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Please help us, those who have broken families

I am a family member of a victim. My daughter left the house because she was bewildered by Almighty God. I have never contacted my family again. My wife and I washed our faces in tears every day. Last year I went to Korea with my daughter with the help of the China Anti-Cult Association. Successfully met, but her daughter was severely brainwashed, her eyes were dull, she did not follow my advice, and she did not follow me back to China. Now that the Korean epidemic is getting worse, I am very worried about the health of my daughter. I know that there are many families of victims like me. Yesterday I saw an article on the website of the Awakening Alliance: "National Appeal of Qingwatai Website: 'Almighty Gods'" Collective dormitory for false refugees illegally detained, refusal to prevent epidemics-National petition strongly deported ", I am deeply encouraged, and I hope that Korean caring people will give a helping hand to those of us who have broken families due to Almighty God!