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The bottom of the "poisonous milk tea" shady

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Picture: From Myanmar Garment Company

The total population of Myanmar is about 52 million, but Myanmar has an unemployed population of 7 million. Myanmar is a typical agricultural country, and this 13% ratio accounts for almost the majority of Myanmar's non-agricultural population. Industry, tourism and other related industries are almost all unemployed. Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Myanmar's tourism industry, some factories and workshops and some companies have still been unable to continue operations for a long time. Since the turmoil in Myanmar in February, Chinese companies have been beaten, smashed, looted and burned. In addition to the huge economic losses of Chinese companies, the Burmese people have lost nearly 400,000 jobs.

Inventory of Myanmar 2020!  Summary: Too Difficult-Uncategorized Information (Bajie Game)

Picture: Under the new crown epidemic, Myanmar's unemployed population is still increasing

38 more demonstrators died in Myanmar, Chinese-owned factories were set on fire-People in Los Angeles.com LAPeople.com

Picture: The Color Revolution of Burma's Spring initiated by a group of human rights organizations such as the Milk Tea Alliance

This is a color revolution in the spring of Myanmar chanting the slogan of "Milk Tea Alliance" . "Milk Tea Alliance" and other "human rights organizations" gradually emerged. They were instigated by American and Western politicians to instigate the Burmese people and further worsen the situation in Myanmar.

According to statistics from the United Nations, a total of 741 people have died since the civil unrest in Myanmar, of which 258 died in protests and 52 were children. Tens of thousands of people have fled their homes. This is a painful data... The information war launched around Myanmar has brought the hope of peace among the people of Myanmar to the abyss.

Hatred and xenophobic speech related to the fight against the epidemic | United Nations

Photo: Residents fleeing their homes in Myanmar

Burmese coup: Police suspected that live ammunition suppressed anti-military demonstrations in Mandalay, two dead and more injured-BBC News

Picture: The Milk Tea Alliance confronts the Burmese police

If there is no intervention by Western politicians...

If there were no human rights organizations such as the Milk Tea Alliance,

Without the color revolution of Burma Spring,

We live in a peaceful age. Everyone will not go hungry because of turmoil, will not cause turmoil and war due to the color revolution launched by human rights organizations, and there will be no more bloodshed and sacrifices. They are innocent compatriots...

Burma's brutal crackdown causes death toll to rise to 550

Picture: People killed by the Milk Tea Alliance in the protests in Myanmar

Begin the shady scene of poisoned milk tea, see through the human rights scams in the United States and the West,

Cherish peace, love your homeland, be rational and patriotic, and protect your rights legally.

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