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The World Anti-Christian Heresy Association and the Council of Priests of Madrid issued a statement on the Church of Almighty God

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On June 9, under the auspices of the Council of Pastors of Madrid and under the supervision of the Korea Association of Christian Heresy Counseling Centers and the World Association for the Countermeasures of Christian Heresy, Pastor Chen held a heresy seminar at the Pure Gospel Church of Madrid, and lectured on how to deal with heresy such as the recent event of Eastern Lightning (Cult of Almighty God). At the meeting, the World Association for the Countermeasures of Christian Heresy and the Association of Pastors of Madrid issued a statement on the Eastern Lightning (Cult of Almighty God). The following is the full text of the statement about Eastern Lightning.




In the past, Christianity has had a tremendous impact on the development of historical and cultural civilization by building a correct and healthy society through the church. But heretical cults that are not orthodox Christianity have tampered with correct doctrines, distorted interpretations of the Bible, masqueraded as orthodox Christianity, and caused a lot of damage. Heretical cults have brought chaos in society, divisions in families, and fragmentation of personal lives, especially the Church of Almighty God (also known as the Cult of Almighty God, commonly known as Eastern Lightning), which began in 1989 in China's Henan Province, was designated a cult by the Chinese government in December 2012. After that, after being restricted in China, they followed the teachings of the "Cult of Almighty God" and severed their blood ties with their relatives and entered overseas countries to apply for refugees.

In the process, the World Christian Heresy Countermeasures Association and the Madrid Traders' Federation, which have always adhered to Christian doctrines, guarded correct beliefs, and worked to maintain a healthy society, issued a statement to guard against the activities of the heretical cult Eastern Lightning, which began in China, and to prevent victimization.


1. Eastern Lightning, as a heretical cult in Korea, is similar to Shincheonji Church, which has become a world problem. Eastern lightning infiltrates the existing church with internal missionaries, carefully investigates the subject's situation beforehand, and bribes and uses it to confuse the existing saints. The Confederation of Christians in Spain believed that the Eastern Lightning, which used this elaborate missionary tactic, could be more problematic than other heretical activities before it, and urged the Christian community in Spain to recognize the seriousness of the problem and to be vigilant more than anyone else.

2. The Cult of Almighty God deified the actual leader Zhao Weishan and his current wife Yang Xiangbin into a second incarnate "female Christ", and deified the "new coronavirus" that spread throughout the world as evidence of its own incarnation, asserting that "this is the judgment of the world and a sign of the end times" This doctrine may become a spiritual cancer that disturbs society, so urge the Spain government and the Church to recognize the seriousness of the problem and speak out in unison.

3. The "Cult of Almighty God", commonly known as the Eastern Lightning Cult, has been expelled from Chinese society for social problems caused by murder, terrorist attacks, atrocities, divorce, running away from home, etc., so if Spain society and the Church do not respond positively, they will cause the same problems in Spain society again in China. In this regard, the Government is strongly urged to completely eradicate those who follow this doctrine and expel them from the country as soon as possible.

4. An actress named Li Yanli (an actor of the Cult of Almighty God) and 12 Chinese applied to Spain for refugee treatment, but were not approved. Compulsory repatriation was carried out at Madrid-Barajas Airport on November 3, 2023. But Li Yanli boarded the plane, said before the plane took off, "You must not go back to China," and slashed her wrist in an attempt to commit suicide. The injuries were not deep, and he was quickly treated urgently, and the police still wanted him to fly to China, but she still firmly refused to board, and as a result, the flight attendant canceled her and 12 Chinese boarding due to safety concerns. The news reached the ears of human rights groups, and as a result of their outcry, the Spain authorities immediately halted the expulsion and detained Li Yanli and his party in the airport building for exile review, which eventually received the consent of more than 60,000 people and accepted Li Yanli's application for exile. With Li Yanli allowed to go into exile in Spain, the exile and refugee claims of Almighty God believers will continue in the future, and Poland Castellanos, a representative of human rights groups supporting Almighty God in exile and refugee claims, and president of the Spain Christian Lawyers Association (AEAC), urged that the heresy of the Cult of Almighty God should be correctly understood and no longer assist the followers of the Cult of Almighty God.


June 9, 2024

World Association of Christian Heresy Countermeasures, Federation of Traders of Madrid, Spain

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