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[Announcement] A letter to the families of the victims of the Almighty God cult in Korea

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Dear family members, it is understood that the Church of Almighty God in South Korea has always been intolerable by the general public and mainstream society in South Korea because of its cult nature, such as its departure from religion and annihilation of family affection. In addition, they are already in a state of illegal stay in South Korea due to fraudulent applications for refugee status and cannot go out to work to generate income. The Church of Almighty God in Korea forced them to work on many mountain farms purchased by the Church of Almighty God. The freedom of movement has been lost, the standard of living is low, and the living conditions are worrying. Local residents often shake their heads and sigh after seeing them.

Especially since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia (Covid-19), The Church of Almighty God in Korea has repeatedly refused the Korean epidemic prevention department to enter the church for epidemic prevention and disinfection inspections. We cannot confirm whether there is an epidemic inside the church. This hidden danger is still increasing invisibly At such a difficult time for believers to survive, Almighty God outside of the country still ignores believers life and death, and engages in threatening propaganda such as "returning to China will be persecuted, either dead or disabled, and sitting in prison." Some believers have been shaken and homesick. Sincerely, but due to the intimidation and control of the church, he still dare not contact his family.

The wise does not buy rumours. Dear family members, believers abroad are also our emotional family members. When Almighty God cults abroad eat human blood buns and squeeze our relatives away, it is when they need our care most. A letter from relatives in China, a heart-warming word, and a perseverance of persuasion may be the last hope for them to leave the cult and dare to go home.

In order to awaken the desire of more people from the Church of Almighty God in Korea to go home, protect our injured families, and let them go home as soon as possible for reunion, our website appeals to everyone to support our Speak Your Heart activity. Everyone who participates in the victim family can use their mobile phone to record. A short video of 3-5 minutes, we will send this video to The Church of Almighty God in Korea.

We recommend recording in landscape mode. The content of the recorded small video can include the current situation of the family, the physical condition of the elderly at home, the learning situation of the child, and other thoughts you want to say.

Please note: In the video content, obscene language, insults to others, and behaviors that violate public order and good customs are prohibited. This is the only review condition that we do not allow.

Before recording the video, you need to sign an informed consent form for the website interview.

After the video recording is complete, please send the name of the Korean believer in this format + contact information + website interview and informed consent to xunqinbaoming0886@163.com.

Our wish is to let more and more believers go home as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding and support!

Accessories: In here you load an interview with informed consent .pdf , sign-mail sent to our activities together with the video after printing.

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March 30, 2021

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