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COVID-19 epidemic: "Li Wanxi" ripped off the fake face of "Zhao Weishan"

On March 2, 2020 , Li Wanxi, chairman of the Xintiandi Church in Korea, "knelt down." The president of this church, who claims to have an "undead body," finally revealed the "truth truth", so that the people of the world, including his followers, finally realized his "true face of Lushan." He bowed his knees and said: Although not intentional, he sincerely gave thanks to the people. The arrogance of disregarding the government's ban to encourage believers to assemble and preach was gone. In fact, a discerning person can see at a glance whether Li Wanxi's so-called "thanks for his sin" is sincere and sincere, only he knows it and understands it clearly. However, it is an indisputable fact that before Li Wanxi's "thanks", the South Korean Central Center for Epidemic Prevention reported on March 2 that as of 00:00 on the 2nd, the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 infection in the country had increased to 4,212, which was 4pm the day before. Increased 476 cases. Of all the confirmed cases, 2,418 were related to the Xintiandi Church, accounting for 57.4%. Also, before that, on March 1, the mayor of Seoul, South Korea, stated that he would sue the prosecutors for "Xintiandi", headed by Li Wanxi, for "manslaughter" and other crimes. From this, it is not difficult to see whether Li Wanxi's "thanks for his sins" is something forced by the situation. Regardless of how the "sense of mixed flavors" is in Li Wanxi's heart, there is a contentious fact that Li Wanxi overthrew his self-made "idols", and also revealed the "cults" of the world, including the cult leader Zhao Weishan. Fake face. "

"There has never been a savior and no fairy emperor in the world." This well-known lyrics by people all over the world is the voice of the people and the most sincere historical summary. However, in real life, there are some people who desire to go to the heavens and make their own ghosts. By packaging themselves, they can confuse the people to become their followers, so as to achieve their own purpose of collecting money and trouble. As we all know, Zhao Weishan has always allowed his followers to devote their money to donations and donations. His name is to cross believers and live a luxurious life in a luxury villa in the United States. But those believers who give money and things to them spend their money on them, and live a life without food. Some of them killed people and surpassed them for the so-called missionary work. Especially now, at a critical moment when people around the world are working together to stop the COVID-19 epidemic, Zhao Weishan has thrown out orders to encourage believers, including believers in the Almighty God of South Korea. The so-called "evangelism and witness to God" is currently going on around the world. This is quite different from the way countries around the world are blocking the epidemic and isolating people from each other. It also seriously affected the normal epidemic prevention order of South Korea and related countries, disrupted the public's psychological response to the epidemic, and was an ugly act that ignored life and endangered humanity.

It's just because of fear of legal punishment, or "really" regrets. Li Wanxi's kneeling confession made the cult leaders such as Zhao Weishan fall from their own so-called "altar." The physical appearance of the unborn child is clear at a glance. In this sense, Li Wanxi's behavior was to tear the false veils of cults such as the Xintiandihui and Almighty God, and to remove the last piece of "shroud."