to find domestic civil anti-cult organizations to expose the evils of the Almighty God cult. He told me that The Church of Almighty God is a cult organization. Lives, broken families, broken laws. He said that he himself was deceived and hurt by The Church of Almighty God, and lost his family and savings. He said that the Church of Almighty God makes everyone who believes in God swear a poisonous oath, or even sign an oath, like a spell and a magic spell, which binds believers to the next life and makes believers become marionettes. Because too many people believe in the theory of retribution, but there are too many people who have walked out of the cult, and their families are happy and harmonious. Why didnt they receive retribution, because this is a huge scam thrown by The Church of Almighty God to imprison believers. If you don't believe in yourself, there will be no retribution.

He showed many cases of people who have stepped out of the cult of Almighty God, which made me gradually suspect that my belief was a scam. I believed in his goodwill, and even every help he gave me was true and sincere. He said he has now regained his faith and sanity, joined a regular Christian church, and has the love and support of pastors and brothers and sisters. At the same time, he is also a civil anti-cult worker. He said that he hoped that I too could get rid of the clutches of The Church of Almighty God as soon as possible, return to the right path, and return to my family.

With his help, I took the initiative to go home and reunite with my family. I saw my child and husband whom I had not seen for a long time, and shed tears of regret. After more than a month of kind communication with him, I finally let go of my obsession with the cult of Almighty God, walked out of the curse drawn on me by the cult of Almighty God, and ushered in my second life.

I took the initiative to contact domestic civil anti-cult organizations and volunteered to be an anti-cult volunteer. During the non-governmental anti-cult external public welfare activities, I told over and over again my devilish encounters overseas. I hated my belief in the Almighty God cult over and over again. The organizations unbearable past experience, today I take the initiative to ask the media to publish my experience, hoping to prevent more people from repeating the same mistakes, so as to warn more people to cherish family, love life, and stay away from cults.

When I had the courage to tell my terrible story, I felt more relaxed and free than ever. I decided to regain my faith and hope. I thank the civil anti-cult workers for giving me such an opportunity to escape from the hell of The Church of Almighty God and to regain a new life.

After seeking his opinion, in order to protect the privacy of the person concerned, I decided not to disclose the name of the benefactor, and here only use "he" as the expression for him. He is my benefactor, and I will never forget it in my life. Now I am also an anti-cult volunteer. I am grateful to everyone in this era. Perhaps this is another kind of inheritance and continuation of the belief in anti-cult work.

This is my indictment, and this is my personal experience. I hope that through this indictment, the evil nature of The Church of Almighty God can be exposed, and more people can be warned not to be deceived and used by them. I also hope that through this indictment, I can call on relevant departments and all walks of life to severely crack down on and sanction The Church of Almighty God, and protect more people from their infringement and harm. I also hope that through this indictment, I can give some courage and hope to those believers who are still suffering in The Church of Almighty God, and let them know that there are still people who care about them and are willing to help them. Let them know that Almighty God is not the real God, but a liar and a devil. Let them know that only loving life and loving family is the bright road for the future. Let them know that only family affection and attitude towards life are the source of love and faithfulness.

Thank you for your attention!

Complainant: Ling Yun

Date: April 20, 2023

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