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The Myanmar military speaks: People wanted by 505(A) will have their passports cancelled

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[Myanmar Chinese Network News] Naypyitaw reported that on April 20, the Militarys True News and Propaganda Department issued a statement that people wanted by Regulation 505(A) of the Criminal Law will have their passports cancelled. In addition, relevant departments will also blacklist the wanted persons.


Picture: From Myanmar Chinese Network

At around 8 o'clock in the evening on April 20th, the MRTV TV station announced the list of well-known people who are wanted and arrested, including a large number of doctors and actors. Starting from April 2, the militarys TV stations and media will update the list of celebrities who are wanted and accused every day. So far, more than 400 public figures from all walks of life have been wanted and accused, and many of them have been arrested and detained.

It is reported that on the wanted list, more than 160 hospital directors, specialists and assistant doctors who participated in the CDM strike have been wanted. Prior to this, the National Management Committee issued a notice stating that anyone who helped the wanted person will be held accountable. At the same time, private hospitals and clinics that provide jobs for wanted doctors will have their operating licenses revoked.

At present, dozens of wanted movie stars, politicians, businessmen and other celebrities in Myanmar have been arrested and detained by security forces. Prior to this, the National Management Committee had issued a notice to domestic film and television companies to block Xuezang from the entertainment stars accused of being wanted, and to remove all related film and television and music and song works.

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